Asian and Black couples are not nearly as rare as some believe and there are plenty of Asian and Black couples in committed love – married, engaged, or long term dating. We love it! Recently we published the list of Filipino and Black couples in committed love and continuing that series, this post will list every day Korean and Black couples in committed love. Celebrity Korean and Black Couples can be found here. We will build additional pages for other every day Asian and Black couples in committed love over the next few weeks as we continue to celebrate all Blasian couples. Seeing is believing and we hear from so many people how the photos and articles at ABC encourage and inspire them. Asian and Black couples also tell us how much it means to them and sometimes their families to see other loving Blasian couples and know that they are not the only ones, and that all the negative stereotypes are just not true. We love showing people that all of the negative stories and myths about Blasian couples are just not true, and that Blasian couples have some of the strongest loving relationships on the planet!

At ABC, we have the most extensive list of Celebrity Korean and Black Couples on the internet as well as lists for other Celebrity Asian and Black Couples. You have to be a major or minor celebrity to be on these lists, but we know that there are far more non-celebrity Asian and Black couples in love out there, many of whom we have featured on our ABC Facebook and ABC Tumblr pages.  We want to celebrate all of the worldwide Korean and Black Couples in committed love on this page. To be shown as a Korean and Black couple in committed love on this page, here are the criteria:

  • one partner should be 50% or more Korean
  • one partner should be 50% or more Black or African descended
  • the couple should be either A) married, B) engaged, or C) long term dating for 3 years or more
  • the couple should be in committed love

That’s it. If you fit those criteria and want to have your photo added to this page, send us an email at with the title “Korean and Black committed love” with the following information:

  • a clear photo of the two of you as a couple – no sunglasses or fuzzy photos please
  • the first name of each partner (we only publish first names)
  • the ethnicity of each partner
  • your relationship status – married, engaged, or dating
  • length of the relationship – both how long in total AND how long married or engaged.
  • optional – tell us one or two things you most admire about each other

For this list, we welcome all Korean and Black couples worldwide, both BMAW and AMBW. This list will be regularly updated with both new additions as well as deletions when necessary. Below are the couples that we know of today, but we are excited to see this list grow over time! The couples are listed roughly in order of the total length of their relationship.

Jermaine and Tricia Jermaine and TriciaJermaine, African American, and his lovely wife, Tricia, Korean American, have been married for 3 years. Jermaine and Tricia were highschool sweethearts and have been together for a wonderful 15 years. They enjoy every moment together and they enjoy their life to the max. Much respect and many blessings to Jermaine and Tricia – we love these guys!

Frank and Jangmi Pastor Frank and Jangmi from the Blooming Anyway TV Youtube channelSay hello to Bishop Frank, Korean, and his wife Jangmi, AfrAm / Korean. Bishop Frank and Jangmi along with their 3 sons are a family of faith and Jangmi says that she started her AMBW / Blasian Youtube channel because God gave her a word to share! Their channel is called Blooming Anyway TV and it is very well done focused on faith, family, food, and lifestyle. They have been together since 2001 and married since 2003. We wish Bishop Frank, Jangmi, and their family much love and happiness with abundant blessings!

Steve and Erin steve erinSteve, Korean American, and his wife, Erin, African American, are one of the coolest Blasian couples on the planet! Steve and Erin started dating in 2005 when Steve asked Erin to be his girlfriend. They have actually known each other since they became friends in 7th grade. They were married in 2013 and their engagement / wedding photos are all over the web as they are very photogenic. We wish them continued happiness for this lifetime and beyond!

Donavan and Angela  Donavan, African American, and his wife, Angela, Korean show us how it is done after 12 years of marriage and 3 beautiful kids! They have an adorable family that is full of love and happiness and we love this family! Many blessings to the entire family forever!

Tyler and Vmarie Taylor and VMarieSuper gorgeous family! Tyler, Korean American, and Vonnette AKA Vmarie, Jamaican American, have been married since 2006 and have two children. Tyler is a minister and Vmarie is a business owner and fashion blogger. They first met at a gym and did a long stretch of long distance dating. Check them out at Vmarie’s Youtube.

