This list will include all known celebrity Chinese and Black couples, past and present, even minor celebrities, and will include both full and partial Chinese / Black couples. This list will also include celebrity Hong Konger and Black, Macanese and Black, and Taiwanese and Black couples. In the US, Chinese are the largest Asian group at 24% of all US Asians, however Chinese only make up 7% of all Asian and Black married couples, so they are definitely under-represented in Blasian couples. Based on the celebrity Chinese and Black couples shown here, the Chinese / Black breakup rate is ~38% which is much lower than the US divorce rate of ~60%,  but much higher than the China divorce rate of ~22%. Please let us know of other celebrity Chinese and Black couples that should be on this list or known changes to the couples below and we will update the list. Listings for other celebrity Asian and Black couples are published separately and can be found at the end of this listing. Enjoy!

Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples Listing

1. Eugene Chen and Agatha Ganteaume ChenEugene Chen Agatha Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Eugene Chen, Chinese Trinidadian, and his wife, Agatha “Aisy” Alphonsin Ganteaume Chen, French Creole, were married in 1899 in Trinidad. Eugene was a London trained lawyer, the legal advisor and foreign minister for Sun Yat-sen (the 1st president of the Republic of China), a newspaper owner, and revolutionary who lived in Trinidad, England, China, Russia, and Hong Kong at different times in his life. Time magazine called Eugene the “brains of the Chinese Revolution”. Eugene and Aisy had 4 kids together before Aisy passed in 1926, and all of their children were very accomplished writers and professionals. Indeed, Eugune and Aisy’s daughter, Sylvia Chen and Langston Hughes, the renowned African American poet and social activist, considered getting married at one time.

2. James Boggs and Grace Lee Boggs
james boggs Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

A trailblazing celebrity Chinese and Black couple, James Boggs, an African American political activist, auto worker and author was married for 40 years from 1953 until his death in 1993 to Grace Lee Boggs, a Chinese American author, social activist, philosopher, and feminist. Both of them wrote several important works in political activism and Mrs. Boggs, was active until the time of her death in October, 2015, at age 100. See more at the prior posts, The Profoundness of James Boggs and Grace Lee Boggs, and Historical View of Asian and Black Couples.

3. Clarence Adams and Liu Linfeng Adams
Clarence Liu Adams Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Clarence Adams, African American, was serving in the US Army and fighting in the Korean War when he was captured by the North Koreans in 1950. While serving as a POW in North Korea, China took over the administration of his POW camp and Clarence for the first time felt like he was treated as an equal to Whites by the Chinese administration. This led to Clarence deciding to patriate to China (along with 21 other American POWs) at the end of the war, rather than return to the racism and unequal treatment he knew in Memphis, TN. Clarence lived a wonderful life in China where he met and married his wife, Liu Linfeng in 1957. After 12 years in China, the Chinese cultural revolution forced him and his family to ultimately move back to the US, where he and his wife would manage a successful Chinese restaurant chain with 4 locations. Clarence passed in 1999 and Liu passed in 2007, but their daughter finished her father’s memoirs and published a book on their life in 2007 entitled, An American Dream.

4. Tommy Chong and Maxine Sneed
chong sneed Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Tommy Chong, Chinese-Canadian & French/Irish, is a Canadian comedian, actor, writer, director, activist, and musician who is well known for his marijuana-themed Cheech & Chong comedy albums and movies with Cheech Marin. He was married to his first wife, Maxine Sneed, African Canadian and Cherokee, from 1960 to 1970 and they have two daughters together, one of whom is Rae Dawn Chong, a popular actress in her own right.

5. Rugare Gumbo and Fay Chung
Rugare Gumbo Fay Chung Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Rugare Gumbo, Zimbabwean, is a long term Zimbabwean politician and activist from 1962 to his expulsion from the Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front (ZANU-PF) in 2014. Fay Chung, Chinese, is a Zimbabwean educator and politician who was exiled in Tanzania and Mozambique for a period. In the late ’70s Gumbo and Chung were partnered and had a daughter together, Chipo Chung, who is now a successful actress in London.

