Groups, Blogs, and other Resources for Blasian Couples


Below is a listing of groups, blogs, and other resources that focus on Asian and Black couples, singles, and Blasians. If you know of other groups, blogs, or resources that are primarily devoted to Blasian Couples or Blasians, and have activity in the last 12 months, please use the Contact Us page to let us know and we will review it to be added to this list. Please note that we will not include groups that are primarily sex oriented here. Also, while we tried to scrub this list for inactive pages, please let us know if one of these resources is no longer active as many groups/blogs constantly change.

To make it easier to find AMBW related resources, primarily or exclusive AMBW resources will be shown in this color. General Blasian couple focus and BMAW resources will continue to be in the standard black color. Note that AMBW oriented resources will occasionally cover BMAW topics and likewise, many BMAW oriented resources will occasionally cover AMBW topics. Also we are adding groups and pages primarily focused on Blasian individuals in this color.

Be sure to  check out the following link for the latest ranking of the Top Asian and Black Couple Websites. Also for people in current or former Asian and Black couple relationships, be sure to check out the ABC Facebook group at

Meetup Groups and Discussion Groups 

1. Asian Women Black American Men
Facebook Group; 21,191 members

2. Black and Asian Couples
Facebook Group; 12,430 members

3. Black Women, Asian Men United
Internet Group; 8,987 members

4. Black Women Asian Men (The Initiation)
Facebook Group: 3,953 members

5. Black Men / Asian Women
Facebook Group; 3,478 members

6. black men seeking asian women and asian women seeking black men
Facebook Group; 3,166 members

Facebook Group; 2,500 members

8. You and Me… We Could Make Blasians
Facebook Group; 2,011 members

9. Black Women in Japan
Facebook Group: 1,847 members

10. Blasians Unite
So far this is the best online group focused on Blasians that we have found.
Facebook Group; 1,809 members

11. Asian Man and Black Woman,The Evolutions of Euphoria
Facebook Group: 1,627 members

12. Blindian Network: Multi Ethnic Group
Facebook Group; 1,598 members

13. Filipino Women Black American Men
Facebook Group: 1,240 members

14. Asian Men and Black Women Connections – NYC
Meetup Group: New York, NY; 1,133 members

15. Brothas & Sistas of China
Facebook Group: 1,181 members

16. Black in Korea
Facebook Group: 1,132 members

17. The Official Black and Filipino Family
Facebook Group; 1,099 members

18. Black and Sexy in South Korea
Facebook Group; 1,063 members

19. Asian Man and Black Woman, The Evolution’s of Euphoria Group 2
Facebook Group: 943 members,   Lead Admin: Hadivyah Burgess El

20. AMBW
Facebook Group: 934 members

21. Red Bridge Society (AMBW / BLASIAN) GA)
Facebook Group: 881 members

22. Korean and Black
Facebook Group: 825 members

23. Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion (AMBWP) – World Wide
Meetup Group: Washington DC; 783 members

24. Black Asian Families With Children
Facebook Group: 682 members

25. Asian Boys for Black Girls
Facebook Group; 641 members

26. Black 2 Asian Meet Up
Meetup Group: Mountain View, CA; 581 members

27. Blasian Connections LA
Meetup Group: Los Angeles, CA; 556 members

28. BLINDIAN swirl  (Black and Indian love)
Facebook Group: 556 members

29. The Original Korean and Black Community
Facebook Group: 537 members

30. Blasian Couples
Facebook Group; 518 members

31. Asian Men and Black Woman in DFW
Meetup Group: Dallas, TX; 481 members

32. BSSK Multicultural Families
Facebook Group: 443 members

33. Black Women and Asian Men Dating In The DMV
Meetup Group: Washington DC; 419 members

34. Philly Asian Men / Black Woman Rock (AMBW)!
Meetup Group: Philadelphia, PA; 212 members

35. CU On The Playground Korea
Facebook Group restricted to those who live or have lived in Korea: 204 members

36. Red Bridge Society – Gwinnett AMBW/BLASIAN 
Meetup Group: Duluth, GA; 204 members

37. xBlack Women Asian Men United Sexy Crazy Heart Breakers & Takers 
Facebook Group: 198 members

