We are often asked what are the Asian countries most interested in Asian and Black couples. We previously published a post on the Top Asian Countries For Blasian Couple Relationships, and we explained that foreigners in total and Blacks in particular are such a small percentage of any Asian country that it is hard to find any Asian country that is totally accepting of Asian and Black relationships, but that some Asian countries are more accepting than others. The article is a good read if you have not read it, particularly if you are interested in travelling to Asia.

seoul Gyeongbokgung Palace
Gyeongbokgung Palace in Seoul, Korea

Given that asianblackcouples.com and all of our sister websites have been operating for a while now, we have good web traffic data now to supplement our view of Asian countries most interested in Asian and Black couples. The website traffic for our main website, asianblackcouples.com is about 60% from the US, 20% from Asia, with the last 20% split between Europe, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Canada, and the Caribbean. The sister sites all have similar profiles. With the website traffic data we can easily measure Asian interest in terms of curiosity – which countries are clicking on the sites, and engagement – which countries are visiting multiple pages, spending significant time on the site, and commenting or liking content. Curiosity means that something caught your eye to make you click on the site, while engagement tends to mean that you are really interested in the subject of Asian and Black couples. There are a few caveats with website traffic data such as theย differences in the levelย of internet access across Asian countries, and the fact that non-Asian expats in Asian countries who are interested Asian and Black couples could skew the numbers for any given Asian country, but all in all, the website traffic data is one of the few ways of numerically measuring Asian countries most interested in Asian and Black couples. So while this data is not perfect, it should be directionally correct.

osaka castle
Osaka Castle in Osaka, Japan

For the data shown below, we will spare you all the details in how we calculated the numbers, but in summary, we used multiple measures of curiosity and engagement from various website tracking tools across multiple websites all focused on Asian and Black couples. All of the data was normalized and scored relative to every Asian country. We crunched website traffic data from 33 different Asian and Pacific countries, but we will only summarize the results for the 14 most interested Asian countries shown in the graph below. Asian and Pacific countries which had website traffic, but did not have high enough interest levels to include them in the summary are: Brunei, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan, Laos, Nepal, Mongolia, Myanmar, Timor Leste, Macau, Guam, Bhutan, Fiji, Micronesia, Maldives, French Polynesia, Papua New Guinea, and Samoa.

Indonesia miniature park
Beautiful Indonesia Miniature Park in Jakarta, Indonesia

Asian Countries Showing The Most Curiosity In Asian and Black Couple Websites

These are the Asian countries who showed the most curiosity in Asian and Black couples with the most clicks. Something caught their eye to make them click on the sites, but they may or may not have engaged with site content. The scoring is 0 to 10 with 10 being the highest score.

7.2 Korea
5.6 Japan
5.4 China
4.6 Philippines
3.6 India
2.6 Singapore
1.6 Malaysia
1.4 Thailand
1.3 Indonesia
1.0 Taiwan

big budda
Big Buddha in Hong Kong

Korea, by a good margin, shows more curiosity in Asian and Black couple websites than any other Asian country. Curiosity from Korea is 29% higher than Japan, 33% higher than China, 57% higher than the Philippines, and 100% greater than India. Given the reputation that Korea has when it comes to discrimination and xenophobia, this may be appear to be a surprising result at first. Indeed, one of my Korean friends, who loves Black people, was also a little surprised by these numbers and told me that it may be due to the advanced internet capabilities in Korea and that maybe American expats in Korea are hitting the websites. While both of these are possibilities, I don’t think they totally explain the gap between Korea and other Asian countries. There just aren’t that many expats in Korea which is 97% Korean. Also in Korea, which is only the 12th largest country in Asia, the advanced internet infrastructure is not likely causing Koreans to click on Asian and Black couple websites more than any other Asian country. We think it’s fair to say that many Koreans are curious about Asian and Black couples, which also matches with our personal experiences in Korea. Being curious about Asian and Black couples however does not mean that Korea is accepting of Asian and Black couples. As we will see in the next section, Korean engagement on Asian and Black websites is actually much lower than their curiosity. Keep in mind also that while there is tremendous societal pressure within Korea for Koreans to only date other Koreans and not dilute the Korean blood, once Koreans leave Korea and immigrate to the US, Koreans date and marry Blacks at a higher rate than any other Asian nationality except for Filipinos.

Outside of Korea, we would classify Japanese, Chinese, Filipino, and Indian interest as moderate. All other Asian countries we would classify as having low curiosity in Asian and Black couples which is not surprising. The highest levels of curiosity from these lower curiosity countries comes from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Taiwan.

