Celebrity Filipino and Black Couples

Updated November 24, 2019


This list will include all known celebrity Filipino and Black couples, past and present, even minor celebrities, and will include both full and partial Filipino and Black couples. In the US, there are more Filipino and Black married couples than any other Asian and Black marriage combination. The 2010 census showed that 48% of all Asian and Black marriages were with Filipino and Black couples. Based on the celebrity couples shown here, the Filipino and Black couples breakup rate is ~38% which is lower than the US divorce rate of ~60%, but one of the higher Asian / Black breakup rates (along with Chinese / Black). Please let us know of other Filipino and Black celebrity couples that should be on this list or known changes to the couples below and we will update the list. Listings for other celebrity Asian and Black couples are published separately and can be found at the end of this listing.


Celebrity Filipino and Black Couples Listing

1.  Thurgood Marshall and Cecilia Suyat Marshall
thurgood marshall family

One of the earliest prominent Filipino and Black couples was Thurgood Marshall, the first African American Supreme Court Justice of the US. He was married to his second wife, Cecilia Suyat Marshall, Filipino-American, from 1955 to his death in 1993 and they had 2 sons together. See more here from a prior post, Historical View of Asian and Black Couples.

2. Reginald Lewis and Loida Nicolas-Lewis
Reginal Lewis and Loida Nicolas Lewis

Reginald Lewis, African American, and his wife, Loida Nicolas-Lewis, who is Filipino. Reginald was the first African American to build a billion dollar company, Beatrice Foods, and he was the richest African American in the US in the 1980s. He was named as one of the Forbes 400 Richest Americans in 1992. Unfortunately, he passed away at the age of 50 from brain cancer. His wife, Loida, took over as CEO of his billion dollar company after his death and she successfully ran the company for six years before selling it. They had two daughters and the family lived in both the US and in France. See more here from a prior post, Historical View of Asian and Black Couples.

3. Rey Kagahastian and Elizabeth Ramsey
elizabeth ramsey rey

Elizabeth Ramsey, mixed Jamaican and Filipina, is a legendary Filipino stand-up comedienne, singer and actress who is known for her trademark Visayan-accented dialogues which she performs in English or Tagalog. She is regarded as the country’s “Queen of Rock and Roll” and “Original Queen of Comedy”. She is one of the very few people of color to ever be shown in Filipino movies and television shows blazing the trail for people of color on the big screen and small screen in the Philippines since 1958. She starred with Fernando Poe, Jr., Filipino, in the 1959 Filipino fantasy movie, Prinsesa Naranja, the earliest known movie to feature a Black and Asian couple – see more at Asian and Black Couples in the Movies. After the passing of her first Jamaican husband,  Elizabeth met Rey Kagahastian, Filipino, and they were together for several years. They had one daughter together, Filipino recording artist star, Jaya in 1969, before separating in 1972.

4. Norman Black and Benjie Davila
norman black benjie davila

Norman Augustus Black is an African American retired professional basketball player who played in the CBA, NBA, and PBA. He is the current head coach for the Meralco Bolts in the Philippines. Following his collegiate basketball days at St. Joe’s University, Norman played in the Continental Basketball Association (CBA) for a short stint before joining the NBA Detroit Pistons in 1980-81 season. While playing in the Piston’s summer league, he received an offer to play in the Philippines Basketball Association with guaranteed money, something he did not have with the Pistons. He accepted the offer and played with 3 different PBA teams before being offered a PBA coaching position. During his playing career, his nickname was “Mr. 100%”. In the 1985 season,  while playing for the Magnolia Quench Plus, he averaged 43.5 points per game and scored his career high 76 points in one game. Norm has coached for 8 different PBA teams over the last 30 years. Norm is married to Benjie Davila, a former singer with a popular Filipino band, and they have one child together.

5. Ron Sims and Cayan Topacio Sims
ron sims

Ron Sims, African American, is the former Deputy Secretary of the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and the former King County Executive in the state of Washington. He is married to Cayan Topacio Sims, Filipino, and they have 3 kids together.

6. Howard Hewett and Nia Peeples
peeples hewitt

Howard Hewett is an African American R&B and gospel singer, and the former lead vocalist of the R&B group Shalamar. He was married from 1989 to 1993 to Nia Peeples, a biracial Filipino & white R&B singer, actress, and television personality. They have one son together.

