Today, we are really pleased to bring you a review of the TrulyAsian dating app from one of our ABC readers. TrulyAsian, which describes itself as the fastest growing Asian dating site and mobile app, approached AsianBlackCouples about doing a review. At ABC, we like for our reviews to be based on actual experience, so we ran a quick contest on our ABC Facebook page to select one lucky ABC reader – Keenan – who would be granted a 30-day free premium membership at TrulyAsian. Keenan is a very successful single Black professional with great global travel experience and we were thrilled to work with him. So let’s get straight to Keenan’s review of TrulyAsian on behalf of ABC.

ABC: So Keenan, tell us overall how was your last 30 days experience using the TrulyAsian dating app?

Keenan: It was great and I really enjoyed the experience!

ABC: Let’s start at the beginning, tell us about the sign-up process.

Keenan: The sign up was fairly easy and quick.

ABC: And we know in your case, you were provided a free upgrade to TrulyAsian’s premium service. Did the premium service help your experience at TrulyAsian?

Keenan: The premium account definitely gives you a better chance of reaching more potential contacts. It made a big difference.

ABC: So once you started contacting ladies, how easy or difficult was it to make contact? Did any ladies make contact with you first before you reached out to them?

Keenan: Actually, making contact with the ladies was a bit difficult… many were pretty shy in answering. I would say about 10% of the ladies I contacted returned the message. That’s not a super high number, but it is better than some other dating sites out there. Also, no women contacted me first.

ABC: Any language barriers with the ladies? Did you have to translate messages with them?

Keenan: No real difficulties, most of them spoke English.

ABC: What about scammers, did you run into any of them.

Keenan: Yep, just like a lot of dating sites, TrulyAsian has its share of scammers and most of them were aggressive… You have to be able to figure out the lady’s intentions which is not that difficult to do.

ABC: Speaking of which, of the real ones that you were able to connect with, what were their intentions? Just for fun, short term dating, long term dating, marriage?

Keenan: The few ladies that I actually spoke with were all looking for marriage.

ABC: So any meaningful contacts? Any ladies that you are looking forward to keeping in touch with going forward?

Keenan: There were no meaningful contacts on TA yet… 30 days goes by pretty fast. It was easy to communicate with the ladies, but I just did not have any meaningful conversations during my 30 days. I’m hoping for more quality contacts in the future.

ABC: What ethnicity of women did you encounter on the TrulyAsian dating app?

Keenan: Lots of Filipinas… very few Japanese or Koreans.

ABC: So would you do it again and would you recommend TrulyAsian?

Keenan: I would use TrulyAsian again, but next time I would not enter the dating scene with such high expectations… It takes time to find the right person. Overall though I would say that I would definitely recommend TrulyAsian!

ABC: Great review Keenan! We definitely appreciate working with you and we wish you all the best in finding your special lady!

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  1. everything associated with “Truly Asian” only shows Asians and white men… lol this definitely NOT a site for black men to look

  2. I’m a Black christian male over 50 looking for a Asian christian female of my own denomination SDA, who wants to marry, but you don’t ever seem to offer women like that, especially Korean. Why not? Can you help me?

    • Ben,
      Thanks for your comment. As you may know, ABC is just a blog and is not a dating service for now – but that may change in the future. More about that later. However when it comes to dating sites, Filipina and Chinese women are most likely to sign up for dating sites, while Japanese and Korean women are less likely to sign up for dating sites. That’s part of why you don’t see as many Korean women on dating sites. The other part is you really have to go to the places where you can find Korean women in large numbers. Dating, particularly if you are looking for specific populations, is often just a numbers game. By country, the best places to find Koreans are in Korea, China, the US, or Japan. And in the US, the top places to find Koreans are Southern California – LA, Orange County, San Diego, San Bernardino, and Riverside; Honolulu and Hawaii; Queens, Manhattan, and Bergen County in the NYC metro area; San Jose, San Francisco, and Sacramento in Northern California; Chicago and Cook County, Illinois; and Fairfax County outside DC in Northern Virginia. Can you find Koreans in other areas – sure you can, but if you are playing the numbers game, these are the places where you are most likely to find Korean women who might be open to dating. For reasons that we discuss elsewhere on the site, Korean women in Korea are typically very bound by cultural norms and pressure to not date foreigners, although some very strong and brave native Korean women will go against Korean societal pressure and date foreigners in Korea. However, once Korean women leave the strict cultural norms in Korean and immigrate to other countries, aside from Filipinas, Korean women date outside their ethnic group more than any other Asian group. The sad part however is that Korean women who immigrate to other countries seem to have a big preference for Whites / Europeans, even though culturally, Koreans and Blacks share many of the same cultural elements and typically are a very good fit together. Also, the LA riots from over 20 years ago still projects a negative shadow for Black men in the American Korean community.

