We are so pleased to have Lily J. Lee back with us again for Part 2 of our interview with Lily. She is originally from Korea, and is the founder of the Blasian Family Channel, which is the leading Blasian oriented YouTube (YT) channel today with about 20,000 subscribers. The first part of our interview – see this link for Part 1 – covered her Blasian couple relationship, now marriage with James Woods (Kenyan) and it was really well received with lots of great insights for anyone either already in a Blasian couple relationship or anyone thinking about entering one. Between, Lily’s YT channel and her blog, Korean Mom Lily’s Life Style, she has a ton of great experience that can help other Blasian couples. Today in part 2 of the interview, we will cover Lily’s experience with her YT channel, the Blasian Family Channel.

ABC: Thank you Lily so much for being with us again! Today we will focus on your YT channel, the Blasian Family Channel. You started your YT channel 7 years ago in 2008, and since then you have uploaded nearly 800 videos which in total have been viewed over 5 million times. Your subscriber count is steadily growing at nearly 20,000 subscribers now. Those are all impressive numbers. So what made you start the Blasian Family Channel and has it always had the same name and focus or has it changed over time?

Lily: Yeah, the channel has changed over time. The name of the channel originally was just my name Lily Lee55. 55 is my birthday – sometimes people ask me, what is 55 – yeah it’s just my birthday, May 5. I changed the name of the channel about two years ago when I decided to be more serious about youtubing and I wanted a name that could describe my channel better. I mostly upload videos about our family, so I decided to change the name to Blasian Family Channel.

So I started my YT channel seven years ago when I still was dating James. I was just looking for some storage to store my videos that I took on my cell phone. I had taken several videos and my cell phone didn’t have much storage, so I thought I should transfer them to somewhere else so we could keep the videos for some time. So I decided to put my videos on YT and I wanted to surprise James, by telling him that “Hey you’re on YT and it’s public! (laughing) Now anybody can see those videos and everybody will know that we are together.” I kinda wanted to scare him by having the videos in the public, but obviously nobody was watching the videos back then. If people don’t really know about you, the videos don’t really get hits. I uploaded like 3 or 4 videos where we were just really goofing off. If you check out those first 3 or 4 videos, you will be able to see the true James, how he can just goof off and isn’t really camera shy, cause he was really just being himself. We were just really goofing off and he probably originally thought the videos were just for my phone. So I uploaded them and I showed James and I was like, “Ha, ha, ha.” (laughing) I never really cared about the videos back then and I never really got any hits, but once in a while I got some comments. It was weird because I was like how can anybody even find us. So I thought maybe I should just change the videos to a private setting or something, but I kept getting comments from people saying things like “Oh, you guys are so cute together.” Then I started to kinda get scared. I didn’t know anything about YT at that time. I was like, “Where do these people come from?”

Then one day I watched a video of a White girl who was dating an Asian guy, and she was asking questions about Asian parents. She was telling her story about her interracial relationship and she was saying that her boyfriend’s parents were very much against their relationship, and that they really hated her. One day she said they were walking past the boyfriend’s parents house and the parents started yelling at her, “Don’t even think about coming close to our house” or something like that. It was kinda bad, and she was saying that it was getting out of control. She said she didn’t know what to do and she was asking if this was normal? Are a lot of Asian parents like that? She just wanted to know why? Why were the Asian parents so against these interracial relationships. She also wanted to know other people’s experience. So I just made a video to answer her questions. I don’t know why I wanted to make a video, but I was prompted by her video. I had never made a video like this before, but I just wanted to answer her question. I didn’t have anything to record myself, so I used my laptop to record a video sharing my story and how my parents were really against my relationship with James, and I uploaded it. That was actually the first video that I consciously decided to upload to YT to let people see. I don’t know if I was really ready to let other people watch the video, but I just wanted to help that woman. It was not just to let other people watch the video, I really just wanted to answer the question that she had and help the poor girl, who was in a similar situation to James, I thought. I told her about my situation and how my parents were not ok with my relationship. I don’t know why I was scared for other people to watch it. My parents were still not accepting my relationship and they didn’t want me to tell anybody, so I guess I just didn’t want other people to see my relationship at first.