Robert and Julie robert julie_1Robert, African American, and his beautiful wife, Julie, Korean American, are the definition of love! They were married in 2008 and have 3 daughters. Robert is an avid 49ers fan and the ultimate family man. Julie says that Robert is more than a husband and father, he is her partner forever in life. They have managed to find that rare place beyond just being in love and we are so very happy for both of them and their family. Many blessings!!!

Tony and Hyonok Tony and Hyonok1Great family photo of Tony, Multiracial – African, European, and Asian American, his wife Hyonok, Korean, and their two sons. Tony and Hyonok have been happily married since 2008 and they live in Korea. Tony currently serves in the US military and we thank him for his service to our country! We wish all the best to Tony and Hyonok and their family!!

Herschel and Noelle herschel noelle1We love Herschel, African American, and his lovely wife, Noelle, Korean American. Herschel and Noelle have been together since 2009 when they met on an online dating site. They married in 2011 and have 2 beautiful daughters together, with a third child on the way later in 2016! Their warmth and love are contagious and they are the definition of a loving family. Check out their HershNoeie Youtube channel here and their ABC interview here. Many blessings!

Jonathan and Jinny jonathan jinnyJonathan, Ghanaian American, and his lovely wife, Jinny, Korean are both big salsa dancers. They have been together since 2012 and were married in 2014. Much love to the happy couple!

Jae and Jenny jenny and jaeJae, Korean, and Jenny, African American first met in 2012 on a Korean dating site in Korea while Jenny was teaching there. They dated, fell in love, and married in Korea. They moved to the US briefly, but have now moved back to Korea where Jae has better job opportunities. Check out their very well done YouTube channel, J Hearts J, here. Many blessings to this lovely couple!

Emmanuel and Geurimemmanuel geurimEmmanuel, AKA Emma, Ugandan, and Geurim, Korean, first met in Hangang Park in Seoul, Korea when Emma was playing basketball and the ball rolled over to where Geurim was standing. Geurim, who spent time in Philadelphia when she was young and was accustomed to seeing Blacks, said that she thought that Emma was cute, funny, and familiar when she first met him. Emma, who was born in Uganda, but adopted in the US, has lived in Korea since 2012 and married Geurim in 2014. They have one beautiful child together and Geurim’s family is very warm and loving toward Emma which is awesome to see! Their life in Korea is shown on a Korea television show “My Neighbor Charles” which is linked here. We wish them much happiness.

Ivo and Yuri ivo yuri1_2Ivo, Afro-French, and his wife, Yuri, Korean, have been together since 2013 and married in late 2015. They met through a mutual acquaintance in Paris, France, Ivo’s home country, when Yuri was studying in France. Later they married in Korea which is where they live today. See their full story here. We love this couple and wish them nothing but happiness!

Joe and Alena Maze and LeeAlena, African American, and Joe, Korean American, AKA MazeLee, were married in 2014. They have two children together and Alena has 4 other children from prior marriages. Alena, African American, is a mathmetician and PhD candidate and Joe, Korean American, is a photographer and photo journalist. They first met in high school, but went their own ways and reconnected later in life and fell in love. Check out their MazeLee YT channel here. Another great story of love trumping race!

Felix and Soyoung Felix Paul John So YoungSay hello to Felix, Nigerian, his beautiful wife, Soyoung, Korean, and their ever so cute daughter. Felix and Soyoung have been married since 2014. Felix recently completed his Masters degree program in Oil & Gas Project Management – very proud of Felix! Many blessings to the happy family!

Stephen and Mao stephen and mao3_1Say hello to Stephen, Nigerian, who lives in Tokyo, and his wife, Mao, bicultural Korean and Japanese, from Kyoto. They were married in 2014 and have one adorable daughter together. Many blessings to this beautiful couple.

Run and Neul Run and NeulWe are very happy for Run, African American, and Neul, Korean who just announced their engagement. Run and Neul have been together for 10 months now and engaged since the end of 2015. Neul says that Run is her significant other and she expects to spend the rest of her life with him! Much love and many blessings to the happy couple!

See all of our articles on Asian and Black couples in committed love here. Drop us a line if you would like to be included on any of our Asian and Black couples in committed love pages. We regularly say that Love Trumps Race and Love Trumps Borders because we see it all of the time with loving Blasian couples. Wishing everyone all the best!



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