It is our pleasure to introduce you to another very happy Asian and Black couple who found love in Canada! Frederick, who is Jamaican, and his long time girlfriend, Lucy, who is Lao, both met and live in Canada. ABC has many readers and subscribers in Canada and we appreciate all the love we receive from Canada where Asian and Black couples like Frederick and Lucy are thriving!

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How Did They Meet

Lucy: We fell in love the first day we saw each other. I was out with some friends, but I wasn’t really socializing with them because I didn’t really consider them as close friends. Frederick came by to meet one of the guys there who he happened to work with, and one of the people introduced us. I think I was a little shocked that Frederick looked kinda young. Yes, he is younger than me by 7 years 🙂 I remember he was drinking a Corona and I was drinking juice. We had a great conversation and we were only focused on each other. We talked about music and other things that we enjoyed, but the funny thing is that he lied about his age!

Another interesting thing was that we both didn’t even want to be there before we met. I guess we both had an instinct to be there because of fate! He asked if we can leave as we really didn’t want to socialize with the group that was there. I asked him where? He says maybe we can go see a movie or let’s just get away from here. I was shocked because it was the first time I met him! I think he saw what he liked LOL! As we were watching a movie, I wasn’t afraid to hook his arm with mine. And I wasn’t afraid to kiss him on the cheek either.

After the movie was over he drove me to my house and I said thanks for the movie. I was wondering if he was going to ask for my number? So once I took a step out of  his vehicle, he stopped and asked me if he could have my number! It worked! The rest is history. Ever since then, we been inseparable!

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ABC: Great story! I agree, it sounds like it was indeed fate for you guys to meet! Sometimes you just know right from the beginning. How long have you guys been together?

Lucy: We have been together for 5 years now and are going strong. We are planning a future together. Stay tuned….

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How Did They Deal With Gaining Acceptance From Their Parents

Lucy: Both of our parents accepted us from the beginning without any hesitation. I think his family was more shocked than mine because it’s not so common here in Canada to have a Black and Asian relationship. Frederick’s mom and I get along very well. His mother loves me and she has always accepted me as her daughter in law, even though we aren’t married yet. And both our moms have great relationships with us. We both have that strong family value in our cultures, so family is important to both of us. He’s very interested in my culture and I’m also interested in his culture.

ABC: That’s a beautiful thing! It’s very refreshing to hear of both parents accepting the relationship from the beginning! I love your story!

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What Advice Do They Have For Other Blacks and Asians Considering Blasian Couple Relationships?

Frederick and Lucy: Life is too short… take a chance on love. Blacks and Asians both experience challenges. We both overcame every obstacle we faced together. When you and your partner can go through the rough times together, you know that’s the one for you.

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ABC: Very well said! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I’m sure that it will touch many people. We wish you nothing but happiness and joy in your life together! Many blessings!

If you are also in an Asian and Black relationship and would like to share your Asian and Black couple story with ABC, please click on the link.




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