A few weeks ago, we ran across this YouTube channel called SLICEnRICE which was created by Matt Brooks, African American, and Glory Kim, Korean American. We were really very impressed with the videos at SLICEnRICE! Matt and Glory are young, fresh, funny, and very creative, and we were laughing out loud at many of their videos which are really well edited and very high quality. It turns out that Matt and Glory are both experienced film and video professionals and it shows in their YouTube videos. SLICEnRICE has all the ingredients to become a really big channel, but when we found them, the 1.5 year old channel had about 900 subscribers, 80 videos, and total channel views of about 70,000 times, so a little less than 1,000 views per video on average. Given how funny their videos are and the quality of their videos, we believe the SLICEnRICE channel has a lot of upside potential, and we would love to see them really breakout! As a Blasian couple making their mark in the world in a positive way, we knew we had to catch up with Matt and Glory. So we contacted them, and we are very pleased to be able to bring you their story through this interview with SLICEnRICE creators, Matt and Glory. Enjoy!

ABC: Matt and Glory, Thank you for spending a few minutes with us. We are excited to learn more about your story. So tell us about your backgrounds and how you guys met?

Matt: Thank you for having us! My background is African American, but I also have Filipino and Lumbee Native American blood from my grandmother.

Glory: My background is Korean American. We met through a media production society at Towson University called Lambda Kappa Tau. We met at one of their social events, and we both discovered that we had a similar interest and passion for YouTube. We started out as friends and became closer the more we learned about each other. One of the biggest things that helped seal our relationship is our love for God.

Matt: Yes, we strive to go to God for everything, and through our relationship we want to make God proud.

ABC: That’s great! Do you guys have an official start date for your relationship or did it just happen? How did you guys move from just being friends to dating?

Glory: Yes. We established our relationship on June 3rd, 2014. We were acting like a couple for several weeks before then, so we figured it was time to finally give ourselves a label. Our love story was quite complex in the beginning. Although our feelings developed very early on, I had just come out of a 3 year relationship, which made it difficult getting back into the swing of things again. While we faced some challenges along the way, we found our love to be undeniable. We’ve been in the relationship for a year and a half ever since then 🙂

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ABC: That’s awesome. So what qualities do you guys admire most about each other? What keeps your relationship strong?

Matt: That is a tough one. I would say it’s a tie between her goofy, fun personality, which is contagious, and her love for Christ, which motivates me to build a strong relationship with God.

Glory: The thing I admire most about Matt HAS to be his love for Jesus Christ. He isn’t ashamed of what he believes in, and his kindness, genuineness, wisdom, humor, and love rubs off on me. As redundant as it may sound, God is what keeps our relationship so strong and there is no doubt about it.

ABC: How do both of your parents and families feel about your relationship? How do you deal with any family members that may struggle with your relationship?

Glory: My family loves Matt, but it wasn’t always easy in the beginning. Having Korean parents who carry strong traditional values, wasn’t always the easiest to deal with. But after they got to know Matt, how could they NOT like him? It’s still a process of warming up, but despite the “struggles”, my family loves him… especially my sisters!

Matt: My family is very welcoming to Glory and love her as their own. I come from a very diverse family where a lot of family from my mother’s side married interracially. My father’s side also loves and supports our relationship as well, and they call her their own too 🙂

ABC: So Matt, tell us more about your first meeting with Glory’s parents. Any tips for others guys in similar situations?

Matt: My first meeting with Glory’s parents was great! They prepared dinner for me and Momma Kim made me Kalbi, and it was delicious! I would say respect is the biggest key. Whenever there’s an opportunity, I make sure I show them love and appreciation. It’s also about how you represent yourself as well. If you were to go on a job interview, you would dress for the part, as well as make sure they know you are excellent for whatever you are trying to pursue. In that same way, I try to show her parents that I am the best for Glory.

ABC: Great advice Matt! Glory, what changed to make the relationship with Matt and your family improve over time?

Glory: Nothing changed, my parents are just getting to know Matt better. If it wasn’t for Matt’s faith in God, I don’t know that my parents would be as open to him. And it’s because they grew up only knowing marriage within one culture. I don’t blame them, and I’m actually quite blessed to have parents that are still open to me being in a relationship with Matt. Some people have it worse than me, so I don’t want to take my situation for granted even if I don’t have it as easy as some others may have it. I’m going to be honest and say that the “struggle” still exists, but I don’t get as sad about it as I used to since I know that God’s plan is the one that always wins and my parents know that too. It’s not a battle against my parents, I understand their beliefs and I also love them very much. They also love Matt so I am still as happy as I will ever be regardless of the situation.

