Lily J. Lee, the leading Blasian Family YouTuber from Blasian Family Channel (블라시안 패밀리 채널) is branching out. Lily started the Blasian Family Channel in 2008, and has uploaded nearly 900 videos which in total have been viewed over 6 million times since that time. Her channel which primarily focuses on her Blasian family (Kenyan and South Korean) and their adventures has attracted over 27,000 subscribers, more than any other YouTube channel focused on Blasian family topics, and it is steadily growing.

Lily James family4
James, Lily, and their daughters.

Now Lily is adding a new component to her channel – Lily’s Blasian Dating Show, and it’s available to watch now at the link.  In this dating show, Lily will set up Asian and Black singles on blind dates and film them as they meet and go out on early dates. It is a really fun show and viewer comments have been overwhelmingly positive with some saying that Lily’s Blasian Dating Show is  breaking down years of misperceptions and negative stereotypes between Asians and Blacks. It’s a really great thing to witness.

Tyrell and Yeowon
Tyrell and Yeowon

Lily’s Blasian Dating Show sets up both Black man, Asian woman (BMAW) couples as well as Asian man, Black woman (AMBW) couples. Season one of the show was shot in Korea and so far has shown 3 Blasian couples, Tyrell and Yeowon, Derek and Ariel, and Anthony and Yeowon. Also there are probably another 3 or 4 episodes to come in season one from Korea. We don’t want to spill the beans and will let you watch the blind dates on your own, but some of the couples work out better than other couples as you would expect, but all of the couples are interesting and entertaining. It’s a really good show!

Derek and Ariel
Derek and Ariel

And now for some really great news! Season 2 of Lily’s Blasian Dating Show is being planned as we speak and this time, all of the participants will be from the US. In fact, if you would like to be a part of season 2, you can drop Lily a line at Lily is looking for potential dating participants for season 2 – single Black men, Asian women, Asian men, and Black women, preferably on the east coast in either the greater DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) area or the New York city area. She is also looking for behind the scenes people who can help with filming and editing the show, as well as potential advertisers, sponsors, and investors. If you are interested in any of these roles in Season 2 of Lily’s Blasian Dating Show, you should run, do not walk, to your email and get in touch with Lily now! Season 2 of Lily’s Blasian Dating Show will be bigger and better, so don’t miss out!

Anthony and Yeowon
Anthony and Yeowon

It is a really beautiful thing to see new Asian and Black couples coming together in such a fun and creative way. Lily’s Blasian Dating Show is a trailblazing concept and ABC is happy to be a full supporter of the show. We encourage everyone to share in the excitement!

Go watch Lily’s Blasian Dating Show now at this link.
Watch Lily’s Blasian Family Channel at this link.
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Contact Lily at



    • Thanks for the comment. Yes, we are aware of the Epic Blasian YT couple and we did a short blurb on them on the ABC FB and ABC Tumblr pages. We would be open to doing a full interview on them here. Thanks for visiting ABC.


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