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We are really happy to announce the launch of worldwide Asian Black Couples Speed Dating Events! Many of our readers have asked us to start an ABC Dating Service for some time now. While we still think it is too early for us to start a traditional dating service, we will admit that if the ABC Speed Dating Events are successful and popular, it may very well lead us to starting a traditional dating service as well.

In the balance of this article, we will describe our vision of the ABC Speed Dating Events, but to keep things simple for those who just want to know how to sign up for the waiting list for ABC Speed Dating Events, simply click on this link and fully and accurately complete the questionnaire. For those who want more details first before you sign up, read on.

How Will ABC Speed Dating Events Work?

Before the Speed Dating Event

All ABC Speed Dating Events participants will be by invitation only – no exceptions. The process to be invited to an ABC Speed Dating Event will look like this:

  • Sign up for the ABC Speed Dating Events at this link
  • The ABC team of couples currently in BMAW or AMBW marriages and long term relationships will priority rank each person that signs up for ABC Speed Dating Events
  • The ABC team will send additional questions as needed to selected individuals and add those responses to their profiles
  • ABC also has relationships with a few Asian matchmakers. Once we have identified a location that appears to have enough eligible singles for an event, ABC will invite the Asian matchmakers we know to invite their interested members to the ABC Speed Dating Event.
  • Once we have 12 to 15 high-quality men and women in any given city anywhere in the world, the ABC team will work to set up a time and venue for the ABC speed dating event. We will try our best to put participants in groups of similarly aged people. The sign-up will ask you to identify the oldest and youngest age gap you would be comfortable dating and as much as possible, we will try to invite people to ABC Speed Dating Events with people of similar or acceptable ages. Once the groups and dates are set, participants will be formally invited to the event.
  • There will be a fee for each participant to attend each ABC speed dating event. The fee will vary from city to city around the world and will also vary depending on the availability of eligible men or women in that city. Ultimately we will try to make the fees comparable to other speed dating events in that city.
  • Once the participants have been identified, the date has been set, the venue has been secured, and fees have been collected, the speed dating event will be held on the appointed date and time. ABC staff and security will be on hand for all events.

The Day of the Event

On the day of the ABC Speed Dating Event, here is what you can expect:

  • All participants should come to the event dressed to impress! You may be making a first impression on your future mate, so make sure you look your best!
  • As participants arrive at the venue, security will check their ID against the information we have on their profile and their nametags will be issued with their ABC speed dating event nicknames. The event nicknames will be used during the entire event and only ABC staff will have access to real names. Participants can disclose their real name if they choose to do so, however most everyone will use nicknames at the event. Each participant will also receive a scorecard to keep track of their dates.
  • The event will begin with 15 to 30 minutes of socializing and appetizers. The earlier you arrive, the more socializing you can do before the speed dating begins.
  • For participants where English is not your first language and you feel you need a translator, if you make the request, we will have a translator who speaks your native language available to help you communicate in English. Likewise, if you have a friend of the same sex as you who can translate to English for you, we will consider allowing you to bring that person with you for translating purposes only as long as we discuss the details in advance.
  • After the 15 to 30 minutes of socializing, the speed dating will begin with 5 minute speed dating rounds. At the end of each 5 minute round, each person will be asked to decide if they want to see that person again in the future – yes, no, or need more time.
  • If you select need more time, that time is not guaranteed, but at the end of all of the speed rounds, we will let everyone know if they have any need more time requests. If the person being requested for more time is agreeable, we will have additional rounds of 3 minutes each to resolve all of the need more time requests. If the person being requested for more time is not agreeable or doesn’t have time, the request will not be granted and you will have to select yes or no if you want to see that person again in the future.
  • By the end of the event, each person will have to have to decide yes or no, if they want to see any of the 12 to 15 people they met in the speed dating rounds.
  • With 12 to 15 participants of each sex, the main speed dating rounds should take no more than 1.5 hours and the need more time requests could take another 15 to 30 minutes, so with the initial socializing time, the total event should take about 2 hours.

After the Event

Shortly after the event is over, each participant in the ABC Speed Dating Event will receive an email from ABC staff with the email addresses of everyone who they matched with at the event. If you are matched with members of one of the Asian matchmaking services, your interest in the person will go to their matchmaking service. Likewise, if a person from a matchmaking service is matched with you, you will be provided with the email of their matchmaker and you will initially need to work through their matchmaker to communicate further with your match. Matchmakers are essentially agents of people they represent and we will respect those relationships while allowing their candidates to participate in our events. We expect that most participants will not be using matchmakers, but we want to keep the possibility open for those who are already working with matchmakers.

Phone numbers and other personal details will not be shared with anyone and participants can decide based on their own interactions with other participants when they are comfortable sharing phone number and other personal details.

Other Reminders

Finally, just to set proper expectations, here are some things to keep in mind if you are interested in signing up for ABC Speed Dating Events:

  • Simply signing up is not a guarantee that you will be invited to an ABC Speed Dating Event. Many things can cause you not to be invited – not answering all of the questions on the sign up form, answering the questions on the sign up form in a false or confusing way, not answering any follow up ABC staff questions, not having up to date real pictures on your social media accounts, not being selected as a high priority candidate by the ABC couples reviewing all of the candidates, or not having enough eligible single Asians or Blacks in your area.
  • To improve your chances of being selected, you must completely and honestly fill in all of the information requested on the sign-up form. Do not think about these questions as typical dating site questions where it is ok to fudge the questions. We are looking for complete honesty in your answers and the ABC staff may have additional questions for you if your answers do not make sense.
  • The sign-up form will ask you to provide us with the link to at least one of your social media sites. We will use the picture on your social media site for your profile, so please make sure it is up to date. Given the general credibility of LinkedIn, we will give slightly more weight to people who share their LinkedIn profile. If you would rather send your photo to us via email, that will be acceptable as well.
  • If there are not enough eligible single Asians or Blacks who sign up for the ABC Speed Dating Event in your area, it may take a very long time for you to be invited to an event. One of the questions on the sign-up form is about how far would you travel to attend an event. The more flexibility you can have on traveling to events, the more likely we can include you in an event that matches your travel preferences. You will need to bear the full expense of any travel required to attend an ABC Speed Dating Event, so please make sure that your travel preference answer is accurate for your situation.
  • All participants will be asked to sign a standard dating site legal waiver which holds you ultimately and completely responsible for any and all actions you take related to any ABC Speed Dating Event.
  • While we will make the ABC Speed Dating Event fees as affordable as possible, there will be fees. The fees will only apply once you are invited to attend an event. You can sit on the sign up list indefinitely with no fees until the time that you are invited to an ABC dating event. The fees will be based on supply and demand, so for instance, in an area where there are lots of Black men and not so many Asian women, the fee for Black men to attend will be much higher than the fee for Asian women to attend. When you consider that you will be meeting 12 to 15 high-quality potential mates all in one evening, for most of our participants, they will likely never have any other options to be able to meet this number of high-quality potential mates all at once. All fees will be collected in advance of the event and are non-refundable even if you are not able to attend the event for some reason, since your absence will create a hole in our speed dating schedule. Every one needs to move their schedules as needed to make this important event!
  • If you are not invited to an ABC Speed Dating Event, do not fret because this same sign-up form will be used for other ABC Dating Services as they are launched. One of the questions on the sign-up form is to tell us which potential ABC Dating Services you might be interested in, so please sign up for other dating services on the sign-up form if you are interested.

These ABC Speed Dating Events are going to be a lot of fun and we are confident that these events will create some really great Asian and Black couples in the process! Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to meet high quality people in a fun, safe, and comfortable way. Wishing everyone all the best!

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