6. Gordon Parks and Genevieve Young
Gordon Parks and his wife Genevieve Young

Gordon Parks, African American photographer, musician, writer, and film director was one of the most prominent photojournalists from the 1940s through the early 1970s. Gordon then converted his photojournalist success to become the first African American to produce and direct major motion picture films including the iconic 1971 movie, Shaft. Gordon was also was a very accomplished and successful jazz pianist, composer, author, and painter in addition to being one of the co-founders and editorial director of Essence magazine. In 1962 Gordon first met Genevieve Young, Chinese American, who was assigned to be his editor by his book publisher. When they both were divorcing their prior spouses, they became romantically involved and they married in 1973. Unfortunately, Gordon and Genevieve divorced in 1979.

7. Russell Wong and Eartha Robinson
Russell Wong Eartha Robinson Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Russell Wong, multiracial, Chinese and Dutch/French, born Wáng Shèngdé (王盛德), is an American actor. Russell has appeared in many movies and TV series since 1985, most notably New Jack City, Joy Luck Club, Romeo Must Die, Nikita, and Hawaii Five-O. Russell was also a dancer in his early career and during his dance career, he met Eartha Robinson, a professional dancer who is best known for being a Fame dancer in the television series in the mid/late ’80s. Russell and Eartha dated from the mid/late ’80s to the early/mid ’90s and they have one daughter together born in 1988. While there was speculation about their engagement, they never married.

8. Cornelius Van Wright and Ying Hwa Hu
cornelius Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Cornelius Van Wright, African American, and Ying-Hwa Hu, Taiwanese, are a husband and wife children’s book illustrator team. cornelius2 Celebrity Chinese and Black CouplesThey have won a number of awards for the books they have illustrated together and separately, and their illustrations often show all forms of diversity. Their studio is the Pencil Moon Studio. They have been married since 1990 and have 2 kids together.

9. Keith Sweat and Lisa Wu
keith sweat lisa wu Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Keith Sweat, African American, is an American R&B/soul, singer-songwriter, record producer, radio personality and an innovator of New Jack Swing. From 1992 to 2002, he was married to Lisa Wu, Chinese and African American, who is now a reality TV personality, and they have two sons together.

10. Michael Wright and Mitzie Lau
michael wright mitzie lau Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Michael Wright is an African American film and television actor, who is best known for his role as Eddie Kane Jr. in the 1991 classic film, The Five Heartbeats. Michael has also had notable appearances in the TV sci-fi series, V, the HBO series, Oz, the 1994 film, Sugar Hill, and as part of the first Blasian couple to star in a Japanese film in the 1987 movie, Bed Time Eyes. – see the prior post, Asian and Black Couples in the Movies. In 1994, he married Mitzie Lau, who was born in Hong Kong and is a former real estate broker in New York city. Mitzie currently is a freelance fiction and travel writer. Michael and Mitzie divorced in 2000 and they have one child together.

11. Damon Buffini and Deborah Buffini
Damon Buffini Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Damon Buffini is one of the richest Afro-British businessmen in the UK. He was previously the CEO of a large British private equity firm and he has participated in numerous company acquisitions and mergers. He was also named as the most powerful Black man in Britain. He is married to Deborah Buffini, Chinese, and they have three children together, however no pictures of his wife have been found online.

12. Michael Olowokandi and Suzie Ketcham
ketcham Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Michael Olowokandi, a Nigerian retired NBA player and Suzie Ketcham, biracial Chinese and white, dated from 1998 to 2008 and they have 2 children together. Michael at 7 feet (213cms) tall, was the number 1 draft pick in the 1998 NBA draft, but he never lived up to the hype. Suzie was a regular on the “Basketball Wives” reality TV show.