7. Karl Malone and Kay Kinsey Malone
karl malone

Karl Malone, is a retired African American professional basketball player who played in the NBA for 18 seasons. He is a 14 year NBA All Star and scored the second highest career points of all NBA players. Karl is married to Kay Kinsey Malone, biracial Filipino and white, since 1990 and they have 4 children together. While many believe that there would be many Filipino and Black couples in the NBA, that has not really been the case.

8. Roy Fegan and Cion Fegan
roy cion fegan1

Roy Fegan is an African American actor, writer, producer, director, and is currently the President of 3inaRo Entertainment. He is best known for his role as Bird in the classic movie The Five Heartbeats. His acting credits include the television series The Shield, Will & Grace, The Jamie Foxx Show, Matlock, Touched by an Angel, Martin, Married… with Children, and Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, as well as the movies House Arrest, The Meteor Man, and Hollywood Shuffle. In 1994, Roy married Cion Fegan, Filipino, and they have 2 children together. Their son, Roshon Fegan, is a multi-talented singer, actor, and dancer who has appeared in several Disney Channel shows.

9. Yaphet Kotto and Tessie Sinahon Kotto

Yaphet Kotto, a Cameroonian American actor known for numerous film and television roles as well as starring in the television series “Homicide: Life on the Street”. He is currently married to Tessie Sinahon Kotto, Filipino, since 1998.

10. Sam Cacas and Doris Love
Sam Cacas and Dora Love

Sam Cacas, Filipino American, and Doris Love, African American, have been happily married since 2000. They are one of the most admired and respected couples in the AMBW community. Both Sam and Doris are accomplished authors and bloggers with Sam being best known for his novel, BlAsian Exchanges, and Doris being best known for her novel, Evolution of A Black Woman. Both have also written for various magazines and journals, managed blog sites and Doris also maintains a YouTube site, dlwriter.

11. Blakdyak and Twinkle Estanislao
blaydyak twinkle

Joseph “Joey” Formoran Amoto, mixed Bajan (Barbados) and Filipino, better known as Blakdyak is a Filipino singer, comedian, and actor. As a recording artist, Blakdyak is known for a wide range of styles including reggae, ska, dub, hip hop, and rapping. He is best known for his song, Modelong Charing. As an actor, he is one of the very few people of color to ever have appeared in Filipino movies and television shows and is best known for his roles in Asin at paminta, Gangland, and S2pid Luv, where he played a Black and Asian couple with Maui Taylor, Filipina – see Asian and Black Couples in the Movies for more info. After going through issues with drugs, alcohol, gambling, and a failed marriage, Blakdyak met Twinkle Estanislao, Filipina, in 2000, and she helped him turn his life around. They have since married and now have four kids together. Twinkle also served as his manager for a period. Unfortunately, Blakdyak died at his home in November, 2016. Our condolences to his family.

12. Ronde Barber and Claudia Patron Barber

Ronde Barber, African American, is a former NFL player who played 16 years with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. His wife, Claudia Patron Barber, is a former marketing and event planner who is Filipino-American. They have been married since 2001 and have 2 kids together.

13. Dave Chappelle and Elaine Mendoza Erfe Chappelle

dave chappelle family

Dave Chappelle is an African American comedian, screenwriter, television and film producer, and actor. He is well known for his comedy television show, “Chappelle’s Show”. His wife, Elaine Mendoza Erfe Chappelle is a housewife and is Filipino. They have been married since 2001 and have 3 kids together. Despite living a fairly quiet lifestyle, Dave and Elaine are one of the best known Filipino and Black couples.

14. Eddie Griffin and Rochelle Lyn
eddie griffin

Eddie Griffin is an African American comedian and actor best known for his roles in the TV sitcom “Malcolm and Eddie” and the funny comedy movie “Undercover Brother”. Eddie was married to the second of his three wives, Rochelle Lyn, Filipina, from 2002 to 2010, and they have 2 children together.

15. Alex Bannister and Joy Bannister
Alex Bannister and his wife Joy Bannister

Alex Bannister, African American/Irish, is a former NFL wide receiver who played with the Seattle Seahawks from 2001 to 2005 and played with the Baltimore Ravens in 2006. In 2003, he was selected as an All-Pro and participated in the Pro-Bowl. After football, Alex and his wife, Joy Bannister, Filipina operated Lex Bannister Fitness which focused on high intensity Sweat Camps, their own brand of fitness boot camps. Alex and Joy first met on a blind date in 2002 and they had a special connection from the very beginning. They married in 2009 and today have 2 kids together. We wish Alex and Joy eternal love and everlasting blessings!

