We are very happy to introduce you to Frederick, African American, and his beautiful girlfriend, Uyen, Vietnamese. Frederick and Uyen have been good friends since 2011, and started dating in April 2016. Frederick is a fashion and beauty photographer, and Uyen, who migrated from Vietnam, is a nail salon owner. We firmly believe the world becomes a little happier every time an Asian and Black couple finds love!

How Did They Meet and Fall In Love?

Frederick and Uyen met in Cleveland back in 2011. During that time, Uyen was working at a nail salon which Fred visited from time to time. Fred says, “Not only was Uyen breathtakingly beautiful, she also gave me an amazing manicure and pedicure, so I kept returning, but always asking specifically for Uyen.” After a few months of Frederick being Uyen’s customer, he asked her to go out with him, but each time she said no. Frederick did not realize that during that period of time, Uyen was in an unhappy relationship. Finally one day, Frederick goes back to Uyen’s salon and asked her out again. This time she said yes!

Things were off to a good start, but as fate would have it, unfortunately Frederick moved to Los Angeles a few months later for work. Neither Frederick or Uyen expected their friendship to evolve much further given the distance. During the time when they lived in different cities, they both found other relationships that were unhappy and stressful. Finally, after several years in LA, Frederick decided to move back to Cleveland to help his mother with medical matters and he ended his relationship in LA. During this same time, Uyen finally decided to end her relationship, not knowing that Frederick was moving back to Cleveland as a single man again.

One really smart thing that Frederick did when he was in LA is that he would occasionally keep in touch with Uyen’s brother and sister. They often told Frederick how much Uyen missed him, and how happy Uyen was whenever they would talk or text. Once Frederick moved back to Cleveland, he asked Uyen’s brother to help him reconnect with Uyen by surprise. Frederick says, “So one evening Uyen’s brother had Uyen go with him to Starbucks, but once they arrived, he told Uyen that he forgot his wallet and he had to go home and get it. He promised he would be right back. Instead, her brother called me and told me where she was and I walked in 10 minutes later. When Uyen saw me, she started to cry tears of happiness!” Frederick and Uyen went out for dinner that night at the same restaurant of their first date and they have been together in an unbreakable love ever since! Their undeniable connection after the years of separation is simply testimony to the power of love!

How did their parents and families accept the relationship? 

Frederick and Uyen have had great experiences with both set of parents and families. Uyen says, “Frederick’s parents love me very much and treat me like their daughter. I love his entire family!” Frederick says, “Uyen’s family loves me too and they readily accepted me with open arms. I had the honor of traveling back to Vietnam with Uyen and her family in January of this year and we had the most incredible time meeting all of her family and friends in Vietnam. It’s been nothing short of extraordinary!” Since then, Frederick and Uyen have traveled together to Korea, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, Washington DC, and several other wonderful places.

What advice do they have for other Asian and Black couples?

Uyen says, “This is our first relationship outside of our race for both of us, and occasionally we will get some side eye looks, but we don’t care because we know it’s true love that brought us together!” Frederick is even more direct in his advice and says, “I would tell anyone that it doesn’t matter what other people think. Live YOUR life!” This is wonderful advice that makes incredible sense!


We love Frederick and Uyen! Their love story is super inspiring and we are so glad that they reconnected again with this amazing love after several years apart. When it is meant to be, it is meant to be! We are excited about what the future holds for Frederick and Uyen, and we wish them a wonderful life together of love, happiness, and prosperity!! Many blessings!



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