ABC: That’s great to hear Glory. Parents are an important part of the family equation and it’s great to hear that Matt and your parents have a good relationship! We can tell that your Christian faith is important to both of you which is awesome. Tell us more about what your faith means to you and your relationship. Are you both the same faith? Do you both attend the same church?

Matt: It means everything to us. We want God to be a part of everything that we do and are involved in. God is in our relationship. When we go to work, we try to work hard for God.

Glory: Yes, our faith means everything to us. When we meet people, we try to show them love like Jesus showed love to others. We are both non-denominational Christians. If we meet on Sunday’s, we try to go to a church that’s close to our old university, but when we are not together, we attend church service with our families.

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ABC: That’s great guys. We love the way you express your faith in your videos! So, tell us how SLICEnRICE came about. What’s the history of the channel? When did it start? Has the name and focus of the channel stayed the same from the beginning?

Glory: In one of the first conversations we ever had with each other, we both realized our love for YouTube. After swapping our personal YouTube channels with each other, we discovered that Matt was already subscribed to my channel without even knowing! Being in a film society, we didn’t know many others who were interested in YouTube, since most of the film society people were into big time movies and short films. From the very beginning, we bonded over our love for YouTube and our dreams and aspirations to become full-time YouTubers one day. As we got to know each other better, we noticed how much we shared a common interest in comedy and entertainment. So it was only appropriate for us to make a channel together!

Matt: The name SLICEnRICE came from our love for pizza and rice. I have an extreme love for pizza, and Glory has an extreme love for rice. We were throwing ideas together and this name came up and it had a nice ring to it.

Glory: The official start date of our YouTube channel was June 12, 2014. The name of our channel has remained the same from the beginning and will always remain the same ‘till the end! The focus of our channel has varied here and there, but our main focus of being a comedy-based couple on YouTube who spreads love has never changed!

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ABC: So the channel officially started shortly after the relationship officially started – good timing 🙂 You both seem to be very passionate about the videos. How do you split up the duties of producing a finished video?

Glory: We are indeed very passionate! We both graduated with film degrees so we both have a wide range of knowledge when it comes to media production. Having the two of us is always great since we trust each other when it comes to filming and editing. The way we’ve coordinated the duties of producing a finished video is that I edit Wednesday’s videos and Matt edits Sunday’s videos. We do a great job making sure we equally put in the same amount of energy and work in every video we do.

ABC: That’s awesome! Yes, your editing and video skills are very apparent in your videos. You both seem to have a real passion for making videos. Tell us more about that.

Glory: Thank you! Editing is my favorite aspect of film so I love to take advantage of that as much as I can. We both love film so YouTube is a perfect platform for us to share that love and entertain others with more than just a simple cut. It’s always an advantage being a film major as a YouTuber 🙂

Matt: I love directing! Also, one of my biggest goals is to be in a film that I direct. With our YouTube channel I’m able to do both! I feel like our skill sets compliment each other well. One person’s weakness is the other person’s strength. Watching Glory edit, I was able to learn more editing tricks and techniques!

ABC: We love your passion! So, who is your target audience for the channel? What do your viewer demographics look like so far? Who are your viewers? 

Matt: We try to target high schoolers to post college graduates. We like to have fun doing a bunch of awesome things, and we also enjoy having mature conversations with our Ninjas, which is what we call our subscribers. Right now, there’s a big spike in African-American males discovering our channel, but typically, our viewership is about even with males and females, all ranging from 18-35 years of age.

ABC: Why do you call your viewers Ninjas? Is it influenced more by Asian culture or African American culture?

Matt: BECAUSE NINJAS ARE AWESOME duhhhhh 🙂 I have an extreme love for The Ninja Turtles who have an extreme love for pizza. There is some slight influence from the Asian culture using the term “Ninjas”, but it’s mainly from my love for the Ninja Turtles – Kowabungaaaa! 🙂 When we go out to YouTube conferences like Vidcon, Playlist, and StreamCon, other creators tell us how clever it is to call our subscribers Ninjas. When we get new subscribers, they also send us messages about how they are proud to be called a Ninja and how they think it’s awesome 🙂

ABC: Kowabunga dude! (LOL). Okay, so for both of you, what is your favorite SLICEnRICE video, and what’s the back story on these videos?