16. Ryan Coogler and Zinzi Evans

Ryan Coogler, African American director of the groundbreaking movie Black Panther, and his wife, Zinzi Evans, African American/Filipina, have been together since high school and were married in 2016. Ryan’s first feature film in 2013, Fruitvale Station, won the top audience and grand jury awards at the iconic Sundance Movie Festival. He also co-wrote and directed Creed, one of the Rocky sequels. Zinzi is a sign language interpreter and was also a director on the 2009 short film Locks, which was written by Ryan. We wish Ryan and Zinzi continued success and much love and happiness forever!

17. Gary Gotidoc and Jaya
jaya gary

María Luisa Ramsey better known by her stage name, Jaya, is a Filipino soul music singer, rapper, dancer, record producer, presenter, and actress of mixed Filipino and Jamaican heritage. Her mother is Elizabeth Ramsey (pictured above), a Filipino comedienne and singer of Jamaican and Filipino descent. Jaya has been married to her second husband, Gary Gotidoc, Filipino since 2005, and they have 2 kids together.

18. Luke Mejares and Inger Cuenco
luke mejares wife

Luke Mejares, biracial Filipino and African American, is a Filipino singer and songwriter. He is the former lead singer of the Filipino group, South Border. He is married to Inger Cuenco, Filipina, and they have 2 children together.

19. Trent Shelton and Maria Castro Shelton
Trent Shelton and Maria Castro Shelton

Trent Shelton is an African American motivational speaker and a former NFL wide receiver. Trent is the founder and president of the Christian-based non-profit organization, RehabTime, and he claims to reach over 50 million people weekly through his Youtube and various social media platforms. Trent and Maria have been together for over 10 years and are married for over 3 years with two beautiful children. We wish them continued success and love. Learn more about Trent at his website.

20. Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent
terrence howard michelle ghent

Terrence Howard is an African American actor and singer who was nominated for an Academy award for his role in the move “Hustle and Flow”. He is currently starring in the hit TV show “Empire”. Terrence is multi-generational African American and European American biracial – both his parents are African American and European American biracial. He was married to Michelle Ghent, biracial Filipino and white, from 2010 to 2013 and they had a nasty divorce, but no kids together. He was also briefly married to Mira Cristine Pak, a Korean Canadian, and dated May Seng Yang, Chinese American, for many years.

21. Jonah Jo-e Sithole and Erida Nastiti Sithole
jonah and nas

Jonah Jo-e Sithole, AKA Jonah 4 Lyfe, Zimbabwean, is an award winning singer and songwriter who produces a diverse range of music with a real love for R&B music. Jonah released his third album called The Real Me in 2014 with his hit single, Scandal.  In 2006, Jonah won the Zimbabwean televised talent show, CBZ A-Acadamy, and in 2009, he won a MTV World Stage event in Malaysia. He first met his wife, Erida Nastiti Sithole, Indonesian and Filipino, in 2010 and they were married in Indonesia in 2014. They have 3 children together including twins, and they are expecting their fourth child in 2016.

22. Master P and Lenna Miller (not pictured)

Percy Miller, better known as Master P is an African American rapper, actor, entrepreneur, film maker, author and philanthropist. While he was married, he allegedly had a long term affair with Lenna Miller who is Filipino. Supposedly Lenna has stayed out of the limelight at Master P’s request and lives a very comfortable life funded by Master P. There is very little about her on the web. Master P and Lenna had one daughter together, Cymphonique (shown in the picture above) who is an actress and singer. Her half brother Romeo (also shown in the picture above), is also a singer and actor, but has an African American mother.

23. Ron Artest and Jennifer Palma
metta-world-peace-ex-gf jennifer palma

Ron Artest, who changed his name legally to Metta World Peace is an African American professional basketball player. Artest was on the championship Lakers team, and is an one time NBA All Star. He most recently played in the Chinese Basketball League. He dated his high school sweetheart for 6 years, Jennifer Palma, who is Filipino and they have one son together who is a talented middle school basketball player. Ron is currently dating a mixed Chinese and Korean woman.

