Lists of celebrity Asian and Black couples were previously published for Filipino and Black, Korean and Black, Japanese and Black, Chinese and Black, and South Asian and Black couples. Click on any of the links to view these couples. This list will include all other known celebrity Asian and Black couples who are from an Asian group not mentioned above. This list with include Asian and Black couples past and present, major and minor celebrities, and will include both full and partial Asian / Black couples. Please let us know of other Asian / Black celebrity couples that should be on this list or known changes to the couples below and we will update the list.

1. Earl Woods and Kultida Punsawad Woods
Tiger Woods, Earl Woods, and Kultida Punsawad Woods

Earl Dennison Woods, three quarters African American, one quarter European,  was a US Army infantry officer who served two tours of duty in Vietnam, and retired with the rank of lieutenant colonel. His son is professional golfer Tiger Woods who Earl started in golf at a very early age and coached exclusively for his first years in the sport. Earl met his second wife, Kultida “Tida” Punsawad (Thai:กุลธิดา พันธ์สวัสดิ์), while stationed in Thailand in 1966. Tida is half Thai, a quarter Dutch and a quarter Chinese. They married in 1969. Their son Eldrick “Tiger” Woods was born in 1975 and his nickname, “Tiger,” comes from Earl Woods’ wartime friendship with Colonel Vuong Dang “Tiger” Phong, a courageous pilot who flew in the Army of the Republic of Vietnam.

2. Rocky Johnson and Ata Maivia Johnson
Rocky Johnson and Ata Maivia Johnson

Rocky Johnson, AKA Wayde Douglas Bowles, African Canadian, is a former champion professional wrestler. Johnson has won several National Wrestling Alliance and World Wrestling Federation (WWF) Championships and in 2008, he was inducted into the WWF Hall of Fame. Johnson initially trained to be a boxer and sparred with boxing greats Muhammed Ali and George Foreman, but wrestling was his top love. In 1978, he married Ata Maivia Johnson, Samoan, who was a daughter in the famed Samoan Maivia wrestling family. They have one son together, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the famous American and Canadian actor and professional wrestler. Unfortunately, Rocky and Ata divorced in 2003.

3. Tiki Barber and Ginny Cha
tiki barber and ex-wife ginny cha

Tiki Barber, an African American retired NFL running back with the NY Giants and identical twin brother of Ronde Barber, was married to Ginny Cha, who is mixed Vietnamese and Korean, from 1999 to 2010 and they have four kids together. Unfortunately, Tiki left his then pregnant wife of 11 years for a young white intern at NBC where he was working at the time – very messy.

4. Clay Myers and Ling Myers
H Clay Myers and Ling Myers

H. Clay Myers, African American, is the Founder & CEO of two Indonesian companies, Paradigm, an education and training company, and Coffee Connection, a business networking company. Clay has lived in Indonesia since 2001 and prior to starting his own company, he spent several years as the Academic Director of one of the leading English schools in Indonesia. Clay has been married to his lovely wife, Meilisa “Ling” Jusef since 2004. We wish Clay and Ling continued love, happiness, and success!

5. Troy Polamalu and Theodora Holmes Polamalu
Troy Polamalu and Theodora Holmes Polamalu

Troy Aumua Polamalu, American Samoan, born Troy Aumua, is an American football strong safety for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL. He has been a member of two of the Steelers’ Super Bowl championship teams, and has been selected for the Pro Bowl eight times. He has been married since 2005 to Theodora Holmes Polamalu, African American, and they have two kids together.

6. Mekhi Phifer and Oni Souratha
Mekhi Phifer and Oni Souratha

Mekhi Phifer is an African American actor best known for his role in the medical drama “ER”. For several years Mekhi was engaged to Oni Souratha from Thailand and they have a son together. They called off the engagement and he ended up marrying a different ex-GF for some reason.

7. Omarion and Apryl Jones

Omari Grandberry better known by his stage name Omarion, is an African American R&B singer, songwriter, dancer and actor. Omarion was best known as the lead singer of R&B group B2K and has since gone on to a successful solo career. He is engaged to Apryl Jones, biracial Thai and African American, and they have one son together. Unfortunately, they announced they were breaking up in 2016.

8. Lil Wayne and Sarah Vivan
lil wayne and sarah-vivan

Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr. better known by his stage name Lil Wayne, is an American mega rapper, songwriter, and entrepreneur. Lil Wayne’s first son’s mother is Sarah Vivan who is biracial Vietnamese and white. Apparently she is friends with the other 3 mothers of Lil Wayne’s kids and Lil Wayne hangs with all his kids and baby mommas regularly.