13. DJ Envy and Gia Casey
DJ Envy and Gia Casey

DJ Envy, African American, is known for being a DJ on the popular syndicated radio show “The Breakfast Club”. Envy’s wife, Gia Casey is AfrAm and Chinese and they have been married since 2001 with 5 children together. DJ Envy and Gia were scheduled to have a reality TV series called “Gold With Envy”, but Envy says the project is not moving forward because he did not have full control over how his family was portrayed in the project. DJ Envy, AKA Raashaun Casey, is often mistaken as Latin American since his father is Dominican from Dominica, but the vast majority of the people from the island of Dominca are predominately African descent and Envy’s mother is African American. DJ Envy says that he considers himself full African American.  DJ Envy and Gia continue to produce their podcast called “The Casey Crew” and we wish them all the best!

14. Dr. Henry Rotich and Xu Jing

Dr. Henry Rotich, Kenyan, is the Chief Manager of R&D for the Kenyan Bureau of Standards (Kebs). In 2001, while Henry was in China on a Chinese government scholarship to learn Chinese as part of his Kenyan government job, he met Xu Jing, Chinese, who was his Chinese tutor. Over time Henry and Jing fell in love and they were married in 2006. Several media outlets around the world have written articles on Henry and Jing and the China Central Television station produced a nice story about the couple which can be found at this link. We wish Henry and Jing continued success and many blessings!

15. Terrence Howard and May Seng Yang
Terrence Howard and May Seng Yang

Before Terrence Howard married his two Asian wives, Michelle Ghent (Filipino/White mix) and Mira Cristine Pak (Korean), he dated May Seng Yang (Chinese American) on and off for about 12 years starting in the early 2000s. They reportedly met in a pizzeria in Philadephia while Terrence was separated from his first wife, and they apparently still dated periodically even after he married his second wife. Unfortunately, both Terrence and May have both accused each other of being violent towards the other during their relationship.

16. Bernard Lagat and Gladys Tom Lagat
Lagat-Family-London Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Bernard “Kip” Lagat, Kenyan American, is a world-class middle and long-distance runner. Prior to moving to the US, he competed for Kenya, his native country. Lagat is a thirteen-time medalist in World Championships and Olympics including five gold medals. Lagat married Gladys Tom Lagat, Chinese-Canadian, a sports trainer in 2002 and they have two kids together.

17. Lewis Hamilton and Jodia Ma
lewis hamilton jodia ma Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Lewis Hamilton, Afro-Grenadian/English, is a top British Formula One race car driver. From 2003 to 2007, he dated his London based college sweetheart, Jodia Ma, Hong Konger. Jodia was the daughter of a wealthy family in Hong Kong and her father actually sponsored Hamilton in a race in Macau. Hamilton would later move on to date Nicole Scherzinger, who is mixed Filipino.

18. John Hervey and Priscilla Tjio Hervey
Priscilla Tjio Hervey Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Priscilla Tjio-Hervey (蔣碧喜), Chinese American, is the winner of the 2003 Miss Los Angeles Chinatown (洛杉磯華埠小姐) pageant. This pageant has been an annual staple of the LA Chinese community since the early 1960s and the winner represents Chinatown as an ambassador to the rest of the LA metro area. Priscilla has been with her husband, John Hervey, African American, since prior to the 2003 pageant and they were married in 2005. John and Priscilla run a production company, Beyond Time, which produces comic books and short films. Priscilla’s 2003 pageant experience and her relationship / marriage to John were chronicled in the movie, Yours Truly, Miss Chinatown which can be found in the link. We wish John and Priscilla and their family so much joy and happiness, now and forever!

19. Lennox Lewis and Violet Chang
Lennox+Lewis+Violet+Lewis Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Lennox Lewis is a retired boxer and the most recent undisputed world heavyweight champion. He holds dual British and Canadian citizenship. As an amateur, he won gold representing Canada at the 1988 Olympic Games. Lennox married Violet Chang, mixed Jamaican and Chinese, in 2005. She is a former Miss Jamaica runner-up and they have four children together.

