Meet Alex and Gayathri

We are very pleased to introduce you to another beautiful Asian and Black couple, Alex, Nigerian, and his wife, Gayathri, East Indian Singaporean! They have been married for one year and have been happily together since 2009.

How Did They Meet

Alex and Gayathri met online and had chemistry from the very beginning. Alex says, “The first date sealed it for us, I knew she was the one I wanted to marry!” It’s a wonderful thing when you meet the perfect person for you and many Asian and Black couples meet online these days.

Alex and Gayathri3

What They Admire About Each Other

Alex and Gayathri are clearly in love with each other and it is beautiful to see a couple so committed to each other. Alex says, “I love many things about her – she is beautiful, intelligent, lovely, reserved, decent, humble, kind, caring, good hearted, and has a great manner of approach! I am short of words!!!” Gayathri says, “I admire the way Alex speaks to me and others around me, and how he is always thinking and talking about me. It always brings me joy!!!”

Alex and Gayathri2

Alex sums it up beautifully by saying, “I am blessed having Gayathri as my wife, my soul mate, my missing rib, my friend, my family, my world!”

Alex and Gayathri are further proof positive that love trumps race and borders and we are so happy for the two of them. In today’s sometimes crazy world, love is the only force that can close gaps and overcome adversity. Help us celebrate the happiness that Alex and Gayathri share and wish them many blessings together for this lifetime and beyond!

If you are also in an Asian and Black relationship and would like to share your Asian and Black couple story with ABC, please click on the link.



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