ABC: So the first couple of videos were just you guys goofing off and your first real video was when you responded to the White girl and you wanted to help her.

Lily: Yeah, and then this White girl, she never really responded to my video. She never really commented or said anything about my video, but other people for some reason, they watched my video and they started commenting and telling me how they were cheering for me, how they were rooting for me, and all of that. The video started getting lots of hits. Then another girl who was one of my very first subscribers, she had a lot of her own subscribers, she really liked my video and she wanted to help me. She wanted other people to watch my video and encourage me. So at that time, on YT, you could put any video from anybody on your channel wall, so she put my video on her channel’s front page and that’s how a lot of people got to see that video. Lots of people started encouraging me with positive comments and subscribing to my YT account which I didn’t really expect. So I was like, “Ok…. now my relationship is kinda out there. My parents don’t want me to tell other people about the relationship, and people who I don’t even know online, now they know about my relationship and they are cheering for me.” It was really weird at first, but I kinda liked how people were cheering for me, because nobody was there for me at first. Nobody was for my relationship. Everybody around me was against my relationship, so I really enjoyed how the YT people loved me and James and our relationship. That was just really new to me.

ABC: So you were getting support from people online that you weren’t getting in real life. Did that help your relationship.

Lily: A LOT, really a lot. If I had not done the YT videos, we may not have made it as a couple because I was really stressed out. I felt like I was the only one in this type of interracial relationship. And I couldn’t really find any other Blasian couples on YT at that time. I might have been the first person who actually put my Blasian relationship out there. Back then, a lot of people did not publicize their own relationship, but now a lot of people show their relationship online or show their own life on YT. So that made people start watching me more I guess. Viewers were definitely helping me and supporting me. I never really had that kind of support in real life.

ABC: That’s very interesting. I didn’t really think about YT being able to help people like that. That’s an important message for people to realize that their support online can really make a big difference in people’s lives. So when did you change from being scared about putting the videos out there to being ok putting the videos out there.

Lily: Hmmmm…….. I guess at first after I uploaded the video response to the White girl, people kept emailing me and putting comments below the video saying, “Don’t break up, you guys are just so beautiful.” So the viewers found my other videos of me and James goofing off and they started commenting on those videos with lots of encouraging and supportive comments. So then I started communicating with them through videos. So I would put one video on YT and people would comment on that video. I loved how people were supporting me in their comments, and then I would communicate with them. So I would make another video in the response to their comments. After a while, James started to participate with me in making the videos, and that’s when I really started feeling fine because James was also participating. James was deciding to be in the videos actually realizing that they would be put on YT. Also I could feel that James was ok with our relationship being in the public and it made me feel like James’ love was quite strong in order for him to feel like the videos could be in the public. Then I started feeling much better.

ABC: That’s great. So what do your viewer demographics look like.

Lily: At first I had lots of male subscribers, but over time, I now have a lot more female subscribers, so now it’s about 50/50. Maybe a few more females than males like 51/49. This is actually a little surprising because at first it was like 80 or 90 percent male, so I’m really happy that I have more female viewers now. Maybe it’s because we have babies now. Women love babies (laughing). So maybe that’s why I have a lot more female subscribers now. But I’m really happy that it’s about 50/50 male/female mix today. Also, most of the viewers come from the USA and my subscribers are also mostly American – almost 70%. Then about 7% are from the UK, 4% from Canada, 3.5% from France, and then 3% from South Korea. Actually at first, I didn’t want any Korean viewers. I didn’t want other Koreans to watch my videos because then they might say, “This woman is crazy.” Actually that happened. One of my Korean guy friends told me one day that my video, Why I love Black Men, was on one of his game websites, and that it was getting a lot of bad comments. When I went to that website, the post had been deleted before I could even check out what kind of comments they were making, but he said the comments were very bad and he said he frowned a lot reading those comments. My friend, he just told me to be strong, and that I was doing great, but he said Korean men were just criticizing me for complimenting Black men.

Anyway, after my top five countries, then it’s #6 Germany, #7 Australia, #8 Netherlands, #9 Malaysia, #10 Trinidad & Tobago, #11 South African, #12 Spain, #13 Japan, #14 Indonesia, and #15 Philippines.