20. Ed Hartwell and Lisa Wu
ed lisa wu Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Ed Hartwell, African American, a former NFL linebacker was married from 2006 to 2011 to Lisa Wu, Chinese and African American, a reality TV personality and they have one child together. Ed and Lisa had several aspiring businesses such as a real estate company, a jewelry line, and several clothing lines, but all of those businesses are now inactive and Lisa has returned to reality TV projects.

21. Luc Bendza and Carol Wei Bendza
Luc Bendza and wife Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Luc Bendza, Gabonese, and his wife Carol Wei Bendza, Chinese. Luc is a master in Chinese martial arts, an actor, film producer, and businessman. He has lived in China since 1983. He married his wife Carol in 2007 and they have one son together. Carol runs their tailoring shop in Beijing.

22. Buddy Fletcher and Ellen Pao
ellen pao buddy fletcher Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Ellen Pao, Chinese American, is a lawyer and the former interim CEO of Reddit, an internet company. Ellen was previously a partner at Kleiner Perkins. In 2007, she married Alphonse “Buddy” Fletcher Jr., African American, a former hedge fund manager, and they have one daughter together. Unfortunately, the couple seperated in 2017 and are now working on getting a divorce.

23. Mark Obama Ndesandjo and Xue Hua Liu
mark obama Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Mark Obama Ndesandjo is an accomplished pianist, artist, author, and businessman. He is also the half-brother of President Barack Obama – they share the same father, but have different mothers. He is biracial, Kenyan and Jewish. His wife, Xue Hua Liu (aka Chloe) is Chinese and they live together in Shenzhen, China. They have been married since 2008.

24. Kingsley Azieh Che and Wang Shuang
Kingsley Azieh Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Kingsley Azieh Che is a Cameroonian businessman who started trading in Guangzhou, China in 2007. His business, Kingsley International Trading, supplies different commodities including clothing and building materials to Africa. Kingsley met and married his Chinese wife, Wang Shuang, in the Shanxi province in northwest China, and they have two kids together.

25. Damon Elliott and Bai Ling
damon_elliott bai ling Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Damon Elliott is an African American producer and rapper. He is the Founder/CEO of the Damon Elliott Music Group. His project credits include Destiny’s Child, Beyoncé, Pink, and Britney Spears. He has 7 Grammy nominations with 1 Grammy win. He is the son of the legendary singer, Dionne Warwick, and cousin to the late Whitney Houston. From 2007 to 2008, Damon dated Bai Ling, the Chinese American actress. Bai Ling announced to Vegas paparazzi that she and Damon were married in Las Vegas on July 4, 2007, only weeks after the two first met, however her representatives never confirmed the marriage. Bai has appeared in several Chinese and American films, most notably, The Crow, Red Corner, and Wild Wild West. She has also appeared as part of a Blasian couple in My Baby’s Daddy and in The Breed – see prior post, Asian and Black couples in the Movies. Several media reports claim that Bai has dated a long list of men including Lionel Richie and Dwight Gooden, but details are sketchy on these relationships.

26. Dr. Hobart Leung and Dr. Kendra Segura
Dr. Hobart Leung and Dr. Kendra Segura

Say hello to Dr. Hobart Leung, Chinese Canadian, and his wife, Dr. Kendra Segura, Vietnamese & African American. Dr. Leung is an internist and Dr. Segura is a gynecologist/ obstetrician and they have been married since 2014. They appear together on the current season of the reality television show, Married To Medicine – Los Angeles. Hobart and Kendra first met in 2009 when they were both on the same internal medicine rotation. They have one child together and we wish them a lifetime of continued success, love, and happiness!

27. Bryant Terry and Jidan Terry-Koon

Bryant Terry is an African American vegan eco-chef, food justice activist, and author. His most recent book is Afro-Vegan: Farm-Fresh African, Caribbean, and Southern Flavors Remixed, which is an Amazon best seller. Bryant’s wife is Jidan Terry-Koon, Chinese American, an artist and community organizer / builder. Bryant and Jidan have been married since 2010 and have 2 daughters together. They are a beautiful family and we wish them continued success and eternal love!

