It is our honor to introduce you to another very happy Asian and Black couple, Emmanuel and Helen, who currently live in England! As our ABC readers know, Asian and Black couples are found all over the world. Emmanuel was raised in England and is Zimbabwean English, and his fiance, Helen, is Filipina. They first met in 2009 through mutual friends, and they started dating in 2010. After being together for five years, they engaged in 2015 and they are now looking forward to marriage. They have two beautiful children together, ages 3 and 1.

In describing their relationship, Helen says, “Honestly, it hasn’t been easy, but we always supported each other. We went through a lot of ups and downs in our relationship. In the end though, we were always there for each other no matter what! We will always will be there for each other, and our love for one another only gets stronger day by day!”  This is the true definition of ride or die and we love their story! Many times, tough situations only make you stronger as a couple and we believe that this strong support and attitude of “We will always have each other’s back, till the end” is one of the things that makes Asian and Black relationships so special.

Emmanuel Helen

Emmanuel and Helen both say that they dream of getting old together and we easily see them in love forever! We wish them all the happiness that this life can bring, much success with their upcoming marriage, and so many blessings for this life and beyond! Much love to Emmanuel and Helen!

If you are also in an Asian and Black relationship and would like to share your Asian and Black couple story with ABC, please click on the link.

Best wishes to everyone!



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