38. SoCal BWAM (Black Women Asian Men, AMBW, Blasian)
Meetup Group: Redondo Beach, CA; 186 members

39. Black and Asian Community (London)
Meetup Group: London, UK; 123 members

40. Blindian Relationships
Facebook Group: 106 members – must be in a Blindian couple relationship

41. Fl/Ga Blasian Meetup Group
Meetup Group: Jacksonville, FL; 91 members

42. SOKO Tree House
Facebook Group focused on Black and Korean activities in Korea: 84 members

43. Asian Women That Are Looking For Intelligent Black Men
Facebook Group focused on Black and Korean activities in Korea: 74 members

44. BWAM 7 Cities (Virginia Beach, VA)
Meetup Group: Virginia Beach, VA; 46 members

45. Asian Men and Black Women Baltimore
Meetup Group: Baltimore, MD; 41 members

46. Black Women With Korean Partners
Facebook Group: 32 members

47. Atlanta AMBW Meetup
Meetup Group: Atlanta, GA; 17 members


Blogs, Youtube Channels, and Pages by Nationality


Asian Black Couples

Asian Black Couples Facebook
Sister Facebook Page for 2,750 likes

Asian Black Couples Forums
Forums group for

Asian Black Couples Tumblr
Sister Photo Blog for

Africa’s Asian Options
Research blog on various African Asian interactions

AMBW Channel
Facebook Page; 10,310 likes

Dating site for AMBW couples

ambwdate Instagram
Instagram Page: 2,637 followers

AMBW for Life
Facebook Page; 16,689 likes

AMBW for Life Instagram
Instagram Page: 1,328 followers

Asia Travel Guy
Youtube Channel: 1,501 subscribers

Instagram Page: 4,462 followers


Research blog devoted to Asian American issues which includes Asian interracial matters

Asian Woman Black Man

Asian Women That Love Black Men
Facebook Page; 561 likes

Black Guys Who Love Asian Girls
Facebook Page; 161 likes

Black Women Asian Men

Black Women Asian Men Connection
FB Page; 6.4K likes

Instagram page: 13,200 followers
Really great instagram page full of hundreds of beautiful Blasian couple pictures

Blasian Love Forever
Dating site for AMBW couples

Blasian Luv Forever
Dating site for BMAW couples

Breaking Bread With An Asian

BWAM is Love

Dream of the Water Children: The Black Pacific

Website devoted to Black men living and traveling overseas including Asia

General Quarters: Adventures and musings of a Black man with Yellow Fever

Lily Petals World
Youtube Channel: 44,791 subscribers – A really great resource for Blasian couples

The Love Life of an Asian Guy

The Love Life of an Asian Guy – Facebook
Facebook page: 121,824 likes – good discussion of AMXF relationships and more

MTL Black and Asian Couples
Facebook page: 859 likes

My Husband is Asian

A his and hers fashion blog by a Canadian Blasian couple

Sardonic Sista Says

Youtube Channel: 1,792 subscribers – A very funny Blasian couple!

Facebook Page: 341 likes

SLICEnRICE Instagram
Instagram Page: 790 followers

Watermelon Sushi World



C. Crave
Youtube Channel: 5,081 subscribers



Africans in China

American China Diversity Initiative
Facebook Page: 2,171 likes

Black Life China

Blasian Quest
Youtube Channel: 532 subscribers

Bryant Jackson
Youtube channel: 18 subscribers


The chinafrica Project

Chocolate Chick In China

Chris and Shu
Youtube channel: 232 subscribers

Christina Lynn
Youtube channel: 342 subscribers

Epic Blasian
Youtube Channel: 519 subscribers

From Africa To China

Youtube Channel: 453 subscribers

GanDuan Super
Youtube channel: 797 subscribers

Life Behind the Wall

Loser Laowai in China
Youtube channel: 7,758 subscribers

My Husband is Asian

Vuong Family Values
Youtube Channel: 1,334 subscribers

Winner Laowai in China
Youtube channel: 1,349 subscribers

Wode Maya – Mr. Ghana Baby
Youtube channel: 1,771 subscribers



Youtube channel: 846 subscribers

East Indian Guys and Black Girls (The Business Page)
Facebook page: 357 likes

Our Life Yesterday
Youtube channel: 3,739 subscribers

Primrose Panglea
Youtube channel: 7,128 subscribers

Styves Exantus
Instagram Page: 3,655 followers

Tahera Talks   …Keith Doesn’t
Youtube channel: 1,284 subscribers



eFilipino Women

filipino women black american men
Facebook Group: 845 members

Life in the Philippines: A Black Person’s Viewpoint
Youtube channel; 565 subscribers

