Meet Jack and Rashida!

This is one of our favorite stories ever! We are very honored to be able to introduce you to two special people, Jack who is Nigerian, and Rashida who is mixed Chinese and Japanese from Canada. They have been dating and totally in love with each other since 2013. Their story crosses borders, ethnicities, religions, and age differences, and despite all of this, they are absolutely perfect together! We love Jack and Rashida!

How Did They Meet And Fall In Love?

Jack was a student of Business Administration and was working for a bank in Asia in 2013. One day, Jack was relaxing at the pool in the condo complex where he was living, and one of his good friends, Daniel, introduced him to Rashida. Daniel was a mutual friend to both Jack and Rashida, and he just happened to make the perfect match that day at the pool.

How Did They Deal With Gaining Acceptance From The Parents?

Jack puts it very simply, “My Yoruba mother accepts Rashida completely, and she is rushing me to have a grandchild for her!” We love mothers 🙂

Jack Rashida1_1

What Words of Wisdom Do They Have for Blacks and Asians Who are Considering Blasian Relationships?

Jack and Rashida give us some great advice, “Just be yourselves and let God take care of the rest. We are a Christian and Catholic combo with a 12 year age gap. We are living proof that love overcomes differences in race, religion, and age.” What is meant to be will be and everything will happen just when it is meant to happen. Their advice is right on the money!

What Does The Future Hold For This Beautiful Couple?

Much love and happiness for this lifetime and beyond!

In fact, Jack has a very important question for Rashida:

Rashida, my love….. Will you marry me!!


The world gets a little happier every time an Asian and African descended couple joins together in love! We will let everyone know in the comments as soon as we have an update on Jack and Rashida.

So many blessings forever!!

============ POST ENGAGEMENT UPDATE =====================

Jack Rashida4

We are happy to provide you with a great update on Jack and Rashida!  As you know by now from reading the comments, Rashida was totally surprised and read the engagement proposal for the first time on ABC which she regularly reads. After being totally surprised, she said yes! Jack’s proposal was really creative and very romantic. Many readers said they wanted to be just like Jack!

Jack Rashida5_1

Jack and Rashida have provided us with a few more photos since their engagement is now official. Jack says, ”

“Hope you and the ABC readers are happy and healthy! Just wanted to thank all the ABC readers for all their congratulations (my baby’s so happy!), and here are more photos! My baby and I have completed our engagement trip in Tokyo (with her family) along with a vacation. We will be heading back to Nigeria for the wedding next year (with my family).

Again, thanks a zillion! Couldn’t have done it without that ‘surprise proposal’ from ABC.
Cheers, Jack”
Jack Rashida3
Jack is a real class gentleman and he and Rashida are so fortunate to have found each other. We love the update Jack and Rashida, and we love both of you! Much love and happiness!!




  1. BEST STORY ever! This is so motivating. I’m so enjoying this. Keep printing such stories, and you did good ABC!

  2. My friends saw this and I came in to have a look for myself. So it’s true! A good Nigerian man! Congrats Rashida

  3. Where is the ‘like’ button? Jack is Yoruba, you are Nigeria’s pride! Congrats! #nigeria #nairaland #nollywood

  4. This story makes my day! I believe in love 🙂 Thanks ABC for sharing and CONGRATS to you Jack, you lucky fella! She’s so beautiful (and tender) Your mother gives very good advice 😉

  5. Congrats Jack and Rashida! I’m Chinese and my loving husband is from South Africa. He shows me this ABC article. I wish you all the best and blessings forever 🙂


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