28. Shaun King and Faith King
shaun-king-wife-faith-king Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Shaun King, African American, is the former quarterback of the NFL Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he currently works as a sports commentator seen on Fox Sports and NBC Sports. He has been married since 2010 to Faith King, who is mixed east Indian and Chinese from Singapore. They have 2 kids together.

29. Vado and Angela Yee
vado-angela-yee Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Vado, an African American hip hop recording artist from NYC dated Angela Yee, biracial Chinese and Afro-Montserratian (West Indies), a popular NYC radio personality, from 2010 to 2013.

30. Sean Gray and Stephanie Gray Chang
Sean Gray Stephanie Chang Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Stephanie Gray Chang is the first Asian American woman to serve in the Michigan State Legislature. Stephanie, Taiwanese-American, was elected as a Member of the Michigan House of Representatives representing the 6th District which covers the cities of Ecorse, River Rouge, and part of the city of Detroit in November 2014. Before her election, she served as a community organizer with several organizations including a period as the assistant to Grace Lee Boggs, a long time political activist, author, and wife of a historical Blasian couple.  Stephanie married Sean Gray, African American, a business executive with Goldman Sachs in 2011.

31. Yan Yang and Ada Nenah Yang
yang yan Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Yan Yang is a famous Chinese artist. He met his wife Ada Nenah Yang, a Sierra Leonean artist and musician on a trip to Sierra Leone and moved her to China. They have been married since 2012 and have one child together.

32. James Donaldson and Meirong Zheng
james donaldson Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

James Donaldson, African English, standing at 7’2″ (218 cms), is a retired 19 year professional basketball player. He played for 14 years in the NBA with the Seattle SuperSonics, San Diego / LA Clippers, Dallas Mavericks, NY Knicks, and the Utah Jazz. He then played for another 5 years in Europe with Greece, Spain, and Italy. He married his wife, Meirong Zheng, Chinese in 2012 after meeting her on an online dating site. Meirong previously worked in a Chinese hotel.

33. Jedidiah Francis and Angeline Francis Khoo
Jedidiah Francis and Angeline Francis Khoo

Angeline Francis Khoo, Malaysian Chinese, gave up more than a $407 million family inheritance to marry the love of her life, Jedidiah “Jed” Francis, St. Vincent & Grenadines. They met at Oxford University where Jed obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. equivalent) in statistics, and Angeline earned her Masters of Science. Jed and Angeline live in the UK where Jed runs his own AI (artificial intelligence) company and Angeline manages her own fashion line. They are building their own success story which will likely eventually surpass the inheritance that Angeline passed up. We wish them much love and many blessings!

34. Anu McKnight and Debbra Yeung
Anu McKnight and Debbra Yeung

Say hello to Anu McKnight, African American, and his wife Debbra Yeung, Chinese American. Both Anu and Debbra are bodybuilding and fitness champions. Also, Anu dabbles in music and rapping as well. Debbra comes by bodybuilding naturally as her father, Bolo Yeung, AKA Yang Sze, is a former bodybuilding champion and martial artist who played in several martial arts movies alongside Bruce Lee and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Anu and Debbra were married in 2014 and they have two kids together. We wish them continued success and much love forever!

35. Quincy Davis and Debby Chen Davis
Quincy Davis and Debby Chen Davis

Quincy Spencer Davis III, African American professional Taiwanese basketball player, and his wife, Debby Chen Davis, Taiwanese flight attendant. Quincy is originally from Los Angeles, but has played professional basketball overseas since 2006. In 2011 Quincy joined the Super Basketball League Taiwanese basketball team and he fell in love with the lifestyle in Taiwan. In 2013 Quincy officially denounced his American citizenship to become a naturalized Taiwanese citizen which allowed him to play on the Taiwanese national basketball team. Quincy and Debby have been together since 2014 and they plan on continuing to live in Taiwan even after Quincy stops playing basketball. We wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.