24. Brian McKnight and Annalisa Mungcal
10th Annual Harold Pump Foundation Gala

Brian McKnight is a mega-star African American singer-songwriter, arranger, producer and soul musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays eight different instruments and he has been nominated for 16 different Grammy Awards. On Valentines day in 2010, he romantically proposed onstage during one of his live concerts to his 10+ year girlfriend, Annalisa Mungcal who is Filipino. Unfortunately, the supposedly 10+ year dating time frame overlaps with Brian’s marriage to his wife who he divorced in 2003, and many people close to the situation blame Annalisa for breaking up the marriage. Then after moving his new fiance and her two kids from another man into his house, the wedding never happened and ultimately Annalisa and the kids leave the house. Annalisa allegedly still dated him even after all of the ups and downs. Years later, Brian would go on to later marry a different Filipino/Hawaiian lady -see below.

25. Diddy and Cassie
The Perfect Match Premiere - Arrivals

Sean John Combs, also known by his stage names, Puff Daddy, Diddy, and P. Diddy, is an African American rapper, record producer, actor, and entrepreneur. He has won 3 Grammys, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, and he founded Bad Boy Records. Since 2007, he has been on and off dating Cassie, Filipino and African American/Mexican/West Indian, who is a well known American recording artist, dancer, actress and model.

26. Miguel Trinidad and Nicole Ponseca
Miguel Trinidad and Nicole Ponseca

Nicole Ponseca, Filipina, and her fiance, Miguel Trinidad, Dominican, are the Filipino restaurant pioneers in NYC where they jointly own two top Filipino restaurants, Maharlika and Jeepney, both located in the East Village. Nicole is a former advertising executive, but after moving to NYC in 1998, her dream was to create a Filipino restaurant she could be proud to take her clients to in order to share authentic Filipino food. After hearing no to her dreams for many years, in 2007, Nicole met Miguel and they started Maharlika. Within weeks they were booked nonstop. Miguel is the executive chef at both restaurants and he spent several months in the Philippines learning Filipino cooking inside out. Miguel has also partnered with the edibles company 99th Floor to create a curated fine dining experience where every element of every 5-course dinner is infused with cannabis. Black Enterprise magazine named Miguel as one of the top Black entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry in 2018. We wish Nicole and Miguel continued success and everlasting love!

27. Lewis Hamilton and Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole Scherzinger is a popular singer and television personality. She is Filipino / Hawaiian / Ukrainian. Lewis Hamilton is a top British Formula One race car driver and he is Afro-Grenadian / English. They have been dating on and off since 2008 and engaged in 2014. Unfortunately they broke off the engagement in early 2015 and started dating other people.

28. DeRay Davis and Daphne Joy

Antwan DeRay Davis, better known as DeRay Davis, is an African American stand up comedian and actor. DeRay has played in several movies such as Barbershop, Jumping the Broom, 21 Jump Street, and G.I. Joe. Several sources say that for several years DeRay dated and was engaged to Daphne Joy, a Filipino and Puerto Rican model, music video vixen, and actress before she later started dating 50 Cent.

29. 50 Cent and Daphne Joy

Curtis James Jackson III, better known by his stage name 50 Cent, is an African American megastar rapper, entrepreneur, investor, and actor. 50 Cent’s on and off again girlfriend since 2011 is Daphne Joy, who is Filipino and Puerto Rican and they have one child together.

30. Harry Thomas and Mithi Aquino Thomas
Harry Thomas and Mithi Aquino Thomas

Harry Thomas, AfrAm, is the former US Ambassador to Bangladesh from 2007 to 2009, and the former US Ambassador to the Philippines from 2010 to 2013. Harry met his wife, Mithi Aquino, a former cruise line training leader during his time in the Philippines and they married in 2014, almost exactly 3 years after they first met. Harry and Mithi moved to Zimbabwe briefly when Harry became the US Ambassador to Zimbabwe from 2016 to 2018, but now Harry is looking forward to retiring from the US Foreign Service and enjoying life with Mithi in the US. We wish them a lifetime of love, happiness, and many blessings!

