Asian and Black Couples In The Movies


One day, probably real soon, someone is going to make a mega-blockbuster movie featuring an Asian and Black couple. I can feel it in my bones. Who knows, maybe I will step up and produce this groundbreaking movie – I would love to do that 🙂 Until that day, here is where you will find Asian and Black couples in the movies. In this video listing, we look at feature length movies featuring BMAW (Black Male, Asian Women) and AMBW (Asian Male, Black Women) couples. There are a number of short films (typically under 20 minutes long) that show Asian and Black couples, but in this post, we only focus on full feature-length movies. In most of these movies, the Asian and Black couples are only a small part of the movie and are not featured prominently – except for a few like Mississippi Masala, The Father’s Love, and the documentaries – but at least they are shown, which is more than you can say for other movies. No worries though, I’m sure a change is coming soon 🙂

Also by the way, the cover photo is Sam Okyere (Ghanaian), and Hyeon-kyeong Ryu (Korean) from the 2015 Korean movie,  나의 절친 악당들 (Intimate Enemies).

Black Male, Asian Woman (BMAW) Movies

Guerrilla – 2017 / UK/USA
Babou Ceesay and Freida Pinto


Guangzhou Dream Factory – 2017 / USA
Kingsley Azieh Che and Wang Shuang, plus others


Barry – 2016 / USA
Robert McKay and Marion Yue, who play James Boggs and Grace Lee Boggs 


Bazodee – 2016 / USA / Trinidad & Tobago
Machel Montano and Natalie Perera


A Weekend With The Family – 2016 / USA
Dorien Wilson and Suzanne Whang, also Marques Houston and Karrueche Tran

weekend with the family2


나의 절친 악당들 (Intimate Enemies) – 2015 / South Korea
Sam Okyere and Ryu Hyeon-kyeong, also Egypt Yuna Collier as their daughter


Pretty Rosebud – 2014 / USA
Marco Antonio Martinez (Afro Cuban) and Chuti Tiu (Chinese, Filipino, Spanish)
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Pancakes – 2014 / USA
Dante Carver and Yuri Nakamura
dante carver yuri nakamura1


The Father’s Love – 2014 / USA
Erik McKay and Angela Lin
Jabari Gray and Angela Lin
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No Wushu, No Life – 2014 / Republic of the Congo
Steve Dzibril Kouma and Li Ran


Karaage USA (カラアゲ★USA) – 2014 / Japan
Dante Carver and Ai Takahashi
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Moon Dream (ムーン・ドリーム) – 2013 / Japan
Bobby Ologun and Nao Minamisawa
Autobiographical movie of Bobby Ologun’s life in Japan
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Cold Harbour – 2013 / South Africa
Tony Kgoroge and Nan Yu
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The Protector 2 – 2013 / Thailand
RZA and Yayaying Rhatha Phongam
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RZA The-Protector-2


American Revolutionary: The Evolution of Grace Lee Boggs – 2013 / USA
Documentary about Grace Lee Boggs (Chinese), the wife of the late James Boggs (African American), both of whom were life long political activists and authors.
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20 Feet From Stardom – 2013 / USA
Documentary about backup singers that features Judith Hill, Japanese/Black Blasian, a former backup singer for Michael Jackson.
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A Lot Like You – 2012 / Tanzania / USA
Documentary about African/Korean film maker Eliaichi Kimaro who goes in search of her paternal Tanzanian roots
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Politics of Love – 2011 / USA
Brian White and Mallika Sherawat
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Brian White Mallika Sherawat


The Man With The Iron Fists – 2012 / USA / Hong Kong
RZA and Jamie Chung
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Karate Kid (Gongfu Meng) – 2010 / USA / China
Jaden Smith and Wenwen Han
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One Big Hapa Family – 2010 / Canada
Various Blasian families
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The Harimaya Bridge (Harimaya-bashi) – 2009 / USA
Victor Grant and Saki Takaoka
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A Good Day to Be Black & Sexy – 2008 / USA
Alphonso Johnson and Emily Lui
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Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown – 2008 / USA
John Hervey and Priscilla Tjio Hervey
Also shows Angela Chao Roberson, African American / Chinese Blasian
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Fashion – 2008 / India
Unnamed Black Guy and Priyanka Chopra
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Codename: The Cleaner – 2007 / USA
Cedric The Entertainer and Lucy Liu
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Hattrick – 2007 / India
Charles Abomeli and Amruta Khanvilkar
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2001 Maniacs – 2005 / USA
Mushond Lee and Bianca Smith
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mushond lee bianca smith1


Stealth – 2005 / USA
Jamie Foxx and Jaypetch Toonchalong
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jamie foxx jaypetch toonchalong


Back In The Day – 2005 / USA
Ving Rhames and Tia Carrere
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My Baby’s Daddy – 2004 / USA
Anthony Anderson and Bai Ling
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Fei Ying (Silver Hawk) – 2004 / Hong Kong
Michael Jai White and Bingbing Li
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Tiger: The Authorized DVD Collection – 2004 / USA
Earl Woods and Kultida Woods
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tiger authorized dvds


Choice of Weapons – 2002 / USA
Documentary movie on Peter Westbrook, born to an African American father and Japanese mother, who dominated US fencing for 20 years, became an Olympic medalist, and started the Peter Westbrook Foundation which has trained several Olympics and international fencing champions.