36. Brian King Joseph and Kimmy Tan
Brian King Joseph and Kimmy Tan

Congratulations to Brian King Joseph, AfrAm, AKA “The King of Violin” on making it through to the next round and live show of America’s Got Talent season 13!! Brian is an amazing violinist and is even more phenomenal once you know that he has neuropathy, a disease that is slowly destroying the nerves throughout his body including his playing hands. He is a self-taught violinist who was awarded a full ride scholarship to attend the prestigious Berklee College of Music plus he has toured and been recognized by some of the biggest celebrity names in music. For the last five years, Brian has been dating Kimmy Tan, Chinese, who is a talented singer/musician in her own right, in addition to being a tattoo artist and popular Youtuber. Much love and many blessings to both Brian and Kimmy!

Check out Brian at this audition on America’s Got Talent and check out Kimmy at this Youtube duet with Brian.

37. Peng Chen and Michelle Morgan
Wedding of Peng Chen and Michelle Morgan

Peng Chen, Chinese American, is the Managing Director for Easy Taxi Kenya, a company that connects Kenyan taxi drivers with passengers. Peng has lived and worked in Kenya since 2012. After a very low key and quiet relationship, in 2015, it was announced that Peng engaged Michelle Morgan, Kenyan, a very popular and beautiful Kenyan news anchor currently with K24 in Nairobi, Kenya. They were married in 2019 after 6 years together! We wish them eternal love and happiness!

38. Jet Liu and Jo Gan
Jo Gan Jet Liu Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Jo Gan, African American, is the Headmaster of the Cambridge Foreign Language School on the Taizhou University Campus in Linhai, Zhejiang Province, China! Jo has been a teacher, blogger, band member, bar owner, and entrepreneur in China since 2007 and this is her second marriage in China. Her husband, Jet Liu is the head of maintenance for the same university. We wish Jo and Jet a lifetime of continued success and happiness! Also check out Jo’s great blog – Life Behind The Wall: Thoughts and Experiences of a Black American Woman in China.

39. Deestroying and Kiana Wudte
Deestroying and Kiana Wudte

Donald De La Haye, better known as Deestroying, Afro-Costa Rican American, is a professional Canadian footballer and YouTube star with over 2.5 million subscribers. Deestroying, who attended college in the US was forced by the NCAA to either play college football or give up his Youtube channel profits as the NCAA rules do not allow student athletes to have outside income sources. Deestroying chose to keep his YouTube channel and fortunately, the Toronto CFL team still decided to add him to their team. Deestroying met his girlfriend, Kiana Wudte, Chinese American/White, in college in 2017 and they have been inseparable. Kiana has her own social media following as an instagram model. We wish Deestroying and Kiana continued success and much love and happiness! Check out Deestroying at

40. Barry Jenkins and Lulu Wang
Barry Jenkins and Lulu Wang

Barry Jenkins, African American, and Lulu Wang, Chinese American, are one of today’s Hollywood power couples! Barry is an award winning film director, producer, and screenwriter and is probably best known as the director and screenwriter of the 2016 Academy Award winning film, Moonlight, and the director, producer, and screenwriter of the 2018 film, If Beale Street Could Talk. Barry also directed the 5th episode of the Netflix series, Dear White People. Lulu was born in Beijing and moved to Miami, Florida at the age of six. She is fluent in both Manderin and English. Lulu’s directed and wrote her first feature length movie in 2014, Posthumuos, and she also wrote and directed the critically acclaimed 2019 movie, The Farewell which did very well on the Asian Film Festival circuit and was released to general theators in July of 2019. Barry and Lulu started dated quietly in 2018 and first started doing red carpets together in early 2019. We wish Barry and Lulu continued success and incredible happiness!