31. Ranier Maningding and Livi Williford
Ranier and Livi

From the blogging world, Ranier Maningding, Filipino, the author of The Love Life Of An Asian Guy is one of the deepest and most intelligent guys on the web. Ranier has been in a relationship with his girlfriend, Livi, biracial Black and White, since 2011. Ranier is one of the leading Asian man advocates of AMBW relationships, but he also writes about AMXW (Asian men, non-Asian women) in general, issues affecting all minorities, politics, and pop-culture. He frequently presents a very progressive, sometimes controversial, perspective on interracial relationships and social issues. Ranier and Livi plan on getting married and having kids after Livi completes her studies. They are a beautiful couple together. Check out Ranier on his Facebook page and on The Love Life Of An Asian Guy website.

32. Donald Glover and SoSuperSam
donald glover samantha duenas1

Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino, African American, is a multi-talented rapper, actor, writer, voice actor, comedian, singer, songwriter, and record producer. Donald was a writer for 30 Rock, played Troy Barnes on the popular sitcom, Community, has played in several movies including Magic Mike XXL, has produced several albums, and was nominated for 2 Grammy Awards in 2014. From about late 2011 to early 2013, he dated his long time friend, DJ SoSuperSam, AKA Samantha Duenas, Filipino American. SoSuperSam is also multi-talented as an international DJ, dancer, vocalist, performing artist, and style ambassador, although she is best known as a DJ. Donald is very open about his interest in Asian women and after dating SoSuperSam he was frequently linked to Jhene Aiko, however both of them have said they are only friends.

33. Jerry LaVigne and Danielle “Dee” Hutchinson
lavigne life

From the YouTube world, Jerry, Afro Creole, and Dee, AKA Danielle, Filipino, Chinese, and White, run a very popular Youtube channel “The LaVigne Life” currently with about 300,000 subscribers. They have been dating since 2012 and currently have two kids together with a third child on the way. They are not married yet, but Dee uses MrsDLaVigne in her social media, and they have hinted at marriage possibly in 2016. They have appeared in commercials together and Jerry also paints portraits. You can check them out on their YT channel here.

34. Cedric Thompson and Charlotte Annabelle Paguyo Thompson
Cedric Thompson and Charlotte Thompson

Cedric Thompson, African American NFL safety and his wife, Charlotte Annabelle Paguyo Thompson, Filipino and White, jointly run the YouTube channel, asCEDbyme with 7.5 million views and 120,000 subscribers after 1 year of existence. Their photography on the channel is outstanding and the two of them offer a no holds barred view into the daily lifestyle of a young professional football couple. In fact, Cedric who has been associated with 4 different football teams since being drafted in 2015 decided to start the YouTube channel after being released from the New England Patriots as a way to diversify his career. Cedric and Charlotte were college sweethearts and met in 2012. They have been married since 2016 and have one daughter together. We wish them a lifetime of joy and blessings!

35. Doug Baldwin and Jennilyn DeJesus

Doug Baldwin, 3/4 African American and 1/4 Filipino, is a wide receiver with the NFL Seattle Seahawks. He scored touchdowns in both of the last 2 Seahawks Superbowl games. He also maintains a popular Youtube sports channel where he interviews many different sports figures. From 2012 to 2015, he dated Jennilyn DeJesus, 1/2 Filipino, 1/4 Chinese, and 1/4 African American, who formerly played on the San Diego Seduction Lingerie Football League team. Both are now dating new people.

36. Ray J and Princess Love
Ray J and Princess Love

Ray J, AKA William Raymond Norwood Jr., AfrAm bad boy rapper and entrepreneur, is married to Princess Love, Filipina & AfrAm, cosmetics line owner and former model / dancer. They started dating in 2013 and much of their relationship was chronicled on the television show, Love and Hip Hop Hollywood. After many ups and downs, they married in 2016. They had their first child in 2018 and Princess is currently pregnant with their second child in 2019. While Ray J and Princess are still having their ups and downs, we wish them all the best for their continued success and beautiful family! Many blessings!

37. Byron Scott and Cecilia Gutierrez
Byron Scott and Cecilia Gutierrez

Byron Scott, African American, is the former recent coach of the NBA Los Angeles Lakers and a former NBA star. As a player, Byron spent 14 years in the NBA and played for the LA Lakers for 11 of those years. Byron helped the Lakers win 3 NBA championships as a player. After ending his 29 year marriage to his former wife, Byron started dating Cecilia Gutierrez, Filipino American, in 2014. Cecilia is a nursing director for an outpatient health / medical center and has been a registered nurse for over 17 years. They announced their engagement in 2018 and we wish them many blessings!

