Billy Dee Williams, legendary African American actor, artist, singer, writer, and heart throb, has been married to Teruko Nakagami Williams since 1972 or 43 years at the time of this post. If you are surprised by this, you are not alone. Billy Dee leads a very quiet private life and he and his wife only make select social appearances – hence the lack of many photos of Billy Dee and Teruko on the internet. Many, many people had no idea that one of the biggest African American leading men ever, has been married in a Black and Asian relationship for so many years.

Billy D William Teruko Nakagami
Billy Dee Williams and Teruko Nakagami Williams on the cover of the January 18, 1979 issue of Jet magazine.

Teruko is Billy Dee’s third wife and they each have one child from prior marriages, Corey Williams, and Miyako Shorter, and one daughter together, Hanako Williams. All of their children are grown and living their own lives at this time. The couple separated and seriously considered divorce in 1993, but they reconciled four years later in 1997, and have stayed together since. Teruko was previously married to Wayne Shorter, a well-known African American jazz saxophonist.

Billy Dee, African American / Montserratian (Caribbean West Indies), is 78 at the time of this post, and has been acting for over 50 years. He has appeared in an impressive array of movies including Star Wars,  Brian’s Song, Lady Sings the Blues, Mahogany, and Batman. It was just reported that Billy Dee will return to the new Star Wars trilogy movies. He played the role of Lando Calrissian in the original Star Wars trilogy, and while he will not appear in the upcoming Star Wars: The Force Awakens, he is slated to appear in Star Wars Episode Eight. Billy Dee also paints and has had several art exhibits for his artwork.

Billy D William Teruko Nakagami1
A 1974 photo of Billy Dee with his wife Teruko, daughter Miyako, age 12 (right), son Corey, age 13 (left), and baby daughter Hanako, 8 months, at their home in LA at that time.

Billy Dee’s first two wives were both African American and an interviewer asked him why he chose to marry a Japanese American. Billy Dee said, “I just don’t have any feelings about whether a woman is Black, White, green, or whatever. It’s who I like to be with at that time. Teruko and I met in NYC through friends. I liked her, she liked me, we talked a lot, we became good friends, we fell in love, and one day we decided to get married. Simple as that.”

He also credits his marriage to Teruko as a highlight in his life saying, “Marrying Teruko was a turning point in my life. She’s a woman who really forces me to look at things in a very real way. She’s that kind of person. She makes very heavy demands, but they’re not unreasonable ones, because once you grasp what she’s all about, you realize she’s always encouraging you forward, telling you that you’re much more than you think you are.”

Hanako Williams, daughter of Billy Dee and Teruko.
Recent photo of Hanako Williams, daughter of Billy Dee and Teruko.

When asked about his aspirations for his children, he says, “I want my children, and I want their children to know that they’re much, much more than what Black people have been relegated to be, and what some have been made to believe they must be. We are people of  the world, and when the nations of Africa and Asia and other parts of the world become really viable forces in the world, I think we’ll begin to feel our oneness with all other people, and more and more we’ll have some importance in the world as people who just happen to have a different tint to their skin. I see that happening more and more today.”

Billy Dee and Teruko are yet another example of how great Asian and Black couple relationships are rooted in a deep unshakable love which allows the couple to withstand all the challenges the world may throw their way. A good friend of mine from another Blasian couple relationship recently told me, “The ultimate question is love, and the ultimate answer is love!” Words to live by for all Blasian couples.



  1. I’m one, because of age knew of Bill Dees wedding. Can’t believe it’s been 43 years. But Billy Dee never seemed like he was part of that Hollywood scene trying to be seen everywhere or published. He’s always seemed to be a person of more insight and grace. Loved all his movies especially ‘Brians Song’ a true sports story of a friendship between Gale Sayers and Brian Picolo who died of a disease while playing for the Chicago bears

  2. hoping you read this mr dee
    me and alden moore yes corey pal back in the day were just chatting about in the 70s
    reach out and lets all get together for some good soul happy laughs

  3. “Yes want my arm to fall off!” That line made him the Heartthrob of many women! That was when he got my attention! ❤


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