Do you like seeing photos of all types of Blasian couples? Then we highly recommend you check out and add @blasian.couples, AKA Blasian Love, on Instagram, who we believe have the best photos of Blasian couples anywhere on the web!

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At ABC, we believe in sharing the wide range of resources and websites available for Blasian couples and we have a Groups, Blogs, and Other Resources page available for this purpose. We also periodically show the most popular websites for Asian and Black couples at our Asian and Black Couples Website Rankings page. The Instagram page, @blasian.couples, is one of the most popular Instagram pages devoted to Asian and Black couples for a good reason – they simply have the best photos of all types of Blasian couples that we have ever seen anywhere on the web.

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@blasian.couples started their Instagram page in January of 2014. Since that time, they have built an impressive collection of thousands of photos of Blasian couples which they update daily with submissions from Asian and Black couples from Instagram and all over the web. Over 10,200 people have added @blasian.couples on Instagram and that number is growing rapidly.

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@blasian.couples started primarily as an Asian man, Black woman (AMBW) site since the creators started as admins for the blackwomenasianmen Tumblr site, which was started because many AMBW couples felt that they were often left out of the interracial dating conversation. Often times they would receive messages from Black men, Asian women (BMAW) couples and LGBT couples who were looking for a community similar to blackwomenasianmen – see our previous article on Why AMBW groups Outnumber BMAW Groups. With the popularity of Instagram growing and the lack of representation for Blasian couples of all types, the @blasian.couples creators decided to bring the entire Blasian couple community together and formed @blasian.couples.

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Today, @blasian.couples accepts submissions from all Blasian couples – BMAW, AMBW, AMBM, and AWBW. They recognize that love is love, and love knows no race, gender, or border.


With all Blasian couples still representing less than 1% of all equivalent couples, it’s important to see other couples who look like you. Simply knowing that other Blasian couples exist can be huge encouragement and inspiration for those who may go months without ever seeing anyone else who looks like them in their local community. Even for us at ABC, we are fortunate to see other Blasian couples in our local community, plus working with ABC, we encounter Blasian couples regularly, but still we find ourselves browsing the photos at @blasian.couples often just for the inspiration and happiness it brings us!


At ABC, we believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. When people see something that perhaps they thought was not possible, all of the sudden that concept goes from being impossible, to being quite possible, to in some cases becoming reality! We love the power that pictures of happy, successful Blasian couples can bring!

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We are also happy to announce a new collaboration between ABC and @blasian.couples. We believe that the world becomes a little happier and more accepting every time a Blasian couple gets together, and that with time, Blasian couples and families are dissolving historical walls and negative stereotypes between Asians and Blacks. As such, we think that Blasian couple photos deserve MORE exposure. So to that end, with the new ABC and @blasian.couples collaboration:

  • ABC will be sending all of our Blasian couple photos, both old and new, to @blasian.couples where they will additionally publish these photos over time as their schedule permits
  • Since ABC focuses more on love stories of married, engaged, and long term dating (3+ years) Asian and Black couples, ABC is also offering 2 new ways for Blasian couples who share their photos at @blasian.couples to gain more exposure:
    • ABC FB and ABC Tumblr will additionally publish photos of couples who submit to @blasian.couples who are married, engaged, or long term dating (3+ years). Just send us the following five easy things to with the subject title: “Our Photos”.
      • a clear photo the two of you as a couple (no sunglasses and no fuzzy pictures)
      • both first names (last names are not published)
      • both ethnicities
      • your relationship status (married, engaged, dating)
      • your relationship length (how many years dating, engaged, or married)
    • The ABC main website will additionally publish the love stories of couples who submit to @blasian.couples who are married, engaged, or long term dating (3+ years). Just send all of the info requested above along with your answers to the following 3 questions to with the subject title: “Our Story”.
      • Tell us how you met and fell in love
      • Tell us how both set of parents accept or don’t accept the relationship and how you deal with it
      • Tell us your advice for other Blasian couples

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This new collaboration will give many Blasian couples who submit their photos at @blasian.couples more exposure so your photos can be published at both @blasian.couples and on the ABC websites. Also ABC is very happy to give more exposure for all the photos we publish at ABC on @blasian.couples as well.

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For your daily dose of Blasian couple love, we highly recommend you check out and add @blasian.couples on Instagram! We are sure that you will be happy that you did!

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By the way, all of the photos shown in this article are from recent photos published at @blasian.couples!

Best wishes to everyone and enjoy!



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