ABC: One of the things that impressed me about your channel, but also made me afraid for you at the same time is how open you are about your life and how much you share. I think it’s very helpful for people to be able to see so many details about you so they can learn and apply applicable things to their own relationship, but it also made me a little afraid for you, because you know, there are just a lot of crazies out there. Any concerns about being so open?

Lily: I guess yes and no. So I was not that concerned about it really until I started having babies. Before that I thought that as long as I don’t tell people where I live, it’s ok to be pretty open. Even though there are lots of crazy people out there, I’m not that famous (laughing), so I don’t think that people would try to find me or hunt me down, so I was thinking it’s ok. But then when I started having kids, I started wondering if I should put my babies’ videos up there and show people, cause that’s a totally different thing. For me, I can show my life or my face because I chose to do it and I know it’s ok for me, but for my babies, they don’t know, and they never really agreed to be in a publicly available video. So I had to think about it for a long time. After I had Yuri, my first daughter, I waited about 2 or 3 months until I felt like I was actually going to show her on YT. It took some time for me to decide whether or not to do that, but viewers knew that I was pregnant and they wanted to hear about what was going on. I know there are a lot of crazy people and haters, but there are a lot more people who love us and support us, and they wanted to see our babies, and they are happy for us, so I decided to show them my babies.

Yeah, still there is some concern, especially James. He’s a very private guy and doesn’t want to disclose a lot of stuff. I don’t really have that much concern about our family life being out there. I’m not really putting ALL of our life out there like some people might think, but that’s the whole point of our channel. People want to see other people’s life and learn from it.

ABC: Yes I’m sure that was a tough decision about the babies. Yuri seems to really love the camera every time she is in the videos.

Lily: Yes, I think so. She loves to take pictures of me and she loves to have her pictures taken, she loves it.

ABC: So you mentioned all the support that you get from your channel and how that has helped you make some decisions in your relationship. What is the percent positive vs. negative comments that you see on your channel overall.

Lily: Mostly positive, although I get lots of negative hatred comments. At first when I put a video out, I normally get a lot of positive comments initially, because most of my first viewers are mostly my subscribers. After that, once the video gets a little more famous and popular, then haters come in. They are talking about how I shouldn’t be with a Black guy, I’m a race betrayer, or James is a race betrayer, stuff like that. But mostly the videos get positive comments. There are a lot of negative comments, but they don’t normally affect me. I don’t normally give them that much attention. I’ll say maybe only 5% of all the comments are negative, but even 5% is a lot because I get so many comments.

ABC: Wow, so about 95% positive comments. That’s pretty good. So do you end up deleting the really negative comments or do you just let them post.

Lily: Well now YT does a pretty good job of flagging the really negative comments for me to review and I can either delete them or let them post. Unless I approve these flagged comments, they don’t post. If I decide that the comment is not so bad or not spam, I’ll approve it to show in the comments, but YT does a pretty good job of keeping the really negative comments and spam off the videos. Actually even before YT started flagging the comments, I never really deleted the negative comments. I just let them stay there. They are people’s comments, that’s their comment, and also my supporters would normally reply to the negative comments and help me by saying things like “This couple is going to make it, they’re strong.” So the bad comments made my supporters comment even more with more positive stuff. So that also made me feel good. I felt like people were always helping me and they had my back. They really protected me in many ways and supported me.

ABC: That’s great. So do you see a difference between the type of people who support you versus the type of people who give you hate in the comments.

Lily: I really have no idea what kind of people hate me because they can be anybody I think, but mostly they are racist I can say (laughing). They just judge us by colors. They are very pessimistic about interracial or international couples. So mostly they are just racist. I’m not gonna say that they are mostly White men or Black women or Asian men – some people think the haters are mostly White men who are angry but I don’t think they are mostly White men. I wouldn’t say that really. Sometimes I see a lot of angry women, like one time a Latina lady said Asian girls are not pretty and other mean things about Asian girls, that kind of stuff. So the haters can be anybody. They just want to pick on any little thing and they troll and just want to agitate people by saying mean things. Even some Asian women make negative comments on the videos. I’m like rolling my eyes and just saying “Fine!” when I see it, so yea the haters can be anybody. Mostly they are just racists.