38. Brian McKnight and Leilani Mendoza
brian mcknight leilani1

Brian McKnight is a mega-star African American singer-songwriter, arranger, producer and soul musician. He is a multi-instrumentalist who plays eight different instruments and he has been nominated for 16 different Grammy Awards. Since 2014, he has been dating Leilani Mendoza, AKA Leilani Malia, who is Filipina and Hawaiian. Leilani is smart and beautiful and she helps to save lives as a pediatric neurology specialist. Brian says, “She is perfection personified, she makes every day worth looking forward to”. She seems like a real doll and we would urge Brian to take his own advice and “start back at one” if he ever thinks his work is done! Brian and Leilani announced their engagement in May 2017, and they married on New Year’s eve, December 2017. Congrats to the beautiful couple!

39. King Bach and Liane V
King Bach and Liane V.

From the social media world, King Bach, AKA Andrew Bachelor, Jamaican Canadian is an American actor, comedian, and Internet personality who is known for being the most followed person on Vine with over 16 million followers. From early 2014 to early 2015, he dated Liane V, AKA Liane Valenzuela, Filipina, another Vine star with over 4 million followers who has expanded her talents into singing, dancing, writing, modeling, acting, beauty pageants, and hosting. Liane V was heavily rumored to have previously dated DeStorm, another social media star, however she has denied the rumors. Check out King Bach at //www.andrewbachelor.com/ and check out Liane V at //www.youtube.com/user/LianeVmusic

40. Don Benjamin and Liane V
Don Benjamin and Liane V.

Don Benjamin, 1/2 African American, 1/4 Native American and 1/4 Irish, is a model, rapper, and social media personality. Don first gained notoriety after being a finalist on the 2013 season of America’s Next Top Model, but he has been in the music scene since 2005. Liane V, AKA Liane Valenzuela, Filipina, is a Vine star with over 4 million followers who has expanded her talents into singing, dancing, writing, modeling, acting, beauty pageants, and hosting. Don and Liane started dating in early 2015 and they engaged for marriage in 2019. Check out Don at //www.iamdonbenjamin.com/ and check out Liane V at //www.youtube.com/user/LianeVmusic

41. Doug Baldwin and Tara K. Sabourin

Doug Baldwin, 3/4 African American and 1/4 Filipino, is a wide receiver with the NFL Seattle Seahawks. He scored touchdowns in both of the last 2 Seahawks Superbowl games. He also maintains a popular Youtube sports channel where he interviews many different sports figures. Doug’s new wife is Tara, Filipina, and he first publicly acknowledged her in his social media in April 2015. Since then, their limited photos have shown even deeper expressions of love. Doug and Tara were engaged in March of 2016 and reportedly were married privately in July 2017. We wish them all the best in their life together!

42. Jason Derulo and Daphne Joy
jason derulo daphne joy

Jason Joel Desrouleaux, AKA Jason Derulo, Haitian American, is a popular singer, songwriter and dancer. Since the start of his career as a solo recording artist in 2009, Derulo has sold over 50 million singles and has achieved eleven career platinum singles, including “Wiggle”, “Talk Dirty”, “In My Head”, and “Whatcha Say”. Jason has also been a judge on the dance reality contest, “So You Think You Can Dance”. In 2015, Jason started dating Daphne Joy, Filipina and Puerto Rican, a model, music video vixen, and actress, who is also well known for previously dating 50 cents and being the mother of his son. They were a great looking couple together, but unfortunately they broke up in 2016.

43. Papi Sarr and Sheryl Sanchez Reyes
Sheryl Sanchez Reyes and Papi Sarr

Sheryl Sanchez Reyes, Filipina, was Asia’s #1 basketball sports agent. She represented and negotiated deals for some of the top import basketball players to ever play in Asia including Justin Brownlee, Lamar Odom, Renaldo Balkman, and Kenyon Martin. She also had connections to star basketball players around the world including Stephon Marbury who she brought to the Philippines many times. Since 2015, Sheryl was dating Sileye “Papi” Sarr, Cameroonian, who is currently a star basketball player on the Adamson University basketball team in the Philippines.  In 2017, Sheryl accepted Papi’s proposal to marry him, although they did not set a wedding date. Unfortunately, Sheryl passed away in May of 2019 at the age of 39 after a long fight with uterine cancer.

