The topic of cities most accepting of interracial couples has been debated for many years now. Interracial couples who have mobility are constantly asking, where can we relocate our interracial family and have the fewest issues as an interracial couple, where will our kids have the fewest issues as a biracial kid, and where can we find other interracial couples for friendship and fellowship. Over the years, I have seen many lists of the best cities for interracial couples, but with a few exceptions, the cities on these various lists seem to regularly change. The likely reason for the constant changing of the perceived best cities for interracial couples is that this is a very difficult question. What’s best for one couple may not be best for another couple, neighborhoods within the best cities are not all the same, ages of the couple can make a big difference, and the surrounding accepting neighbors are regularly changing as well. It’s just a very difficult question to answer as every couple and every situation is unique.

With these kind of difficult questions, I often find that crowdsourcing seems to do a decent job of sorting through all the complexities to give answers that start to make sense. Crowdsourcing is not perfect, and you don’t always know why a city is ranked higher or lower when using crowdsourcing, but you do start to see cities that work for a large number of interracial couples and cities that do not work for many interracial couples. Crowdsourcing represents the wisdom of crowds and there is a whole science behind it – all in all, it’s a pretty good tool when used correctly.

With that background, I would like to present a crowdsourced view of the cities most accepting of interracial couples below. Better yet, this is a dynamic list and you can add your own thumbs up or thumbs down by clicking on any city on the list below where you have insight. You should only vote thumbs up and thumbs down below on cities where you have real insight, as opposed to speculating about cities you do not know well. Also if you don’t see a city that you believe should be on the list, there is a button at the bottom of the list where you can add new cities to the list. As long as the suggested city is not a duplicate of a city already on the list, others will then be able to give their thoughts on the new city as well.

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One interesting fact about this list is that every city that I have ever seen on a prior best cities for interracial couples is on this list with some not performing well from a crowdsourced view like Madison, WI, and other cities have been added by viewers of the list that have never been on a best cities for interracial couples list to my knowledge, like Honolulu, but are doing quite well here. Some of the results above may surprise you with some cities that may rank much better than you expected and other cities which may rank worse than you expected. If so, I invite you to add comments below so that we can all better understand everyone’s perspectives.

Finally, regular readers of this blog may ask what’s the difference between the crowdsourced list above of cities most accepting of interracial couples and the Top 15 Best US Cities for Black And Asian Dating or the Crowdsourced View of the Best Worldwide Cities For Black and Asian Dating which were both previously published on this blog. Two big differences – a) the crowdsourced list of cities most accepting of interracial couples is focused on all interracial couples, not just Black and Asian couples, and b) the two previously published Black and Asian Dating lists are focused primarily on cities with the best opportunities for Blacks and Asians to meet and date, whereas the cities most accepting of interracial couples is more focused on cities where interracial couples will be most comfortable settling down and living for the long term. Sometimes the best city to meet and date is also the best city to settle down and live over the long term, but sometimes that is not the case. Also sometimes you may meet your spouse or significant other in one city, but career or family decisions may cause you to have to relocate to a different city for the long term.

As always, happy to view your comments below any time. Good luck to all of our interracial couples.



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