We recently had the pleasure of conversing with Naoko Matsumoto, Founder & CEO of MeetJapanLady.com, one of the leading Japanese matchmaking services. MeetJapanLady.com is a marriage introduction service for Western professional men and sophisticated Japanese women. They measure their success by the number of married plus exclusive relationships out of their total membership and their success rates are among the highest in the matchmaking industry. Their success rate with their male members is nearly 40% and their success rate with their female members is nearly 30%.  We are impressed, particularly since many matchmaking services either will not disclose their success rates or define their success by the number of dates, not the number of marriages. Naoko has over 18 years of international matchmaking experience and the MeetJapanLady.com website is full of information, as is the MeetJapanLady Facebook Page.

So what led us to speak with Naoko? As many of you know, our ABC readers regularly ask us for ways that Asian singles and Black singles can meet each other and we have previously published articles on the Top US Cities For BMAW Dating, the Top US Cities For AMBW Couples, the Top Ways to Meet Asian Women, and the Top 3 Asian Dating Sites For Black Men, but we have never covered Asian Matchmakers until now. Several of our male ABC readers who are very serious about finding their Asian wives asked us about Asian matchmaker services who have successfully worked with Black men in the past, so on behalf of these male ABC readers, we decided to reach out directly to a few leading Asian matchmakers to learn about their experience working with Black men. We found the responses from Naoko to be very informative and rather than just sharing her response with our ABC email subscribers, we decided to post an entire article with the MeetJapanLady.com response.

Below are the questions we asked and the responses from MeetJapanLady.com.

  1. Have you been successful at matching Japanese and Black couples in the past?

Yes. We have some Asian Black Couples who got engaged and are happily married.


  1. What’s the rough percentage of matches you have made with Japanese and Black couples out of all the matches you have made?

It is about 2%. This is approximate since our matchmaking service is focused on western gentlemen and Japanese women. I hope that more men who have African heritage will be interested in marrying Japanese women.


  1. What types of Black men will Japanese women find the most attractive?

Fundamentally, women want to meet men who are sincere. Since we are a matchmaking company, all of our female members’ purpose is “marriage.” So our female members want to meet men who are financially stable and successful in their career in order to take care of their family after getting married.  Ethnicities are not as important to our members as having a friendly personality.


  1. What tips do you have for Black men who are interested in using your service? 

    As you may know, Japan is a monoracial society. International couples are not common in Japan, although the numbers of international couples are increasing. Even though Black men meet Japanese women and then decide to marry, many of Japanese women give up communication with their Black boyfriends since their families cannot accept their daughters’ boyfriends if they have African heritage. Please don’t call it “racism”. It is because some Japanese people are more traditional and they are afraid of accepting something new. We believe that old customs are slowly changing, and one day, Japanese people will be more open-minded in the future. Here is a tip for Black men: show your sincerity to her parents, grandparents, siblings, and friends. If they accept you and support you and her relationship, you will be more likely to be accepted by her family.

    There are Japanese women who want to specifically meet Black men only. They are not interested in Caucasian or Japanese men. So, if you are a Black man and you want to meet Japanese women with the intention of marriage, ask a matchmaker to assist you since they know which women are interested in Black men.


  2. Any other information which may help Black men interested in Japanese women?

In addition, I have a Japanese friend whose name is Nobita. He is a YouTuber who talks about international relationships in Japan on his YouTube channel. His videos may help the ABC readers. Check out Nobita’s Youtube channel, Find Your Love In Japan.

MeetJapanLady.com partnered with Nobita and together we hosted a speed dating event in Tokyo last November. It was an amazing event and very successful. We plan to host more events to provide meeting opportunities for gentlemen and Japanese women. ABC members are always welcome to join us!

 I hope this information helps everyone better understand Japanese women.


We will be the first to say that hiring a matchmaker is not for everyone. If you are not serious about finding a relationship leading to marriage, don’t waste your time. Also matchmakers are not cheap and they have many requirements, so you need to be very serious about finding love and marriage for matchmaking to work. However, if you think you are a good candidate for matchmaking, we are very encouraged by the information that Naoko shared with ABC. We thank Naoko for her open and honest responses, which we hope you found to be very informative.

Wishing everyone all the best!


  1. I want to thank you guys for sharing this and many other tip bits. I went to the ‘Meet Japan Lady’ and I am very interested. I do like Asian women and I have dated them in the past when I was stationed in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Of course they were Japanese. So I am some what familiar with the Asian culture . It sometimes can be difficult to make up ones mind on which one. I will agree with Naoko, with on line dating your selections and interests may not be serious enough especially when you are spending dollars and are not getting the results you are looking for. I have looked at the web site, and I am looking with anticipation to investigate further Naoko’s web site and her staff more. Again thank you for sharing the post.


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