The Love Life of An Asian Guy

The Love Life of an Asian Guy – Facebook
Facebook page: 121,824 likes – good discussion of AMXF relationships and more

I Love My Filipina Wife
YouTube Channel: 756 members

Kenstinsity Filipina
YouTube Channel: 1,511 members

The LaVigne Life
YouTube Channel: 339,722 members

Over Mimosas

Shameless Maya
Youtube Channel: 710,375 subscribers – Very successful lifestyle channel by Blasian Shameless Maya.

Yuri Sincero
YouTube Channel: 1,284 members



Black Passenger
Facebook page: 1,578 likes

Black Tokyo

Grits and Sushi

Youtube channel: 5,547 subscribers

Loco in Yokohama

Novel Metropolis

Osaka Yana

A Piece of Mine

RamandaBDaisuki Japan
Youtube Channel: 3,544 subscribers


S-Morishita Studio – Love! Love! Fighting! Comic

Youtube Channel for Tara Kamiya; 4,791 subscribers

Tara Kamiya

Zen Sekai I-Japan



Asian Man and Black Wife Blog

Youtube Channel: 50,925 subscribers – Very high quality BWAW channel

Youtube Channel: 413,540 subscribers – Megan Bowen is a very fair skinned Black lady who lives in Korea and discusses all things Korean. She speaks perfect Korean and discusses her AMBW dating experiences from time to time.

Dianna + Moo Facebook
Facebook Page: 918 likes

Dom and Hyo

Dom and Hyo Facebook
Facebook Page: 17,966 likes

Dom and Hyo Instagram
Instagram Page: 5,100 subscribers

Dom and Hyo YouTube
YouTube Channel: 451 subscribers

The Fairy Godmother of Itaewon

Half Korean

HerschNoeie – Blasian Family
YouTube Channel

인종 (Injong) Life

J Hearts J
Youtube Channel: 21,250 subscribers

J Hearts J tumblr

Korean and Black Club Page
Facebook page; 1,660 likes

Korean Mom Lily’s Life Style

Lily Petals World
Youtube Channel: 44,790 subscribers – A really great resource for Blasian couples

Instagram page: 2,090 followers

MazeLee Facebook
Facebook page; 1,991 likes

Maze + Lee YouTube
Youtube channel; 56,920 subscribers

Ms H Blasian Heaven
Youtube Channel: 14 subscribers

Youtube Channel: 3,443 subscribers

Sam and Lily Lee
Youtube Channel: 2,470 subscribers

Youtube Channel: 533 subcribers

Youtube Channel: 1,800 subscribers – A very funny Blasian couple!

Facebook Page: 341 likes

SLICEnRICE Instagram
Instagram Page: 790 followers

Swirling in the ROK
Youtube Channel: 17 subcribers

This Time Now

Vmarie401: All About Beauty
Youtube Channel: 26,630 subscribers

Vmarie401 – Instagram
Instagram Page: 25,000 followers

Von Nola
Youtube Channel: 2,005 subscribers

The Waygookin Way

Waygookin Way
Youtube Channel: 13 subscribers



Blasian Sensation
YouTube channel: 5,440 subscribers



Youtube channel: 846 subscribers



Christina Lynn
Youtube channel: 342 subscribers



Instagram Page: 2,521 followers



KC and Camille
YouTube channel: 613 subscribers



Amerasian Voice

Lovely Mimi Youtube
Youtube Channel: 13,160 subscribers

A his and hers fashion blog by a Canadian Blasian couple

Vuong Family Values
Youtube Channel: 1,334 subscribers




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