9. Chris Brown and Karreuche Tran

This one might be short lived since they have been on and off again many times since 2009 and they are both young, and volatile, but Chris-Brown, African American hip hop recording artist, dancer, and actor and his model girlfriend,Karrueche Tran, biracial Vietnamese and African, are apparently back on again for now, but don’t blink. Update – they have broken up again.

10. Flo Rida and Brenda Song
flo-rida and brenda song

Flo Rida, AKA Tramar Lacel Dillard, is an African American star rapper from Florida. Flo Rida has been topping the rap charts consistently since 2008. Brenda Song, Hmong/Thai, is a rising star actress, singer, and model best known for being a Disney star on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody and other Disney movies. Despite their 9.5 year age gap, the two dated from 2009 to early 2010. Both have been dating other people since then.

11. Marrese Crump and Cha Crump
marrese crump and cha crump

Marrese Crump is an African American martial artist, stuntman, actor, teacher, and author. Marrese is also the creator of the CMA martial arts system. He is the real deal when it comes to his craft of martial arts and he delivers an excellent performance in the 2013 Thai movie, The Protector 2 in which he also choreographed all the movie’s fight scenes. He is married to Cha Crump from Thailand and they have one child together.

12. Jonah Jo-e Sithole and Erida Nastiti Sithole
Jonah Jo-e Sithole and Erida Nastiti Sithole

Jonah Jo-e Sithole, AKA Jonah 4 Lyfe, Zimbabwean, is an award-winning singer and songwriter who produces a diverse range of music with a real love for R&B music. Jonah released his third album called The Real Me in 2014 with his hit single, Scandal.  In 2006, Jonah won the Zimbabwean televised talent show, CBZ A-Acadamy, and in 2009, he won a MTV World Stage event in Malaysia. He first met his wife, Erida Nastiti Sithole, Indonesian and Filipino, in 2010 and they were married in Indonesia in 2014. They have 3 children together including twins, and they are expecting their fourth child in 2016.

13. Bee Nguyen and TyLynn Nguyen
Bee Nguyen and TyLynn Nguyen

Bee Nguyen, Vietnamese American, and his wife, TyLynn Nguyen, AfrAm, White, and Native American, are the cofounders of TyLynn Nguyen, a lingerie and women’s sleepwear fashion company based in Los Angeles. TyLynn, who studied fashion design in college and was previously a model, met Bee at a tradeshow in NYC and they had an instant spark at first sight. Bee, who once had aspirations of being the first Asian rapper is a marketing wizard with a strong business mind. After New York, they stayed in touch for 3 years before meeting up again in LA in 2010 and becoming inseparable as a couple. They married in 2011 and have 3 beautiful children together. We wish Bee and TyLynn continued success and a lifetime of happiness and blessings! Check out their fashion company, TyLynn Nguyen.

14. Remy and Lovely Mimi
lovely mimi and remy

Say hello to Instagram star turned reality tv star turned rapper, Lovely Mimi,  AKA Myha, AKA @lovely.mimi_, Vietnamese, and her husband, Remy, African American. They were almost married in 2014, and have been together since 2011. Mimi was hella funny on her Instagram with over 1 million followers before converting her stardom into reality TV and rapping.  Unfortunately after some he said, she said, Mimi revealed that they were never legally married and indeed they broke up in 2019.

15. CJ Hamilton and Katherine Tran
CJ Hamilton and Katherine Tran

CJ Hamilton, African-Canadian, and Katherine Tran, Vietnamese-Canadian, are fashion bloggers at – a very well done his and hers fashion blog. They have been dating since 2011. Through their blog, they have built quite the name for themselves in the fashion industry, and they have worked with some of the biggest names in fashion and retail.

16. Timothy Delaghetto and Chia Habte

Tim Delaghetto and Chia Habte

Timothy Delaghetto AKA Traphik AKA Tim Chantarangsu, Thai American, and his girlfriend since 2011, Chia Habte, Eritrean (Africa) / Salvadoran (Central America) from Canada. Timothy is a rapper, comedian, actor, and YouTube personality. He is also a cast member on MTV’s Wild ‘N Out and Guy Code. His YouTube channel, Timothy Delaghetto, has over 3 million subscribers and 600 million views. Timothy and Chia met on Facebook and started hanging out after he had a concert in Toronto, Canada. Timothy asked Chia to marry him in July 2017 and she said yes! In August 2018, they had a beautiful wedding in SoCal followed a month later by a Thai version wedding! We are very happy for Tim and Chia!