ABC: That’s interesting. So I think the first video of yours I ever saw was the Why I Love Black Men video which ended up going viral. What really inspired you to make that video?

Lily: I wanted to make a video to compliment Black men. I was kinda searching on YT to see if anybody was complimenting Black men and at that time I couldn’t find any, there were none. But there were lots of videos complimenting other races. So I thought maybe I should make a video to compliment Black men. There are so many negative images that the media portrays about Black people, not just Black men, but Black women also, and I thought that it was just really unfair for Black people to have all those kind of negative images. So I wanted to tell Black men that they are beautiful, handsome, attractive, and all the features that are portrayed negatively, I wanted to say that’s not true. For instance, like full, big luscious lips, I think they are beautiful! So I wanted to speak out against the negative images of Black people and help change those negative images to a positive image and show people how all features can be beautiful. We are all beautiful. That’s what I wanted to get across actually. Not just because I only love Black men, and not because I’m trying to make other races look inferior. I was not trying to make Blacks superior to other races, I just wanted to say that we are all equally beautiful. Black men have very great features.

ABC: Were you surprised when that video went viral? What was your reaction?

Lily: Yea, I was quite surprised. I was happy that a lot of people watched that video and were spreading the message of Black people being beautiful. That was very important to me. I was really surprised. A lot of Black men were commenting, “Thank you and thank you for complimenting us.” And after that I realized that there are a lot more people who started making videos about how they love Black men. It was all after my video, so I was really happy about that.(laughing) People started recognizing the beauty of Black people. (laughing)

ABC: So the other video of yours that I really remember is when you had your mother in the video explaining her perspective on your relationship. I knew your mother initially was not supportive of your relationship and I know that Asian culture often keeps private matters private, particularly the older generation, so how were you able to get your mother to make that video with you.

Lily: Well, when I had my first baby Yuri, I put lots of videos about Yuri on YT, and at the time I was in the US and my mom was in Korea, so she really enjoyed my YT channel. Watching Yuri on YT, she was really happy to read all the positive comments my subscribers would leave on the video. So I guess she was really just feeling positive about my YT channel, she was like “Wow, you are getting lots of support and love from lots of people all over the world. People really love my granddaughter!”, so my mom just really liked my YT channel at this time. So when I visited my mom after I had the baby, I was thinking maybe I wanted to interview her and share her side of the story. So I asked her, “Hey mom, do you want to share your story with my viewers, because a lot of my viewers want to know your feelings about my relationship”, and she was ok with it. She was like “Sure, why not.” (laughing). My mom is very much like me. She is a very outgoing person and she wouldn’t really feel shy talking about anything.

ABC: Would you ever do a video like that with your father?

Lily: I don’t know…. I might, I might not. I don’t know about interviewing my dad. He is a bit more reserved than my mom and there were some negative comments on the video with my mom and I don’t know if I want to show people my whole family. I mean my dad is on my channel every once and awhile. People basically know that he approved of my relationship. Maybe one day I might, I might not.

ABC: I understand. I mean even just showing your mother was a huge step particularly in the Asian culture, so I understand. Any other top or favorite videos that come to mind for you.

Lily: Our video of me with Jungwon Jo, who is engaged to Tre, they are a Blasian couple, and Jessica, another Korean girl who prefers to date Black men. We made a video of what it is like to date Black men and that video is getting lots of views actually. I remember one Black man who is married to a Korean woman living in Korea, their whole family lives in Korea. He messaged me after watching that video and told me that I should make some Korean subtitles on that video so that a lot of Korean people can watch that video. He thought it was really worth them watching it and he really liked the video. He felt like a lot of Korean people would be educated by that video. It’s been getting lots of good comments and views. That’s one video that comes to mind.

Another video with my friend, Angelina, we made a video together called Do Asian Women Like Black Men. I visited her when we were on a cross-country US trip, and we just decided to make a video together. That one is also getting lots of views.

