Black Men Date Asian Women

“Can Black men date Asian women?” is one of the top five internet searches that people use to find this website, Since most of the readers of this website already know that the answer to this question is clearly, “Yes, Black men can and do date and marry Asian women” as evidenced throughout this website, it was a little surprising to see this as one of the top internet searches to find this website.

The question itself seems to imply that maybe some Black men believe they can’t date Asian women since this search is likely coming from Black men, not Asian women.  Some Black men may not know any Black men dating Asian women, or they may have been rejected by all the Asian women they approached so they may think that maybe Asian and Black dating just doesn’t occur.

In response to this question, many will say, “Hey, women are women, and Asian women are no different, so of course Black men can date Asian women.” While I believe that this response is mainly true – Asian women are by and large just like any other women – there are two important differences with Asian women:

  1. Culture matters – Asian cultures can be very different than western cultures, and these cultural differences often matter with Asian women. This is different from other women who are culturally more similar to you as a Black man. Making culturally offensive remarks or approaching her with a bunch of stupid Asian stereotypes is the fastest way to run off many Asian women.  Approach her as a woman, the same way you would approach other women, but also be culturally aware and sensitive at the same time.  For more info, see this prior post on Cultural Differences with Blasian Couples.
  2. Some Asian women will not date Black men. If we are being real, it’s true that a large number of Asian women simply will not date Black guys, no matter how many great qualities you may have. Given the general lack of exposure that many Asians have with Blacks (and vice versa for that matter), some Asians easily believe the negative media stereotypes and just will not date Blacks. Things are gradually improving as Asians and Blacks have more and more regular positive interactions, but as a Black man, you have to be able to tell which Asian women are just not likely to date you and not waste your time with them. I personally tend to see Asian women in 3 different categories: A) 5% to 10% of Asian women who are actively looking to date Black men – yes these Asian women do exist just in small numbers, B) 40% to 45% of Asian women who are open to dating Black men, but are not actively seeking to date Black men – if they meet the right Black man and they click, they will date a Black guy, but they are not actively seeking to date Black men, and C) about 50% of Asian women who really just will not consider dating Black men, no matter what. For more info, see this prior post on Types of Asian Women Most Likely To Date Black Men.

Here is where Asian Black Couples can help:

So if you reached this page by searching for “Can Black men date Asian women?”, hopefully now you have no doubt that Black men can and do date Asian women. As always, feel free to share your comments below.



  1. Randy Flagg, who runs a very informative Youtube channel called Loser Laowai in China. Randy is a straight shooting brother who has been living in China for over 12 years now. He is married to a Chinese lady and they have a beautiful Blasian daughter together, so he is very knowledgeable on China in particular and Asia in general. Randy also plans to answer the many questions that his viewers have left in the comments to this video tomorrow on 9/14/15, so hop over to Randy’s YT channel if you would like to add your questions to the list.


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