We are very pleased to introduce you to Oliver, his wife Wu, and their beautiful family. Oliver (王乐) is from Cameroon and Wu is from China. They live in Guangzhou, China and have one adorable daughter together – pictured above along with Wu’s parents.

How Did They Meet

Oliver and Wu2
Oliver and Wu while they were dating

Oliver has lived in China since 2003. He initially taught oral and business English in Chengdu, Sichuan province, and Chaozhou, Guangdong province. Oliver met Wu on a plane while traveling from Chengdu to Guangzhou in the summer of 2006. They dated for six years and were married in 2012.

What Are They Doing Today

Today Oliver and Wu run their own trading company, Kezong International Trading LTD, based in Guangzhou, China. The Kezong International Trading company deals in all types of heavy machines, building materials, and construction equipment. They also provide professional and technical interpretation for anyone looking to do business in China. If you are planning to travel to China to find suitable factory sourcing, visit factories/suppliers, conduct business negotiation, or attend exhibitions or trade shows, an experienced business interpreter, assistant, or Chinese market guide is very important to protect your interests and make sure you have a safe and successful business trip in China. For more information on Kezong International Trading, please click on this link.

We are very pleased to introduce you to Oliver and Wu. We wish all the best that life has to offer to Oliver and Wu. They indeed are another example of how love trumps race!

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