Asian Black Couples Forums Are Now Live


Happy to announce that the Asian Black Couples Forums are now live and available at //

Here are some of the great features that you will find at Asian Black Couples Forums:

  • Mature, respectful discussion about all aspects of Asian and Black dating, relationships, couples, and Blasians open to people of all countries and races.
  • Interactive discussions about all blog posts on the Asian Black Couples blog.
  • A wide range of blog reader and forum subscriber initiated discussions. Have a topic that is not discussed on the ABC blog that you want to talk about – submit it on the ABC Forums. The forum will generally be open to all topics, but will not allow sexual topics or hate topics or disrespectful posts. There are plenty of other places on the internet for those topics.
  • The ability to unlock new forum features based on your forum participation and profile. For instance, guests can read the public portions of the forum, but can not read the private portions of the forum and can not post. The more you participate on the forum, the more forum features you will be able to unlock and access.
  • Discussion threads designed to learn and gain insight from other groups. For instance, Black men will be able  to ask questions that only Asian women can answer, and Asian women will be able to ask questions that only Black men can answer. Similar threads will be available for AMBW relationships as well.
  • While the primary focus on the ABC Forums is BMAW and AMBW relationships, there are also sections for other interracial relationships such as Black men and non-Asian women, or Asian women and non-Black men. Again, all countries and races are welcome as long as they are respectful.
  • Forum subscriber private messaging with other forum subscribers – unlocked with forum participation.
  • Private discussion areas for different affinity groups such as Asian women, Black men, Asian men, or Black women. These areas are unlocked with participation. Additional private discussion areas for affinity groups such as Filipino women or Japanese women (just examples) can also be created upon request to allow for private discussion between similar members.
  • Private areas for singles seeking Asian and Black relationships. These areas are unlocked with participation.
  • Private participation in ABC matchmaking, introductions, meet ups, and dating services – also unlocked with participation.
  • Access to subscriber only specials and discounts from ABC partners.
  • Other new features which will roll out over time.

The Asian Black Couples Forums are just now available, so it will take a little time for participation in the forums to build. Also the boards and features on the ABC Forums are still changing, so please understand the forums are still in the early days. If you are interested in Asian and Black couples, and you are ready to participate in a mature and respectful manner, sign up today for your ABC Forums account at the ABC Forums registration page. Nonsense and disrespect of any type will not be tolerated, so please do not register if you are not willing to be mature and respectful on the ABC Forums. Also for now, advertising allows us to offer all features of the Asian Black Couples Forums free of charge to subscribers. In the future we may experiment with other advertising models or user fees for premium services such as dating or matchmaking, but our early subscribers will continue to be grandfathered in the premium services for free as our thanks for your early support of ABC.

We look forward to expanding our discussions, learning from each other, meeting new people, and maybe even creating some new Asian Black couples along the way.




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