Fort Provintia in Taiwan
Fort Provintia in Tainan City, Taiwan

Asian Countries Showing The Most Engagement On Asian and Black Couple Websites

These are the Asian countries that showed the most engagement – visiting the most number of pages, spending the most time on the website, commenting and liking the website, and other signs of engagement. Engagement is also measured on a 0 to 10 scale with 10 being the highest.

7.8 Philippines
5.4 Korea
5.0 Japan
4.7 Indonesia
4.7 Hong Kong
4.2 Taiwan
4.2 China
3.9 Malaysia
3.8 Thailand
3.5 India

oriental pearl tower
Oriental Pearl Tower in Shanghai, China

Filipino engagement on Asian and Black couple websites is much higher than any other Asian country. Filipino engagement is 44% higher than Korea, 56% higher than Japan, and 66% higher than Indonesia and Hong Kong. Filipinos are easily the most accepting of Asian and Black couples and there are more Filipino and Black couples and marriages in the US than any other Asian group. It is not unusual for Filipinas to reach out to and interact with Black men, so it is not very surprising to see the highest level of engagement from the Philippines.

While Filipino engagement is high, the engagement levels of the next nine countries would be classified as moderate. Korean engagement is much lower than Korean curiosity levels indicating that many Koreans check out the websites, but don’t really stick around and engage with the website. All the same, Korean engagement levels are the second highest of all Asian countries. Japan also shows moderate engagement levels which is in line with our experiences in Japan. Indonesia at number 4 on the most engaged list is a pleasant surprise. Indonesia’s engagement rating (4.7) is much higher than it’s curiosity rating (1.3) indicating a moderately high level of interest in Asian and Black couples by a small subset of people in Indonesia. Other Asian countries with similar higher engagement ratings than curiosity levels include Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the Philippines.

Kuching Esplanade in Kuching, Malaysia
Kuching Esplanade in Kuching, Malaysia


As expected, there are no Asian countries with high curiosity and high engagement. It doesn’t exist and likely won’t exist for some time. Korea shows high curiosity, but only moderate engagement, while the Philippines show high engagement, but only moderate curiosity. The graph below shows the top 14 Asian countries with the most interest in Asian and Black relationships and many of them only show moderate or low levels of interest. Additionally there are another 19 Asian and Pacific countries with both low curiosity and low engagement that are not shown on the graph. As is often the case, Asian interest in Asian and Black couples in Asia will improve over time, but it’s helpful to have a data based view of where things sit right now in addition to the anecdotal stories that we all encounter.

Asian Country Engagement vs Curiosity v1

While website traffic data is not a perfect indicator of interest, it is a good proxy for interest. People have lots of choices on the internet of where they can click and spend their time. So typically when a person clicks on a website, there is something that triggered their curiosity, and when they spend more time on a website and start to engage with the website, there tends to be a real level of interest there. While we all have our own subjective views of Asian interest in Asian and Black couples, website traffic data gives us some hard data to supplement those subjective views. We hope this data helps to provide some insight for our readers and as always, we welcome your comments.

Wat Po Pagodas in Bangkok, Thailand
Wat Po Pagodas in Bangkok, Thailand

All of the photos in this article are landmarks in the Asian cities that have the highest engagement with asianblackcouples.com. The cover photo is the Quezon City Memorial Park in Quezon City, Philippines which has the highest engagement of all Asian cities. Thank you to everyone for visiting asianblackcouples.com.



  1. The high levels of "curiosity" from Korean visitors is likely due to Lily Lee being prominently featured in multiple posts here.

    • TheGrandAdmiral,

      Thanks for the comment. No doubt, our partnership with Lily on various projects likely draws Korean interest to this blog. The stats for this article though include stats from a few other Asian and Black websites, so the Lily connection may not explain the entire delta between Korean curiosity and curiosity from other Asian countries.

      Good observation and thanks for visiting ABC.

  2. From my experience,Chinese guys seem the most open to liking black women;but unfortunately,a lot of girls mostly go for only Korean or Japanese guys(due to kpop and anime)so Chinese guys don’t get as much love:(.

  3. Do you think that Asians in Asian countries would be more curious about and more engaged with Black people once they make an effort to learn the local language and culture? Can language fluency and cultural sensitivity serve as a bridge towards acceptance of Asian and Black couple relationships?

    • Jim,
      Yes, Asians are far more interested in Black people who can speak their native language. For instance, as an expat living in any Asian country, if you only speak English, you effectively limit your ability to interact with a huge proportion of the population, however if you can speak the local language, it opens up your possibilities immensely. You not being able to speak their language or you not being able to converse with their family and friends are legitimate reasons why some Asians will rule out ever developing a relationship with you. Thanks for visiting ABC!


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