Meet Lu and Jas

It is our pleasure to introduce you to Luis (Lu), African Canadian, and his beautiful wife, Jasmin (Jas), Thai. They have been together for 7 years since 2009, and they married in 2014. The world gets a little happier every time an Asian and Black couple finds love 🙂

How did they meet and fall in love?

Lu was teaching at a University in Thailand before deciding to pursue a teaching experience with high school students. He applied to a school that was 30 kilometers (~19 miles) out of town to where he was living in Thailand. Lu was accepted at this school and he taught there for 4 months before meeting the woman, Jas, who is today his wife.

At the new school, Lu had developed a great rapport with all of the other teachers. Lu was the guy who would keep everyone motivated and joyful, and many people in his department would come up to Lu when they had stuff on their mind and just needed someone to listen to them. Lu had a good way of joking with the other teachers and keeping things light. But Jas, who was a new teacher at the school really never said much to Lu initially other just saying hi and that was it. As time went on, Jas developed a joy in hitting Lu when she passed by to sorta get his attention, like a hard slap on his back, but she still wouldn’t say much.

As time went on, Jas developed a joy in hitting Lu when she passed by to sorta get his attention, like a hard slap on his back, but she still wouldn’t say much. Lu really never understood why and he tried to ask why she liked doing that. With time, Lu started to understand that Jas was very shy, and when she would hit him, that was her only way to get his attention. Jas really wanted Lu to play and interact with her like he did with the other teachers, but she was too shy to express that directly. From there, things evolved to the point when Jas started opening up more and telling Lu her worries, fears, plans and asking for advice. Lu and Jas started to create a bond that they didn’t even realize, but others around them could see their bond and how happy there were together. Some female teachers told Lu that Jas liked him, but was too shy to say it. Jas started driving Lu home and would sometimes bring him lunch, so they could have lunch together. They also started chatting and calling each other more. The point when all got sealed was during the time

Lu says the relationship was really sealed one day when he was assisting her to prepare her documentation for a scholarship in China. Jas raised many questions about what Lu wanted to do in the future, and she even threatened to cancel her scholarship in China so that she could continue teaching in Thailand to be close to him. Lu says that he then understood that she was the one, and the relationship just flourished from there!

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How did their parents accept the relationship and how did they deal with the parents?

Lu says, “It was not easy, because it is not ordinary for a Thai (Muslim) parent to see their daughter dating a Black guy.” But Jas just sorta eased their relationship on her parents in a gentle kind of way that’s hard to explain. Sometimes, Lu would call and Jas would  give the phone to her mom or dad,  so they could learn to see my Lu’s heart, and not his skin color. Over time, her mom would sometimes make curry for lunch for them. Then finally, they decided to have Lu visit her parents. At that meeting, the parents just started to realize that their daughter, Jas, was just very happy with Lu!

With Lu’s family, his brothers, sisters, and even his friends talk to Jas sometimes on Facebook. Lu’s dad had heard about their relationship from everyone in the family, and his dad even surprised Lu one day by asking about Jas before Lu had even told him about her. Jas hasn’t visited Lou’s father yet, but they plan to make that happen soon.

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What do they admire most about each other?

Lu and Jas say that they are just simple people which really works for them. They quickly know when the other person is not calm and they immediately help the other person to get over whatever is bothering them and get back to being calm. That’s a great quality to have! Lu and Jas say, “Since we are really more like friends, it makes it easy to be in love with each other.”

What advice do they have for other Asian and Black couples?

Lu and Jas have the perfect advice for other Asian and Black couples! They say, “You will face many differences in culture, beliefs, and with others that you didn’t expect, but always remember that those differences just make both of you special as a couple, and your love will beat all the differences!” We really love Lu and Jas! They are another great example of how love can overcome differences and adversity. We admire their deep friendship and love and wish the same for all of our Asian and Black couples around the world! We wish them much love and happiness forever and ever!

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  1. I live in Saint Paul Minnesota, although my interaction in the asian, specifically the hmong community appears more opening, I would enjoy interacting with my asian sisters, what prevents me from approaching such ladies, is the cold vibes I feel, what can I do to break the ice?

    • Alex,
      Thanks for your comment. Great question. Being able to have interactions with someone from a different culture is a great way to lessen real and perceived barriers. Lots of ways to do this, but have you ever thought about doing language exchange with someone who’s native language is one of the Asian languages. If you google language exchange, you will find plenty of ways to do this. Just one idea, but I’m sure others may have ideas as well.

      Thanks for visiting ABC!

  2. Alex smith, Asians are not cold,they are shy… generally, it’s not well seen when a woman speaks to a man she has never met. she gets the feeling that she is too cheap. If you always have a habit of meeting Asian girls, make sure you identify the one that you like and start by basic greetings and compliments. Then wait till she gets used to you.( always say something that will bring a smile and look simple and gentleman when u speak. When you greet many of then and try to create a vibe at different times. They will easily tell themselves to avoid the flirt you are. You may greet them when you see and concentrate on the one you are interested in.

  3. Hmm I was wondering if you could specifically somehow interview a Hmong woman and a black man in a blasian relationship or marriage?


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