17. Jedidiah Francis and Angeline Francis Khoo
Jedidiah Francis and Angeline Francis Khoo

Angeline Francis Khoo, Malaysian Chinese, gave up more than a $407 million family inheritance to marry the love of her life, Jedidiah “Jed” Francis, St. Vincent & Grenadines. They met at Oxford University where Jed obtained his Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D. equivalent) in statistics, and Angeline earned her Masters of Science. Jed and Angeline live in the UK where Jed runs his own AI (artificial intelligence) company and Angeline manages her own fashion line. They are building their own success story which will likely eventually surpass the inheritance that Angeline passed up. We wish them much love and many blessings!

18. Matheu Kieswetter and Glenda Han
Matheu Kieswetter and Glenda Han

Glenda Han is a well known Singaporean entrepreneur and Worker’s Party Council Member. Her husband, Matheu Kieswetter, is a South African symphony conductor and musician who relocated to Singapore. They have been married since 2013.

19. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen
john legend and chrissy teigen

John Legend is an African American megastar singer and songwriter. His wife, Christine “Chrissy” Teigen, is a model and television personality and is Thai / Norwegian. They have been married since 2013.

20. Pharrell and Helen Lasichanh
Pharrell and Helen Lasichanh

Pharrell Williams also known simply as Pharrell, is an American megastar singer, songwriter, rapper, record producer, and fashion designer. Pharrell has many hits, but is probably best known for his chart topper song “Happy”. In 2013, Pharrell married Helen Lasichanh, mixed Lao and Ethiopian, and they have one child together.

21. Jonathan Fatu and Trinity McCray Fatu
Jonathan Fatu and Naomi McCray

Jonathan Fatu, AKA Jimmy Uso, Samoan American, is a WWE professional wrestler. Jonathan tag teams with his fraternal twin brother, Joshua Fatu, AKA Jey Uso, and together they have been two time WWE Tag Team Champions in 2014 and 2015. Jonathan and Joshua are also nephews to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is African Canadian and Samoan. In 2014, Jonathan married fellow WWE wrestler and longtime girlfriend, Trinity McCray, AKA Naomi Knight, AKA Naomi Night. Trinity is also a model, dancer, and singer, in addition to being a main cast member of the reality TV show, “Total Divas”. Prior to the WWE, Naomi was a cheerleader and dancer for the NBA Orlando Magic and a backup dancer for megastar rapper, Flo Rida. Naomi is the stepmother to Jonathan’s two children.

22. Walter Moore and Dillyara Moore
Walter and Dillyara Moore

Walter Moore is a Guyanese soccer player who currently plays for FF Jaro of the Finnish Veikkausliiga, the premier division of Finnish football. Since 2006, Walter has played professional soccer in Trinidad & Tobago, Guyana, USA, Kazakhstan, and Finland. Walter has also played for the Guyana national soccer team in international competition since 2004. In 2013, while playing soccer professionally in Kazakhstan for the FC Vostok team, Walter met his future wife, Dillyara, at the mall and they married in 2014.

23. Gary Morton and Sinan Morton
Gary Morton and Sinan Morton

Gary Morton, Montserratian, and his wife, Sinan, Cambodian, have been married since 2014. Gary is a leader at a large global insurance company, as well as the President and CEO of the Boston chapter of the National Black MBA Association. In addition to being recognized for his many community service activities, in 2013, Gary was named Montserrat’s Person of the Year by a Caribbean media organization. Together, Gary and Sinan, have run successful real estate and day care businesses, and they have two children together. We wish them much happiness together!

24. Davion Da Great and Lucy Thai
davion da great and lucy thai

Up and coming rapper, Davion Da Great, African American, has been dating Van Darney, AKA Lucy Thai, Cambodian and Thai, since 2013. Lucy also goes by @Davionsgirl on Instagram and is a well known model and actress. Davion has recently collaborated with Snoop Dogg and he often features Lucy in his videos – who can blame him! We wish all the best and much happiness for Davion and Lucy!

25. Ambrose Middleton and Tina Nguyen
Ambrose Middleton and Tina Nguyen

Ok, take a good look, and then stop drooling 🙂 It’s Ambrose Middleton, African American, and his girlfriend, Tina Nguyen, Vietnamese American, who are both award-winning professional bodybuilders. They have been dating since 2014 and have been training together since at least 2013. Their dedication to the sport is very clear and we wish them many blessings and much love!

