Best Worldwide Cities For Black and Asian Dating

What are the best worldwide cities for Black and Asian dating? ABC has previously published our analytical review of the Top US Cities for BMAW Couples and the Top US Cities for AMBW Couples, but in this post, we want to see what our readers think. We conducted an worldwide crowdsourcing survey that received about 1,000 responses from ABC readers globally. The wisdom of the crowd is very clear.

Top 12 Worldwide Cities For Black and Asian Dating | Source: Crowdsourcing
1Cebu, Philippines89%
2Sacramento, CA82%
3New York City, NY79%
4San Diego, CA78%
5Tokyo, Japan78%
6Honolulu, HI77%
7Vancouver, BC, Canada74%
8Toronto, ONT, Canada71%
9Los Angeles, CA71%
10Vallejo, CA70%
11Washington, DC69%
12Seattle, WA65%

The cities are ranked by percent of our respondants who indicated that the city was great for Black and Asian dating, and there is a margin of error in our survey of 3%. It’s interesting that 4 of the top 12 cities are non-USA cities – Cebu, Tokyo, Vancouver, and Toronto. Also while the top 12 cities were the clear standouts in our crowdsourcing survey, we also had 6 honorable mention cities that are trending in the right direction, but did not receive enough responses to make our top 12 list.

Honorable Mention Worldwide Cities For Black and Asian Dating

  • Manila, Philippines
  • Hong Kong, China
  • Singapore, Singapore
  • Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Tacoma, WA, USA

Once again, the honorable mention worldwide cities match up really well with our experience and research. We have visited all of the worldwide cities and while you do not see Black and Asian couples in large numbers in any of these cities – or anywhere in Asia for that matter – we did see more Black and Asian couples than we expected in each of the worldwide cities!

Thanks for reviewing this list. The wisdom of the crowd seems to match up pretty well with our real life experience and research. How does it compare to your experience? Please share your comments below.

Many blessings to everyone!



  1. I’ve found asian women quite difficult to date in Atlanta even with online dating. There is more of a stigma against dating black men and a lot of prejudice. My last girlfriend (asian) was from Nevada. Perhaps women are more open minded in the west.

    • Thanks for your comment. It’s helpful to hear your actual experiences in Atlanta and your experiences seem to line up with what we have heard from many Black men in Atlanta. The Asian population in Atlanta is only 5% which is the same as the overall US Asian population of 5%. We have noticed that in cities with 5% or less Asians, the Asian community tends to stick together very closely and not interracial date as much. But when the Asian population reaches about 10% or more as it has in many west coast cities, then we see Asians interracial dating at much higher levels. This is just a general trend trend though and it does not apply 100% of the time as you can find cities with small Asian populations, but more interracial dating, as well as some cities with large Asian populations, but less interracial dating. The numbers tell us that in Atlanta, there are more Blasian kids per Asian woman than almost any other city in the US, and that Atlanta Asian women are far more likely to have Blasian kids as opposed to Whasian kids than most American cities. However the voice of the crowd as illustrated in the numbers above, as well as repeated input from several Black men in Atlanta is that it is very difficult to date Asian women in Atlanta. We respect the voice of the crowd and we will probably have to reconsider how we think about Atlanta in our next update of the ABC Top 15 Best Cities for Asian and Black Dating. Thanks for visiting ABC.


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