Matt: All of them!! (hahaha). For me, it’s pretty much a tie between the Genesis video (see above) and the Vidcon Day 1 video. For Genesis, I had a really fun time writing the rough draft for the script and coming up with clever things to incorporate in the video. We wanted to broadly summarize and modernize a story in the bible. For the Vidcon Day 1 video, this signified a lot for us. I would say this was the beginning of showing how hard we are going to go for our channel. At the time, we had entered a nationwide video contest and won first place. With the winnings, we put the money toward the trip to Vidcon. We also opened up a GofundMe strictly for funding our Vidcon trip. SOOOO many people supported us because they believed in our dream to become successful YouTubers. With God, and the support of everyone, we were pushed closer to our dream. Once we made it to Vidcon, we knew that this was something we would work really hard to become successful with.

Glory: My favorite video is our Boyfriend Challenge video! This was the first video we ever filmed to market our channel. I originally uploaded this on my individual channel to promote our joint channel, but then I also uploaded it to SLICEnRICE. This video is my favorite because it gives you a good taste of our relationship, and it’s a video that received some of the best reactions from our friends and family. I could watch this video over and over again and never get bored with it 🙂

ABC: What are your goals for SLICEnRICE? Where do you want to take the channel? What key messages do you want people to take away from SLICEnRICE?

Matt: Our goals for SLICEnRICE are to inspire others and make them laugh. We want people to come to our channel for a good time. We also want to inspire others with the love we have for God. Our channel is a safe place to be, and is welcoming to anyone who comes regardless of who they are. We just love to share our values in our videos without imposing our beliefs on others, while having a good time. We want our channel to grow big and we know it’s going to happen for us someday.

Glory: The key message we want people to take away from SLICEnRICE is to embrace yourself. Being an interracial couple with shameless love for God, we understand how we are minorities, and how people maybe judge us for who we are. But all we want to do is share our love and passion on the internet with others, so they can be inspired to have the same confidence and fun in their own lives as we do.

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ABC: Very well said! You guys are both really talented and we’re sure that big things are in store for you! So what comes next? For you as a couple, and for your channel?

Glory: Our next big YouTube plan is to attend the Playlist Live conference in Orlando, Florida this coming April! But besides that, our plan as a couple is to keep grinding until we can make YouTube our career. In the meantime, we spend our time together and with our families. As much we love our YouTube channel, we strive not to make that our only identity since we also have friends and family who we love and care about.

Matt: We also have separate, working lives away from YouTube, and so we still have to make sure to leave time for us as a couple and not just as YouTubers. For our channel though, our biggest goal that we’ve had for the longest time is to hit 20,000 subscribers by April! We KNOW we can do it! We see us going big places and it’s always reaffirming to hear friends, YouTube fans, and strangers tell us that they know we will be big someday 🙂

ABC: Matt and Glory doing big things in 2016! We love it! As a Blasian couple doing lots of positive things in life, tell us what advice you have for other Asian and Black couples or people considering an Asian and Black couple relationship?

Matt: Never let the someone’s race decide the fate of whether you should be in a relationship with that person or not. We are all unique in our own special ways. Being in a relationship with a Korean woman, I understood the traditional family values her parents may have. The worst thing I could do is disrespect their traditions and do whatever I want. I continue each and every day to prove myself to her family that regardless of not being Korean, I can take care of their daughter and love her like no other person can.

Glory: My personal advice for someone who wants to get into an interracial relationship – specifically Black and Asian – is to go for it despite your fears of what your family or friends might think. If I were to let my fears get in the way of being with Matt, I’d be missing out on ALL of this. I love him so much and wouldn’t trade him for the world. Who knows, the one you want to be with that is interracial might just be the one 🙂 Also, a fun bonus with interracial couples is that you get to share your culture with them and vice versa. It’s an awesome learning experience!

ABC: You guys are both really inspiring! We love your story and your passion, and we are so very proud of what you guys have accomplished so far. We are sure that we have just seen the tip of this very big iceberg called Matt and Glory, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for SLICEnRICE and any other future endeavors you guys will conquer together. We thank you for sharing your story with us. We love you guys!

Okay, last question. Anything that we haven’t covered that you want to share with our readers?

Matt: I got the slice.

Glory: I got the rice.



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