Snow Dogs – 2002 / Canada / USA
Cuba Gooding Jr and Joanna Bacalso
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Face – 2002 / USA
Treach and Kristy Wu
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S2pid Luv – 2002 / Philippines
Blakdyak and Maui Taylor (AKA Maureen Anne Tupaz)
s2pid luv


The Breed – 2001 / USA
Bokeem Woodbine and Bai Ling
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Rush Hour 2 – 2001 / USA / Hong Kong
Don Cheadle and Audrey Quock
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rush hour 2


Wild Wild West – 1999 / USA
Will Smith and Bai Ling
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The Tiger Woods Story – TV Movie – 1998 / USA
Keith David and Freda Foh Shen
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Tiger woods story


One Night Stand – 1997 / USA
Wesley Snipes and Ming-Na Wen
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Fakin Da Funk – 1997 / USA
Duane Martin and Margaret Cho
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Gridlock’d – 1997 / USA
Bokeem Woodbine and Lucy Liu
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Doubles: Japan and America’s Intercultural Children – 1995 / USA
Documentary by acclaimed African American director, Reggie Life, exploring the lives and experiences of the children born to American soldiers and Japanese women during the U.S. occupation of Japan after World War II, including several who have Black fathers and Japanese mothers.


Struggle and Success: The African American Experience in Japan – 1993 / USA
Documentary by acclaimed African American director, Reggie Life, that examines the success and struggles of African Americans living and working in Japan, some who have married Japanese spouses.


Bhaji On The Beach – 1993 / UK
Mo SeSay and Sarita Khajuria
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Bad Attitude – TV Movie – 1993 / USA
Leon and Gina Lim
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bad attitude


Mississippi Masala – 1991 / UK / USA
Denzel Washington and Sarita Choudhury
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Bed Time Eyes (ベッドタイムアイズ) – 1987 / Japan
Michael Wright and Kanako Higuchi
bed time eyes cover


人間の証明 (Proof of the Man) – 1977 / Japan / USA
AKA Ningen no shômei
Robert Earl Jones, Mariko Okada, and Joe Yamanaka (Caribbean/Japanese)
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proof of the man


Black Samuri – 1977 / USA
Jim Kelly and Essie Lin Chia
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Jim Kelly and Essie Lin Chia   Is this the first Black / Asian kiss on film?


S.T.A.B. (Special Tactical Airborne Brigade) – 1976 / Hong Kong / Thailand
Greg Morris and Thẩm Thúy Hằng


The McMasters – 1970 / USA
Brock Peters and Nancy Kwan (who played a native American)
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Orfeu Negro (Orpheus Black) – 1959 / Brazil / France / Italy
Breno Mello and Marpessa Dawn (French actress of Filipino/African American descent)
This movie won the Palme d’Or at the 1959 Cannes Film Festival, the 1960 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film, and the 1960 Golden Globe Award for Best Foreign Film.
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キクとイサム (Kiku to Isamu) – 1959 / Japan
Emiko Takahashi and George Okunoyama both Black and Japanese play a Blasian brother and sister
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kiku to isamu


Asian Man, Black Woman (AMBW) Movies

I’m Having An Affair With My Wife – 2018 / USA
William Jeon and Stacey Malone
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Someone Else – 2015 / USA
Leonardo Nam and Michaela Waters
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Aaron Yoo Michaela Waters


Tut – TV mini-series – 2015 / Canada / USA
Avan Jogia and Kylie Bunbury
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Finding Samuel Lowe: From Harlem To China – 2014 / Canada / USA
Documentary about Paula Williams Madison searching for descendants of her Chinese grandfather in China.
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finding samuel lowe


Hafu: The Mixed Race Experience in Japan – 2013 / Japan / Ghana / Mexico
Documentary which includes David Yano, a Blasian with a Japanese father and Ghanaian mother
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A Picture of You – 2013 / USA
Andrew Pang and Teyonah Parris
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Joyful Noise – 2012 / USA
Francis Jue and Angela Grovey
Roy Huang and Angela Grovey
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Always Together: Chinese-Jamaicans In Reggae – 2012 / USA / Canada / Jamaica
Documentary about the impact of the Chinese in Jamaican Reggae which includes biracial Chinese Jamaican / African Jamaicans such as Tom “The Great Sebastian” Wong, and Chinese Jamaicans such as Leslie Kong, the first record producer to record Bob Marley.


Politics of Love – 2011 / USA
Gerry Bednob and Loretta Devine (far right and far left in the photo)
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loretta devine gerry bednob


Taken From Me: The Tiffany Rubin Story – 2011 / USA
Sean Baek and Taraji Henson
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How to Make Love to a Woman – 2010 / USA
James Kyson Lee and Telisha Shaw
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Ninja Assassin – 2009 / USA / Germany
Rain and Naomie Harris
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Romeo Must Die – 2000 / USA
Jet Li and Aaliyah
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Catfish in Black Bean Sauce – 1999 / USA
Chi Muoi Lo and Sanaa Latham
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Fakin Da Funk – 1997 / USA
Dante Basco and Tatyana Ali
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Cinderella – TV Movie – 1997 / USA
Brandy Norwood and Paolo Montalban
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Rumble in the Bronx – 1995 / Hong Kong
Bill Tung Biu and Carrie Cain-Sparks
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Prinsesa Naranja – 1959 / Philippines
Fernando Poe Jr. and Elizabeth Ramsey


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