Welcome to the Asian Black Couples Only (ABCO) FB discussion group. This is a very special and unique group which only admits people who are currently in an Asian and Black marriage, engagement, or serious relationship – either BMAW or AMBW. For those who are admitted to the group, you will find a very loving and supportive group of couples that is unlike any other group on Facebook. At the end of the day, this is a support group for Blasian couples in long term relationships and marriages.

This group is not for single people who are looking to find an Asian and Black relationship. There are many other groups on FB that cater to singles looking for a relationship, but this group – ABCO – only focuses on people in current Asian and Black marriages, engagements, and serious relationships.

Once you are a member of ABCO, we encourage couples to introduce themselves and to participate in our many discussions regarding couples and related topics. We do not encourage any topics geared to singles seeking to find a new relationship.

Since everyone in our group is in a relationship, we expect that all members will respect their current relationship and the relationships of other members in the group by not sending any unsolicited or disrespectful private messages to any other member of the group. When you communicate with any member in ABCO in private, you should assume that you are communicating with both the man and the woman of the other couple and therefore your private messages should be completely respectful of both people in the couple. Also this is not a group where you should randomly add people from another couple unless you have developed a relationship with both people from the other couple. We have lots of open and public discussion about a wide range of topics in the group posts in ABCO, but we also value respecting the union of other couples in ABCO in any private communications.

Nonsense of any type, either on the public discussions or in private discussions, will not be tolerated and you will be booted without notice for initiating or participating in any nonsense. People who use this group to flirt with or disrespect other members will also be removed from the group without notice. We take any and all complaints made to the admins very seriously and the admin team is very active in keeping this a special and unique group for all of our Blasian couples.

Finally, there are plenty of groups that thrive on negative news or division regarding Asian and Blacks. We choose not to do so in this group, so please keep all topics and comments in a positive and uniting spirit, not a negative or dividing spirit. Healthy fact based debate is ok, but please refrain from personal attacks and agree to disagree instead. Thank you and welcome to the group!

Many Blessings to Everyone!



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