Also one day, when I was dating James, he was escorting me home, and my parents saw James in front of my house. They were very, very angry and they didn’t even want to say hi to him, they just ignored him. This made me really sad and I didn’t even know who to talk to, I was really sad. There was no one to pour my heart out to and I was really sad. I really didn’t know what to do at that time. So the next day I made a video to share my sadness with my YT subscribers, and I talked about what happened and how my parents ignored James. I also explained how my parents were worried about me and if I ever got married and had babies with him, how much the babies would have to face discrimination, and how their life might be miserable. My parents were worried about me and maybe my future children. They didn’t want me to go through that hardship and have that kind of experience. So they did that because they loved me, but that really made me sad. I mean I understood them and I understood why they felt they had to do that, and where they were coming from as parents. Basically they didn’t want me to marry James, so I was really sad. My video said how sad I was, but that I was going to stay strong. That video really touched a lot of people’s hearts. That video was a big step for me and for the subscribers as well. We all really became connected through that video. I felt like they were really my friends. When there was no one that I could turn to, and no one that really understood me, my subscribers were really there and giving me supporting comments and they understood how I felt. They were really supporting me in many ways really. I remember that video and the comments the subscribers made and that really, really helped me. If they were not there, I don’t know if I could have made it through that period.

ABC: That’s awesome. Yeah I can tell from your videos that you have a special connection with your subscribers.

Lily: I wish I could reply to all of the comments. I’m sad that I can’t reply to all of the comments, but it’s just too many of them now. At first I could reply to many or most of the comments, but now its just impossible, I get so many comments. But the positive comments really help me be strong.

We actually met our best friends through YT. One African American guy who was dating a Vietnamese woman contacted me after he watched our videos and we became Facebook friends. Later they got married, and when we moved to the US, we visited them. James and this guy just really hit it off. In fact James and him became best friends, and now they are our best friends in America. So yeah, we even met our best friends through YT.

ABC: I also remember when you did the videos about your 41 day cross-country US road trip and your subscribers in every different city helped you with housing in every city you visited. Tell us more about that trip.

Lily: I’m not even that famous now, but when I first had my YT channel, I never thought I would have as many subscribers as I have right now. And I never thought I would be youtubing this long, because after we got married, I wasn’t sure what else I could share with my viewers. We had a love story and we struggled, but at the end, we got married and it was all good, so I thought maybe I would stop doing YT. Also, as soon as we got married, we moved to China, and in China they block a lot of internet sites like YT, so I couldn’t really upload any videos. So I was thinking that I would just lose all of my YT subscribers due to the inactivity on the channel when we were in China. But when I would visit Korea periodically, and I was able to check YT, there were still people waiting for me to post more videos about my experience in China, so I was quite impressed. I was really happy that people kept waiting for me and they didn’t leave me. So when we visited Hong Kong – James and I visited lots of different places when we lived in China – people wanted to hear about us and know our story when we were travelling. So I was really surprised when people wanted to keep hearing about us. So I decided to tell people where we were planning to travel whenever we had trips. I remember when I went to Malaysia, I told people on the YT channel that I was going to Malaysia, and some people in Malaysia contacted me and said they wanted to meet me in person. The same thing happened when I went to Singapore. So it was just kinda strange to me, I mean my subscribers were just located everywhere. So we met several of the subscribers in our travels and James was at this time kinda skeptical about my YT channel, but when we met our fans in their country when we were traveling, James was really surprised by how much people were just loving us and our stories. James was surprised and impressed by the impact that we had on their life, and most of the people that we met back then were Asian women who were in a relationship with Black men.

So then we thought that maybe we want to meet more people, because maybe we can meet other people, and at the same time we can travel. So James and I decided we would meet our own fans when we were travelling. We made a video saying we want to visit you guys and all we want is one night on one of your couches and we won’t bother you. We want to come and meet you and we will just keep traveling from there. So we made this video and posted it. We had lots of people invite us to visit them, but most of them were in America and at that time, we were in China (laughing). So we were like “Ok, I don’t know if we can really afford to go to America and just travel around.” The people who invited us to visit them were everywhere, from like New York to California. We really wanted to do that, but we didn’t have enough budget, so we couldn’t do it at that time. But then later, we ended up moving to America (laughing) because of James’ school. So we started thinking that maybe we should do the US road trip then, but I had just had a baby, so we couldn’t really do it then.  But then when I became pregnant with Dasomi, I told James, this is the only time we can do it. I don’t think we can do the road trip after having two babies. Maybe we could do it with one baby, and visit people and crash on their couch (laughing). We’re not rich, James was still a student, so we just wanted to save money. If we could avoid hotels, we could save a lot (laughing) and we could meet our subscribers.

