Jordan Clarkson, African American and Filipino, is the second person of Filipino descent to play in the NBA since Raymond Townsend, African American and Filipino, played in the NBA from 1978 to 1982. Jordan’s father Mike Clarkson, African American, and his mother, Annette Davis, half Filipina, met in the US Air Force Reserve and Jordan was born in the US. His parents divorced when he was young, and his father remarried.

Jordan Clarkson with his father, Mike Clarkson, and Filipino stepmother, Janie Clarkson
Jordan Clarkson with his father, Mike Clarkson, and stepmother, Janie Clarkson

Jordan, 6′5″ (196 cms) and 186 lbs (84 kgs), plays point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers and at times, teamed up with Jeremy Lin as the other guard to give the Lakers the first Asian backcourt ever in the history of the NBA. In Jordan’s first season in the NBA with the Lakers in 2014/15, he played in 59 games, with 38 starts, and averaged 12 points per game in an average 25 minutes per game. For the season, he was also named to the NBA All Rookie First Team.

Jordan Clarkson and his mother, Annette Davis.
Jordan Clarkson and his mother, Annette Davis.

In 2015, Jordan was in discussions on the possibility of also playing with the Philippines Men’s National Basketball Team. FIBA, the International Basketball Federation had ruled that Jordan was eligible to be a member of the Philippines team due to his Filipino mother, however Jordan ultimately passed on the opportunity due to a schedule conflict between the LA Lakers training camp and the Philippines national team playoff schedule. Even if Jordan had played for the Philippines, he would have missed crucial playoff games due to the Lakers training camp taking top priority. Here is an excerpt of Jordan’s released statement after the decision on September 9th, 2015:

“I’m very disappointed I won’t be able to play with the Gilas National Team (the Philippines Men’s National Basketball Team) during the FIBA Asia Championships from September 23 to October 3. We can all agree, the 12 men selected to represent the Philippines in this 2015 FIBA Asia Championship have earned the right and any continued efforts on my part would not be fair to the team. I will cheer them on to Gold. Let’s Get To Rio!”

In related news, the Philippines national team announced that their final team roster would include former NBA player, Andray Blatche. The team captured the silver medal in the 2015 William Jones Cup, the gold in 2015 MVP Cup, but lost to China in the finals of the 2015 FIBA Asia Championship. However, the Philippines qualified for the 2016 FIBA World Olympic Qualifying Tournament.

Andray Blatche, former NBA Washington Wizard, who plays on the Philippines Men’s National Basketball Team.

Andray, the former NBA Washington Wizards / Brooklyn Nets player now plays for the Xinjiang Flying Tigers in the Chinese Basketball Association. Andray became a naturalized Filipino citizen in 2014, largely so that he could play on the Philippines national team. To our knowledge, Andray does not have any Filipino blood or other Filipino connections.

Note that several other NBA players are rumored to have Filipino blood, but none have been confirmed at this time. Most notably, Nate Robinson is said to be 1/8th Filipino through his mother’s side based on an interview that he gave, however his mother later contradicted this in an interview saying that while Nate was raised in a Filipino neighborhood, that he did not have any Filipino blood to her knowledge.

Ricardo “Ricky” Brown, did have confirmed Filipino blood (his mother was from Santa Cruz, Manila) and he was drafted by the Houston Rockets in 1979, however he never played in the NBA. Ricky went on to play in the Philippines Basketball Association (PBA) where he would later be named as one of the PBA’s Top 25 Greatest Players of all time.

The NBA is hugely popular in the Philippines. Despite only having a few official NBA / Philippines connections today, there are a number of up and coming potential NBA players with confirmed Filipino blood such as Kobe Paras, Bobby Parks, Jr., Stephen Holt, Aaron Craft, Japeth Aguilar, and Ron Artest III, so Jordan may have some NBA kapatids (Filipino brothers) soon.



  1. Now who is that other lady with seeming half-Caucasian features labeled Annette Davis pictured with the very young boy Jordan Clarkson ? We are confused

    • Nick,
      Thanks for your comment. We think you are referring to this picture of a younger Jordan and his mother. Several sources have conflicting pictures of Jordan’s birth mother with some sources actually showing his Filipino grandmother as his mother. We have been in touch with family members and the picture in our article is the correct picture for Annette Davis, Jordan’s birth mother. Thanks for visiting ABC!

      • That picture is not annette clarkson-davis, that is her mother who is full Filipino. That is Jordans grandmother. Janie the stepmother is Mexican from san antonio and has no Filipino in her at all.

        • Cheri,

          Thank you for your comment. We have updated the article based on your feedback. Several online sources indicate that the picture of Jordan’s Filipina grandmother is a picture of his birth mother, so it looks like several sites possibly have inaccurate information.

          Thanks for visiting ABC

      • I’m Annette Davis’ cousin and I know. The lady in the picture with him is is step-mom. The older lady is his grandmother (100% Filipina.) Annette David is his real/birth mother. She is not pictured. There is no conflict in reports, ask the family and we’ll tell you.

        • Paul,

          Thank you for your comment. The article was updated based on the feedback we received. We differ with you about there being no conflict in the reports. Several American sources said that Annette Davis was half-Filipina and several Filipino sources said that Annette Davis is full Filipina, so there are definitely conflicting sources on the topic. Appreciate you visiting ABC and sharing your insight!


  2. Why is it that Filipinos only claim blacks who are rich or famous? He looks more BLACK than Filipino, plus he’s 6.5. Filipinos are among the shortest people on the planet and aren’t very athletic, hence the lack of but maybe a handful of Olympic medals… His black genes got him to the NBA…. there are no pure Filipinos in the NBA… If he lived in the Philippines he’d be treated like the negitos, aetas or other mixed filipinos…. like trash…

  3. How are you speaking for the whole population of filipinos? There are quite a few african americans that live in the Philippines and are not treated differently. I know because i was born there and have a filipino mother. Also have a child who is half african american. Stop being so judgemental dang!

  4. The contours of Jordan Clarkson’s face and body shape mirrors that of the filipino national hero Jose Rizal. Put their facial images side by side and see the likeness.


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