26. Memphis Depay and Karreuche Tran
karrueche-tran and memphis-depay

Memphis Depay, Ghanaian / Dutch, is a professional soccer player who plays for England’s Manchester United and the Netherlands national soccer team. Depay recently signed a new $40 million contract with Manchester United. He appears to have been dating Karrueche Tran since June of 2015 with the couple showing up together in both the US and the UK at various clubs, soccer games, and entertainment events. Long distance is always tough and this relationship did not last long.

27. Ricky Shucks and Twaydabae

Say hello to Ricky Shucks, AfrAm Youtuber, comedian, and actor, and his girlfriend Twaydabae, Vietnamese American. Ricky has managed his Youtube channel, iBeShucks for the last 7 years where he has accumulated over 675,000 subscribers and 122 million video views. He often collaborates with Tim Delaghetto and the Wongfu Productions guys. Twaydabae, AKA Tway Nguyen, AKA Tuệ Nguyen, is also active in social media and has her own up and coming Youtube channel called Twaydabae. Ricky and Tway have been together about a year and their videos have kept people guessing whether they were a couple or not, including a video where they admit to being in an open relationship. In that video Tway said she wasn’t seeing anyone else while Ricky kept people guessing whether he is seeing other women or not. Still their chemistry and interaction on and off screen seems to show that they are together. We wish them all the best and many blessings!

28. Greg Nwokolo and Kimmy Jayanti

Big congratulations to Greg Nwokolo, Nigerian professional soccer player who plays in Indonesia, and his new bride, Kimmy Jayanti, Indonesian supermodel, who tied the knot as the second “royal” wedding in May 2018. They have been together for over 2 years and they make a stunning couple together. We wish them all the happiness in the world and many blessings!

29. Chris Brown and Agnez Mo
Chris Brown and Agnez Mo

It started as a musical collaboration in late 2017 between Chris Brown, African American musical star, and Agnez Mo, Indonesian musical star, but after numerous public sightings, several public social media postings by both, and salty online postings by Agnez’s Indonesian ex, more and more news outlets are saying that Chris and Agnez have evolved into a full relationship. Time will tell for sure, but we think they look great together and we wish them much love and all the best!

30. Victor Cruz and Karreuche Tran
Victor Cruz and Karreuche Tran

It’s Karreuche Tran, Vietnamese and African American, again, this time with Victor Cruz, AfrAm and Afro Puerto Rican, an NFL wide receiver. Victor played for 6 seasons with the New York Giants, and has one Pro Bowl appearance and one SuperBowl win in that time. Victor is currently an unsigned free agent. Karreuche continues to expand her career as an actress and a producer, and has several movie projects in the works as well as awards for her production and appearance on The Bay.  We wish them well with lots of love and happiness!

31. Tommy Taylor Jr. and Dr. Celine Thum
Tommy Taylor Jr. and Dr. Celine Thum

Congratulations to Dr. Celine Thum, Malaysian Chinese, who just met her fiance, Tommy Taylor Jr., African American, on the television show, The Proposal! Dr. Celine Thum is a very accomplished professional and is an attending physician in emergency medicine, a ringside physician for boxing events, a nationally ranked badminton player, and a professional concert violinist. On The Proposal, Celine was presented with 10 accomplished men selected by a panel of blue-chip matchmakers. Celine and her father ultimately narrowed the 10 men down to 2 men who both presented marriage proposals to Celine. After consideration, Celine chose to accept the marriage proposal of Tommy Taylor Jr, who is a computer engineer, an actor, comedian, filmmaker, writer, and founder of his own award-winning media production company. We wish Tommy and Celine a lifetime of joy and happiness in their life together! Many blessings!

32. Jeezy and Jeannie Mai

Jeezy and Jeannie Mai
Credit: Will Cotton

Jeezy AKA Jay Wayne Jenkins, African American rapper, and Jeannie Mai, Vietnamese / Chinese television host are stepping out together! They were first seen out together in January 2019 and they were engaged to be married in March 2020! We wish them continued success and much love and happiness!

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Many blessings to everyone!



  1. Another celebrity couple is Naomi “Trinity” McCray (African-American) and Jonathan Fatu (Samoan) Both are WWE professional wrestlers.

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    • In our broader definition of Asian Pacific Islanders, we include relationships between Asians and Blacks as well as relationships between Pacific Islanders and Blacks.

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