Lists of celebrity Asian and Black couples were previously published for Filipino and Black, Korean and Black, Japanese and BlackChinese and Black, South Asian and Black, and All Other Asian and Black couples. Click on any of the links to view these couples. The couples from these listings were used to compile the celebrity Blasian couple break up rate.

John Malone and his wife Kay Kinsey Malone
John Malone, and his wife, Kay Kinsey Malone, Filipino and White, have been married for 25 years as of 2015.

The couple break ups (divorce or break-up) were reviewed for each set of couples in two ways, both A) counting each couple as a full couple regardless of whether the couple had full or partial Black and Asian partners B) only counting partial Black and Asian couples as a partial relationship – e.g. in this case a Black husband and Asian and White wife would only count as a 50% Black and Asian couple. In the end, there was very little difference in the breakup rates for both method A and method B. The overall Celebrity Blasian Couple break up rate using method A was 31% and using method B was 28%. Since the two methods had very similar results, in the tables below, only the average of the two methods is shown.

Thurgood Marshall, his wife Cecilia Suyat Marshall, and family
Thurgood Marshall and his wife Cecilia Suyat Marshall, Filipino Hawaiian, were married for 38 years at the time of his death in 1993.

Celebrity Blasian Couple Break Up Rates By Nationality

Chinese & Black Break Up Rate = 38%

Filipino & Black Break Up Rate = 35%

Korean & Black Break Up Rate = 26%

South Asian & Black Break Up Rate = 23%

Japanese & Black Break Up Rate = 19%

Other Asians & Black Break Up Rate = 28%

Overall Blasian Couple Break Up Rate = 29%

Even the highest break up rate of the Chinese and Black couples at 38% is much lower than the US divorce rate.

Reverend Cecil Williams and his wife, Janice Mirikitani Williams
The Reverend Cecil Williams and his wife, Janice Mirikitani Williams have been married since 1982.

Divorce Rates By Country

Here are the comparison divorce rates for key western and Asian countries. Note also that divorce rates are highly debated so please consider all divorce rates estimates and only directionally correct.

US Divorce Rate = 60%

UK Divorce Rate = 50%


Japan Divorce Rate = 36%

South Korea Divorce Rate = 36%

Singapore Divorce Rate = 28%

Thailand Divorce Rate = 25%

China Divorce Rate = 22%

Malaysia Divorce Rate = 15%

Vietnam Divorce Rate = 4%

India Divorce Rate = 1%

Cornelius Van Wright and his wife, Ying Hwa Hu
Cornelius Van Wright, and his wife, Ying Hwa Hu, Taiwanese, have been married for 25 years as of 2015.

Overall, celebrity Blasian couple break up rates essentially resemble the Asian divorce rates. In the case of celebrity Japanese and Black couples and celebrity Korean and Black couples, their break-up rates are even lower than their country divorce rates. In the case of China though, their country divorce rate is lower than the celebrity Chinese and Black break up rate. Also East Indian divorce rates are much lower than the celebrity South Asian and Black break up rate. In the Philippines, divorce is legally not allowed so a divorce rate does not exist for the Philippines, however in practice many Filipino marriages are separated in the Philippines.

Divorce / Break Up Rates By Race and Gender Combinations

Ron Sims and his wie, Cayan Topacio Sims
Ron Sims and his wife, Cayan Topacio Sims, Filipina, have been married for 28 years as of 2015.

Here are some additional break up and divorce rate comparisons by interracial and gender combinations which are actually quite fascinating.

Black Man, Black Woman (BMBW) = 70% (a)
Black Man, White Woman (BMWW) = 67% (b)
Black Man, Asian Woman (BMAW) = 31% (c)

Asian Man, White Woman (AMWW) = 70% (a)
Asian Man, Asian Woman (AMAW) = 30% (a)
Asian Man, Black Woman = (AMBW) 17% (c)

Black Woman, Black Man (BMBW) = 70% (a)
Black Woman, Asian Man (AMBW) = 17% (c)
Black Woman, White Man (WMBW) = 13% (b)

Asian Woman, White Man (WMAW) = 55% (a)
Asian Woman, Black Man (BMAW) = 31% (c)
Asian Woman, Asian Man (AMAW) = 30% (a)

(a) = divorce rates from online divorce studies
(b) = breakup rates from celebrity interracial listings at
(c) = breakup rates from celebrity interracial listings at

Based on this data, Black men are far better off with Asian women as their break up / divorce rate is pretty high with either Black women or White women. For Asian men, they are good with either Black or Asian women, but apparently should avoid White women. For Black women, despite having a very high divorce rate with Black men, they actually have much better results with White men and Asian men. Black women do not date interracially much, but given this data, they really should. Finally Asian women have better results with Black men than White men, despite the typical Asian woman preference for White men.

Also, one quick side note. While it was not the focus of this article, for our White readers who are interested, White men divorce White women at a 60% rate. They see a slight improvement with Asian women, who they only divorce at 55% and they see a huge improvement with Black women where they experience only a 13% breakup rate. Several sources have noted the higher stability of WMBW relationships and there are many long term notable WMBW relationships. For White women, unfortunately the news is not as good – White women divorce White men at 60%, Black men at 67%, and Asian men at 70%. Again, not the focus of this article, but we realize we have many White readers as well, and we appreciate all of our viewers being here.


Dr. Tyrone Hayes and Dr. Kathy Kim have been married since 1994.
Dr. Tyrone Hayes and Dr. Kathy Kim have been married for 21 years as of 2015.

Overall the celebrity Blasian couple break up rate is essentially half of the US divorce rate. These lower break up rates with celebrities who are generally known to have higher divorce rates speak in large part to the legendary loyalty and stability that Asian women in particular bring to a relationship, and are a major attraction of Blasian relationships.



  1. This just shows how submissive Asian women are and more likely to stay married no matter what. How else can you explain the high rates of divorce when black men marry any other race of woman?

    • Meeee,

      Thanks for your comment. Your view is one way to look at the data, but how would you explain the Asian Woman / Black Man and Asian Woman / Asian Man breakup rates being basically the same? Does Asian woman submissiveness explain their low divorce rate within the Asian community as well? Also why doesn’t the Asian woman submissiveness keep the breakup rate lower with Asian Woman / White Man couples?

      Thanks for visiting ABC!

  2. The pictures are all of Black Men with Asian Women. Why no representation of Black Women/Asian Men couples…or Asian Men period?

  3. This is one of the most brilliant articles with research and information that I have ever read. I read it over and over and get excited everytime. Thank you for taking the time to make it and share it with us!
    As for those who want to say Asian women are submissive, that is a generalisation and an generalisation is an fallacy; furthermore a fallacy is an defect in logic what weakens an argument. All Asian women are not submissive, I know Crazy Rich Asians was a film based on a book but some of the actresses had to be aggressive to make their way in the entertainment world. Michelle Yeoh who had done films with Jackie Chan and Jet Li I have only ever seen in prominent roles that are not at all submissive. Speaking of movies, be sure to watch Mulan this year who was a real person who did not submit to the laws of the land but did what she had to in order to save her own father by her own will.


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