      Despite all of this, in both SoCal and in NYC, we know of several great Korean and Black couples who have some of the best natural chemistry of all the Asian and Black couples we know. So if you can find the right Korean women, it’s definitely a relationship to pursue. Play the numbers, learn Korean, and learn as much about Korean culture as you can. For now the only dating site we might recommend to find Korean women is Eharmony where you can designate a specific interest in Korean women. Korean Cupid is another possibility, but just recognize that you might be swimming uphill a bit.

      Good luck and thanks for visiting ABC!

  3. Asian Black Couples,

    You stated in the above post:
    “…even though culturally, Koreans and Blacks share many of the same cultural elements and typically are a very good fit together.”

    “…we know of several great Korean and Black couples who have some of the best natural chemistry of all the Asian and Black couples we know.”

    I find those statements very interesting. Could you explain why this is the case? Especially, sharing the same cultural elements.

    Thank you!

    • Steven,

      For Black men looking to date Korean women, it can and does happen, however there are many obstacles to it happening and we certainly do not want to mislead anyone to think that Korean and Black relationships are common. They are not common for many different reasons, however when Korean and Black relationships happen here are some of the similarities between the two cultures that we frequently see:

      – Both Koreans and African Americans share a strong sense of cultural han, which is the collective group sadness that both groups feel burdened with due to oppression and always fighting against the odds. Han is more collectively felt and more well defined for Koreans, but African Americans come very close to having a very similar type of “han” even though no one describes it that way.

      – Both Koreans and African Americans also share a very strong sense of cultural jeoung, which is the collective love and fierce protection of those in your group or collective. Jeoung is a little better defined for Koreans, but it is the strong sense of ride or die and being highly protective of other Koreans that you see with many Koreans. It’s the same collective group emotion that makes you irrationally love everyone in your group, while low key despising everyone that is not in your group. With Koreans, it can sometimes be very difficult to form the bond, but once you do form the bond and join their family, they have your back fiercely through thick and thin. African Americans know this kind of ride or die collective jeoung as well, but it is practiced to different degrees by different people. The shared perspectives on han and jeoung are part of why K-dramas are very popular with many African Americans.

      – Sometimes they have different names for the same thing, but both Koreans and African Americans are passionate about certain types of food – all types of pork, fried chicken, watermelon, sweet potatoes, and hot and spicy food. Sure, they eat some different things too, but open minded people will see they enjoy many of the same foods. Some of this also leads to some Koreans also being “big boned” which is commonly associated with Africans and African Americans.

      – Some K-pop and K-rap is nearly a direct lift from African American music groups. Similarities in swagger, and style is part of why you have seen some very natural looking collabs between the two communities like Snoop and PSY, or Missy Elliot and G-Dragon – they are essentially cut from the same cloth.

      – Depending on the individuals, you can certainly see other similarities like focus on family, education, not accepting less than your best, being direct and confrontational at times, being frugal and making do with little at times, and turning up and enjoying life to the max.

      Sadly, some of these same similarities are often at the crux of the issues between Koreans and Blacks as well. The fierce protection of your posse, while automatically assuming everyone else is against you, and the foolish arguments about cultural appropriation for example. Hence simply having similarities does not automatically make romantic couples out of Koreans and Blacks – there are many other factors at play as well when it comes to romance, but when Koreans and Blacks do decide to fight all of the other pressures to become a loving couple together, they have many areas of common ground to explore which can often make them a very powerful and long lasting Blasian couple.

      Thanks for visiting ABC!


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