Cities Most Accepting of Interracial Couples

The topic of cities most accepting of interracial couples has been debated for many years. Interracial couples who have mobility are constantly asking, where can we relocate our interracial family and have the fewest issues as an interracial couple, where will our kids have the fewest issues as a biracial kid, and where can we find other interracial couples for friendship and fellowship. The reality is that this is just a very difficult question to answer as every interracial couple and every situation is unique.

To help us answer this difficult question, we used international crowdsourcing with 2,000 people participating worldwide! Crowdsourcing does an excellent job of sorting through all the complexities. While crowdsourcing is not perfect and you don’t always know why a city is ranked higher or lower when using crowdsourcing, you do get a very clear view of cities that are accepting of interracial couples and cities that are not accepting . Crowdsourcing represents the wisdom of crowds and there is a whole science behind it.

Top 15 Cities Most Accepting of Interracial Couples

With that background, we would like to present our crowdsourced view of the cities most accepting of interracial couples below. Our international crowdsourcing survey covered all interracial couples, not just Asian and Black couples.

Top 15 Cities Most Accepting of Interracial Couples – Source: ABC Crowdsourcing
1Vancouver, BC, Canada86%
2Toronto, ONT, Canada84%
3Honolulu, HI83%
4Los Angeles, CA80%
5New York City, NY79%
6Las Vegas, NV78%
7San Diego, CA78%
8London, UK77%
9San Francisco, CA77%
10Columbia, MD77%
11Minneapolis, MN76%
12Seattle, WA75%
13Washington, DC75%
14Denver, CO74%
15Oakland, CA72%

The cities are ranked by percent of our respondants who indicated that the city was accepting of interracial couples, and there is a margin of error in our survey of 2%. Also while these 15 cities were the clear standouts in our crowdsourcing survey, we also have 5 honorable mention cities that are trending in the right direction, but did not receive enough responses to make our top 15 list.

Honorable Mention Cities

  1. São Paulo, Brazil
  2. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  3. Amsterdam, Netherlands
  4. Singapore, Singapore
  5. San Jose, CA, USA

We hope you find this list helpful. Again, this article covers all interracial couples of any mixture. For Asian and Black couples, you may also be interested in our articles of Top Cities For BMAW Couples and Top Cities for AMBW Couples or our Crowdsourced View of the Best Worldwide Cities For Black and Asian Dating.

As always, happy to view your comments below any time. Many blessings to all interracial couples!



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