ABC: So you guys were finally able to complete the 41 day cross-country road trip that covered the entire country from California to New England with lots of housing help from your subscribers. That was great.

Lily: Just think about it. Who would just let someone from YT stay in your house? We drove all over the US on a 41 day cross-country road trip, and every day of the road trip, we stayed in our subscriber’s houses. One guy even let James and I sleep in his own bed and he slept on the couch. It was really just like one humanity. I am moved by people’s kindness and love and the support that they give us. They were telling us how our videos had such a big impact on their life. When they said that, it just really touched me as well. It was just unbelievable how we made that trip. All of the subscribers were all just really nice people. We never met any strange people on that trip. People were feeding us and they let us stay in their home, or they paid for our night in a hotel if they didn’t have room at their house. Actually it’s a miracle when you think about it. We made it, not just us, but with our baby Yuri as well. It’s a miracle how we managed to finish the trip by sleeping in our subscriber’s places. We didn’t even spend a single penny on a hotel for that whole 41 day trip. It was a miracle for us.

When we were on the US road trip, we even had a meet up in New York city, and there were many people who came to our meet up event. They were sharing their stories of how our videos impacted their lives and things like that. It was just unbelievable how our story could touch people’s life.

I think that’s another thing about me being open on my videos, because it makes people feel like they can trust me. My subscribers always say “I feel like I know you really personally”, so they trust me and that’s another reason why they probably let us stay in their homes. That US road trip was just proof to me that humanity still exists. People connect even through YT. We met so many great people on that trip. We were blessed with lots of good people along our way. I guess some people might think we were crazy, but it was really a proof of humanity.

ABC: Sounds like you met a lot of really good people on that trip. Were you ever concerned that you might run into some crazies along the way.

Lily: No…. well maybe, but you can pretty much know when you talk to them on the phone or in email. You will probably know whether the person is crazy. Yeah, I was a little concerned, but I was not really that concerned, because I had James and he’s a big Black man (laughing), so I didn’t think anybody would try to do anything harmful to us. I was not that scared I guess (laughing).

ABC: You keep saying you are not that famous, but actually you have more subscribers at about 20,000 than any other YT channel devoted to Blasian topics today. Did you ever do anything to grow your subscriber base or did it just happen? Why do you think you have so many subscribers?

Lily: Well at first, I never really thought about growing my channel. I never thought that I could be a big YT star or YT celebrity or anything like that, I was just happy with my own group of subscribers who were just supporting me and loving me. Then I started thinking that if I could reach more people, I could share my message, which is love, and that would be nice. So I made some videos that I thought could reach lots of people like the videos about dating and interviewing other people. You need to have interesting videos to reach people and I thought these videos would be interesting and fun videos.

I really think though that most of the growth is due to the fact that there are just more people who are interested in Blasian relationships now than any other time. Before, Blasian couples were very rare, and still we are quite rare compared to other interracial combinations today. But now there are more Blasian couples and they want to know if there are other Blasian couples out there, so they run into my video or my blog. I think the number of Blasian couples is growing, so that is maybe the reason why I keep getting more subscribers. And people are more interested in Blasian couples. That’s my fan base. I also interview people. I interview my mom, other Blasian couples I know, and share other people’s experience and views on my channel. So I’m not really trying to do anything. I guess the growth is just happening. It’s just a phenomenon (laughing). Yeah people are more and more interested in Blasian couples and Blasian relationships and interracial relationships, and people just keep looking for videos like mine and we just keep getting more viewers and subscribers.

ABC: So have you ever been recognized in public from somebody watching your videos?

