Many on the internet believe that Junsu AKA Xia AKA Kim Jun-su ( 김준수), Korean Kpop star, former member of the Kpop group, JYJ, and former member of the Kpop group, TVXQ, dated Telisha Shaw AKA Telisu, an African American backup dancer for Junsu’s group JYJ. Some online fans have even made video tributes to the couple, however both Junsu and Telisha have publicly denied the relationship.

Junsu and Telisha Shaw hanging out.
Junsu and Telisha Shaw hanging out.

Many on the internet point to songs that both of them perform as hidden clues about their secret relationship. Telisha performs as a Kpop artist in her own right under the name of Telisu. In 2011, Telisu released a single “Our Secret”, which many believe is about her secret relationship with Junsu. Then in 2013, Junsu released a single “Chocolate Girl” which many believe is about Telisu.

Junsu performing onstage with Telisha as his back up dancer at the time.
Junsu performing onstage with Telisha as his back up dancer at the time.

Junsu is a South Korean singer-songwriter, dancer, and stage actor. He is a member of the Korean pop group JYJ, and was one of the original members of boy band TVXQ, where he debuted in 2003. In 2009, he formed the group JYJ. Since 2010, he has performed solo as well.

Junsu and Telisha performing onstage.

Telisha is a triple threat actress, dancer, and singer. As a dancer, in addition to dancing for the K-pop group, JYJ, she has also danced with such artists as Janet Jackson, Christina Aguilera, and Green Day. As an actress, she starred as Felicia in Step Up 2 The Streets, and she played opposite James Kyson Lee, Korean, as a AMBW Blasian couple in the movie, How to Make Love to a Woman – see photo below.  She has also appeared in Weeds, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, and in Dirty. As a K-pop artist, Telisu’s songs have been received mixed reaction with some criticizing the quality of her Korean.

kyson lee telisha
James Kyson Lee and Telisha Shaw in the movie, How to Make Love To A Woman.

If indeed they did have a relationship, in Korea’s extremely xenophobic society, there would no doubt be incredible pressure to keep it on the low down and out of the Korean public eye. Outside of Korea, such a relationship would likely be applauded and gain Junsu a whole new set of fans. On the other hand, it’s also easy to understand two performing artists working closely with each other as part of their respective roles so that what is just a working relationship appears to be something more. What do you think, did they date or not?



  1. I really can’t stand this girl! Does she honestly think she’s going to make it in kpop? She’s only popular because she one of the many few black people in Korea! Koreans are just amazed by her nationality! She is the below standard of a black women here in the US! She’s basic you can pick another her anywhere in the projects! If it wasn’t for the fame guys wouldn’t even look her way! KOREA there are many more prettier and better black girls in the US.

    • WOW!! Did you really take the time to write such nonsense?! Who are you? This beautiful African American woman is doing her thang!! Many people talk a lot of BS but she is taking steps to do and get what she wants. Go Telisha!!! I am so proud of what you have accomplished. There are many trolls out here. As Beyonce said “your best revenge is your paper”.

  2. Wow .. I am a pro-TVXQ but HoMin, not at 5 so I don’t follow JYP although I still follow Junsu. I have never heard about that. I knew her from Sexy Dance and whatever she’s trying to do as a black girl in Korea, Im dxmn proud of her anyway. She shows as fabulous we just are. Period.

  3. I believe Telisha and Junsu were a real couple. Unfortunately, for the two love birds, Kpop wasn’t ready for an AMBW coupling back in 2010. But I do believe if Telisha and Junsu reconcile today, the public will be a little more excepting of their relationship. Clearly, they truly cared about each other, their relationship was very real. Junsu was so brave to follow his heart, despite the JYJ’s fan base negative reaction to his and Telisha’s interracial relationship. If Telisha and Junsu ever cross paths again, I hope they give their relationship a second chance.

    • Kim Junsu was dating a South Korean girl (a famous one) at that time, he had nothing to do with Telisha, she was a JYJ dancer and if she liked Junsu or not is not our problem, but the rumours made by international fans (and later from Telisha trying to gain money out of the rumour with that song of her) was a very awkward thing for the couple back then. Please, stop this nonsense, if Junsu would have being single at the timenit wouldn’t have been a problem with the rumours, but since he was dating it’s different. Anyways, that relationship much later ended (like a year or more later) so yeah… be more responsable with what you guys say, you don’t really know what’s really happening with the boy’s lives, at least try to dig a little and don’t believe and spread whatever sounds “amazing” “cool” or whatever to you.

  4. Ermm, guys, Junsu was dating at that time when the rumours with the dancers were around… he was dating a South Korean girl, it was WELL known inside Korean fandom, which is one of the reasons Telisha was later left out of other projects. So please, stop being deluded… really, it makes international fans look so immature…


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