41. Tommy Taylor Jr. and Dr. Celine Thum
Tommy Taylor Jr. and Dr. Celine Thum

Congratulations to Dr. Celine Thum, Malaysian Chinese, who just met her fiance, Tommy Taylor Jr., African American, on the television show, The Proposal! Dr. Celine Thum is a very accomplished professional and is an attending physician in emergency medicine, a ringside physician for boxing events, a nationally ranked badminton player, and a professional concert violinist. On The Proposal, Celine was presented with 10 accomplished men selected by a panel of blue-chip matchmakers. Celine and her father ultimately narrowed the 10 men down to 2 men who both presented marriage proposals to Celine. After consideration, Celine chose to accept the marriage proposal of Tommy Taylor Jr, who is a computer engineer, an actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer, and founder of his own award-winning media production company. We wish Tommy and Celine a lifetime of joy and happiness in their life together! Many blessings!

42. Malik Beasley and Montana Yao
Malik Beasley and Montana Yao

Malik Beasley, African American is a professional NBA player with the Denver Nuggets. Malik played one season of college basketball with Florida State before being drafted #19 in the 2016 NBA draft. Malik is also the grandson of the actor, John Beasley. Since 2018, Malik has been dating Montana Yao, Chinese / White, who is a model/actress and former beauty pageant winner from Los Angeles. Malik and Montana have one child together and we wish them continued love and happiness! Many blessings!

43. Jeezy and Jeannie Mai

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai
Credit: Will Cotton

Jeezy AKA Jay Wayne Jenkins, African American rapper, and Jeannie Mai, Vietnamese / Chinese television host are stepping out together! They were first seen out together in January 2019 and they were engaged to be married in March 2020! We wish them continued success and much love and happiness!

44. Andrew Ballen and Si Yao
Andrew and Si Yao Celebrity Chinese and Black Couples

Never let anyone tell you that Black men can not be successful in Asia or in China in particular. Andrew Ballen, AKA Da Long (大龙), AKA Big Dragon is a Jamaican Belizean American who is a China media and advertising expert, and the Founder and CEO of AVD Digital Media based in Shanghai, China. Andrew has lived in China since 2001, and his story is amazing! Indeed Andrew has used his entrepreneurial and social smarts to live his version of the American dream in China. His many accomplishments in China include:

  1. Becoming fluent in the Chinese language within 1 year
  2. Bringing hip-hop music and culture to China’s club scene as featured in the documentary, No Sleep Til Shanghai. Andrew has been called the Russell Simmons of China.
  3. Being the first American to ever host a Chinese television show called Getaway, which was China’s nationally aired bi-lingual travel adventure series
  4. Creating a successful Chinese media / advertising company, BallenWest Events Media, which helped global brands reach a vibrant Chinese market
  5. Hosting several nationally aired radio shows in China
  6. Becoming the advertising voice-over artist for several global brands in China with his distinctive silky smooth, gravelly bass voice
  7. Creating and producing his own Chinese singing reality television show called REMIX Music Season.
  8. Pioneering the interactive video space in China as Founder & CEO of AVD Digital Media
  9. Being named to China’s prestigious Digital A-List which recognizes China’s top digital entrepreneurs including the likes of Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, one of the richest men in China.

We cover more of Andrew’s Chinese television shows at this link and we wish Andrew and Si Yao much love and happiness forever!

Listings for other celebrity Asian and Black couples are published separately and can be found at these links:

Also see more non-celebrity Chinese and Black couples here and see notable Chinese and Black Blasians here.

Many blessings to everyone!



    • well, it isn’t. The safety of the current New England Patriots, Patrick Chung, has paternal ancestor from Chinese, and maternal ancestor is Jamaican. A Chinese male Volleyballer Ding Hui who is a member of Chinese volleyball national squad that advanced to quarterfinal in Olympic, is also Chinese Dad and African descent Mom. The wife of Lennox Lewis, Violet Chang Lewis, is also a daughter of Chinese father and Jamaican mother. The 1st Ace Pilot of the US Air Force, Arthur Chen, had Chinese Father and white and black mixed Mother. Sons of Chinese Father and African Descent Mother are more successful in sports and military.

  1. Deestroying (Afro Costa Rican Canadian Youtube star), real name Donald De La Haye and his long time gf Kiana Wudte (Chinese American and Caucasian).


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