44. Matte Babel and Shay Mitchell
Matte Babel and Shay Mitchell

Matte Babel, Afro-Canadian television personality from Entertainment Tonight Canada, and Shay Mitchell, Canadian and Filipino actress from Pretty Little Liars have been dating quietly since late 2016. Matte and Shay both hail from Toronto, Canada, but first met through mutual friends in Los Angeles. Shay has several movie projects in the works and we should be seeing a lot more of her soon. We wish Matte and Shay much love and happiness forever!

45. Ansel Styles Jr. and Anne Styles
Ansel Styles Jr. and Anne Styles

Ansel Styles Jr. , African American is one of the first and only Black race track announcers in the sport of greyhound racing. Starting in the early 1990s, Ansel was the first and only Black race track announcer at the Phoenix Greyhound Park and Apache Greyhound Park in Arizona. Ansel brought his own unique style to his race track announcing and many greyhound racing enthusiasts say that Ansel is their favorite announcer ever. Indeed, announcing is just one of the many positions he has held in greyhound racing and others include handicapper, pre-race analyst, video operator, in-house promotions director, betting seminar host, co-host of the radio show Post Time, and editor, producer and host of Stretch Drive, a racetrack in-house television show. Additionally, Ansel is the only Black man to ever have a major greyhound race named after him. Since 2017, Ansel has been happily married to Mary Anne Styles, Filipina. We wish Ansel and Anne a lifetime of joy and happiness!

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  1. kudos7777,
    You are entitled to your opinions, however in our experience, Filipinos are some of the warmest and most genuine women we know. Yes, the Philippines is a poor country, so you can meet the occasional gold digger, but that is true with any country. Look at the US which is a so called rich country, and you will find plenty of gold diggers there as well. Filipinos are known for their hospitality, their generosity and kindness (even when they don’t have much), and their strong family ties. Also more so than any other group of Asian women, they are the most likely to date and marry Black men which is further proof to us that Filipinas tend to look for love with a good man first, not all of the superficial stuff. Thanks for visiting ABC!

  2. Hi Chanel,

    Thank you for your comments. We are not sure why you have so much frustration with the couples depicted here, but it’s all love here! This particular list of Asian and Black couples shows both current and past couples and we indicate the dates when couples were together or broken up when we know them. Other lists and articles on ABC only show current couples and we remove couples on those pages once we find out they have broken up. If you have some information on any of the couples that you would like to share, we are happy to confirm your input and add it to the descriptions on any of the couples. We regularly update this page as we learn new information on any of the couples.

    At ABC, we present facts and we celebrate love! We do not draw judgments on any of the couples presented here because in the end, all that matters is love, whether it is for a short period or long period – it’s all good.

    We wish you much love and happiness in your life and thank you for visiting ABC!

  3. Many Philippians women are often exploited it is sad. They do come from poverty ridden countries and prostitution is the way to freedom. Many of them marry military men often both Black and White men are sought after and they bring them home and mistreat them. A lot of them come as nurses and try to make a life for themselves and family. I have cousins who are half Black and Philippians the suffered their share of hatred and jealousy from sistas mostly. I can understand sistas pain though but trust me it’s not always easy for these women.

    • Unfortunately that’s just the way of the world, it happens in every culture, every country and everyone experiences it in some way shape or form…so stop the it’s always the sistas (dog whistle for black women) stop already

    • Women marry soldiers cause they think they are manly. Like marrying a superman, no other reasons. Each experience is different from another. All country no matter what race has domestic violence. Jist depends on luck of everybody.

  4. @kudos7777, I forgive you for calling us Filipino gold diggers, insecure, and poverty mentality. I’ve been here in the USA for 40 years, been working hard all my life, 8 grandchildren from different ethnicity, and I am proud to say that they’re beautiful and handsome grandkids. I am one proud Filipina who’s love by many, black and white people. I will pray for you.

    Learn how to live your life and not worry about others. In the end, you will enjoy your journey, called life. Have a wonderful day!!

  5. Wow. Soo much hatred in the world, for nothing. my wife Filipino and I’m black. If you think Filipino women are home wreckers maybe your home is made of glass.


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