A huge congratulations to the newly married couple, Ivo, Afro French, and his wife, Yuri, Korean!! Ivo and Yuri have a very special connection and we are very pleased to share their story with the ABC family!

How Did They Meet

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Ivo is French with roots from Cameroon and Ivory Coast. Ivo was born and raised in France where he had lived for all of his life before he met Yuri. Ivo and Yuri first met in May of 2013 in Paris, France. Yuri was living in France on a student visa at that time, where she was living her childhood dream of learning French and discovering France. On one fateful day, May 23, 2013, a mutual acquaintance introduced Yuri and Ivo. They had a magical spark right from the very beginning, and within one month, they were very much in love. Ivo says that he was really impressed by how nice and thoughtful Yuri was as a person when they first met. After one month, they both say that their love was undeniable and very special.

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For the first part of their relationship, Yuri lived in France, and later in the relationship, Ivo moved with Yuri to Korea. In October of 2015, they were officially married in Korea and they had a great wedding ceremony in December of 2015 also in Korea. As is the case with many Blasian couples, their love and relationship has crossed many country borders, and they are quite the international couple!

How Accepting Are The Parents

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Fortunately, acceptance with both sets of parents has been really good! When Ivo and Yuri both lived in France, Yuri would frequently send pictures of the two of them to her family in Korea to help familiarize them with Ivo. Later when Ivo met Yuri’s parents in person, he says that her parents accepted him as a son from the very beginning.

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It’s really great to hear their story of how accepting both set of parents are about their relationship! Ivo says that his Korean in-laws worry about him a bit in Korea, because it is hard to be a foreigner in Korea, but that so far everything is working out great!

What Advice Do They Have For Other Asians and Blacks Considering A Blasian Couple Relationship

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Ivo and Yuri have these words of wisdom for other Asian and Black singles who are considering a Blasian couple relationship, “Just live your life and don’t pay attention to people’s reaction to your relationship, because we are all human beings and love doesn’t have any borders. It’s a richness to marry with someone from a different country cause you learn so much about a different culture. We are very happy together!” They also say that for now they plan to continue living in Korea which is wonderful. You can stay up to date with Ivo and Yuri by following their blog, Blasian Style.

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The love story of Ivo and Yuri gives us great hope that more Asian and Black couples can have loving relationships where families and others simply accept them for who they are. Their story is another great example of how love trumps race. Ivo and Yuri also illustrate how when it is your destiny to be with that special person, no borders can stop that relationship! We are so very happy for Ivo and Yuri and we wish them much happiness and many blessings for this lifetime and beyond!!

If you are also in an Asian and Black relationship and would like to share your Asian and Black couple story with ABC, please click on the link.




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