Please enjoy this guest post from Yang, a Chinese relationship expert who is the author of several websites including Learn Mandarin Now and Love Asian Women. Yang has lived in Asia for over 30 years and is adept at sharing tips about meeting, dating, and keeping relationships with Asian women in order to help you find your ideal Asian bride!

So called Blasian dating has seen a resurgence over the last four or five years, thanks to a combination of old and new factors. For those who don’t know, Blasian is a term which is often used to refer to mixed race dating when one of the parties has dark or black skin or is of African descent and the other person is of Asian descent. More often than not, in most Blasian relationships, it is the male who has dark skin and the female is Asian, but this is not always the case.

As a starter, it’s interesting to look at some of the underlying or historical reasons why Black men have dated or married Asian women. Simply put, meeting Asian women has always been of interest to Black men, particularly due to recent times often as a result of geopolitical factors. Black men have been in or visited most Asian countries for well over 60-70 years.

Indeed, most Asian women know of three very identifiable categories of Black men:

  • Military Guys: The US military is made up of a relatively high percentage of Black men, whether this be the army, navy, or airforce, and the US military has had soldiers stationed in Asian countries such as The Philippines, South Korea, Vietnam, Japan, and so on for many years. As a result, there have been many opportunities for US military Black men to meet and marry Asian women and vice versa.
  • Business Men and Traders: Then there are the businessmen and traders, mainly from Africa, who initially started sourcing and exporting products from Asian countries such as China to their home countries—and ended up staying in Asia and living in Malaysia, Thailand, China or The Philippines long term, ultimately dating and marrying local Asian women
  • Students: Finally, and certainly over the last 20 or so years, many Black men from all over the world have travelled to Asia to study, whether it be a language (often Chinese or Japanese), or other subjects related to trade, or to obtain university degrees in, say agriculture, to help them when they return to their own countries. However many Black men who were students stay on in Asia and carve out a new life with an Asian woman, raising families in their adopted country.

So, whilst we have an increased number of Black men coming to Asia, as you might expect, there are more Asian women attracted to Black men and prepared to engage in relationships with Black men. This has been a gradual process as, in the past, there may have been resistance from the families of the Asian women about their daughter dating or marrying black men.

With greater awareness of Black culture and people through sports, films, music, and entertainment, the profile and awareness of Black men have been raised and enhanced throughout Asia. This, in turn, has helped break down previous barriers to acceptance of Blasian relationships.

On top of this, add in greater travel movements, and of course, the internet with its worldwide accessibility, allowing people of all races to instantly communicate with each other, plus the proliferation of specialised mixed race or Blasian dating sites, and there has never been a better time to look for a mixed race Blasian relationship!

Yang is the author of the website Love Asian Women and has lived in Asia for over 30 years, and is adept at sharing tips about meeting, keeping relationships with and dating Asian women in order to help you find your ideal Asian bride!



  1. Yes it definitely happening and beginning to take off and I see it only accelerating further in the next few decades ahead globally. Times are really changing

  2. Yeah it’s definitely taken off over the years. Being stationed overseas in Asia three times, you see alot if Black service members dating and marrying Asian women. I’ve been married 23 years in August to a Filipina, best time of times.

  3. I love looking at these stories and learning the experiences of different Blasian relationships and cultures,
    Because I’m in a new relationship with a gorgeous blasian & white man and we first began our relationship from online.
    We’ve been together about 2 years and we’ve been through ups and downs and fought so strong in our long distance relationship, and I can’t imagine life without him, and I love him so much as a person.


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