It is our pleasure to introduce you to another very happy Asian and Black couple who currently live in Cyprus! Desmond, who is Nigerian, and Lulu, who is Chinese, have been together for six years since 2010. Ten months ago in 2015, Desmond and Lulu joined together forever and were married in a beautiful ceremony!

desmond lulu2_1

Desmond says, “My wife is the most caring woman I have ever known. Her patience, considering that I am constantly away on military assignments, and her take on life is inspiring! She makes me a better person and keeps me in check to work harder. She is one in a million, and I love her!!” Desmond and Lulu live in Cyprus where he is currently posted with the British Army.

desmond luluLulu says, “My husband is very hardworking. He knows what he wants and he goes for it. He is very generous, and he always puts me first. He inspires me and I am definitely lucky to have him in my life!” Desmond and Lulu are currently expecting their first child together and Lulu is due later in 2016.

Desmond and Lulu are perfect together – they complete each other! Their love is incredibly strong and they prove everyday that love trumps race with Asian and Black couples! We are so very happy for them and wish them a safe and beautiful pregnancy. For Desmond and Lulu, much love and happiness for this lifetime and beyond!

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