Lily: Well we used to live in China, and then in the US, really in more white dominated areas, so we didn’t get recognized that much. Actually though, when we were in Korea, when I had just started my YT channel, there were a couple of people who recognized us in Seoul, in the Itaewon area. There are lots of foreigners that hang out there in Itaewon. Not all, but several people recognized us from the YT videos there. That was a long time ago. It was weird. We felt weird, because at that time we didn’t have a lot of subscribers, but I guess we had a big impact. One of the guys was a Black guy who had a Korean girlfriend, and he was saying, “You guys are doing a good job. Just keep being awesome.” He was really happy to see us and he bought us some juice drinks. If we go back to Korea, I think a lot more people will recognize us there now.

ABC: I would guess when you move back to the US, if you live in a decent sized city, you guys will probably be recognized there. So what kind of things do your subscribers want to know when they either meet you in person or they reach out to you.
Lily: So a lot of my Black men subscribers ask how they can approach Asian women or they ask me to hook them up with some of my friends who are interested in Black men. I made some videos about this topic, but people keep asking how they can approach or how they can meet Asian women. I just want to tell them that all women are the same. Asian women are not any different. (laughing) If you are attractive, if you are a good guy, you will be able to meet a good woman. There are no really awesome, great, secret tips I can give them (laughing). We women are all the same.

ABC: LOL – Yeah, I have heard the same question sometimes. Maybe Blasian Family Channel and Asian Black Couples should collaborate on a dating service or something. I wonder what our respective viewers and readers would think?

Lily: Yeah lots of people ask me to make introductions, so maybe there is something there. Let’s see if people comment about a potential dating site collaboration between BFC and ABC. That would be interesting. (laughing)

ABC: So what comes next for you, for your family for the channel?

Lily: I want to keep sharing my message of love. Maybe I can help people find their love. I really want to keep doing what I do, and help people be strong in their relationship and fight for their love. It’s nice being able to do what I love to do.

ABC: That great Lily. Well I certainly appreciate your time with us today. Any closing thoughts for our viewers and readers?

Lily: When I started my YT channel, I was very stressed out and very sad, and I looked for other Blasian couples on the internet and nobody was there, seriously no one. I couldn’t find a single Black and Asian couple on YT or anywhere. But now it’s quite interesting. Maybe it’s just me, but I see more Blasian couples online now, and I see more Blasian couples coming out of the closet (laughing). People are just coming out more and they are showing their true feelings about being in a Blasian relationship. I remember meeting a lot of Asian women who told me they had never told anyone that they liked Black men, or dated Black men, or maybe even had Blasian kids. Some people were afraid to tell people that they had a Black boyfriend or were in a Blasian couple relationship, but now they are way more open about their Blasian relationships. That makes me happy to know that I might have helped them to be more open about their relationship and their real feelings. It’s nice to see all the Blasian couples coming out these days!

Also people say I’m a trooper and they appreciate what I do, but actually, I really appreciate my supporters who always really help me stay strong so I can also keep sharing the message. Without them, without their support, I don’t think I could do it, but because they keep supporting me, I keep spreading this message of love and it’s just great! I truly appreciate my supporters and fans! I remember there were some subscribers who just wanted to send us some gifts, and they just did that because they loved us, our family. I was really amazed how people could just do that without wanting anything back. I never met them, they never met me in person, I thought it was maybe just an online thing (laughing), but these relationships are very real! For me, YT and the Blasian Family Channel is love! I really love what I do! (happy)

If you missed it, check out part 1 of the interview in this link. As always, your comments and thoughts are welcomed in the comments section below. Also feel free to share your comments below.



  1. This is TOTALLY COOL! I rarely read internet articles this long, and truthfully I’ve got to start work shortly…though when I started reading, I saw so many pings (indicators, like a “Ping” on a submarine radar screen) and I saw reflection of me and my Chinese girlfriend and it was like “Whoa”. Where was Lilly when I first started? I wish I knew her in the beginning! It’s a really beautiful, awesome story, with “Lifetime” quality. This would make a reality show I’d actually watch. I’m glad you’re succeeding. And really, I want to know more details, I want to see more. Though it can be scary, I’m glad you guys are doing what you’re doing. Peace and Love!

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