The 2016 Blasian comedy movie, A Weekend With The Family, was just released on Netflix in April of 2017. This follows the original US theater release which occurred in April 2016. The movie was directed by music producer turned film director, Chris Stokes, who also directed the 2001 movie House Party 4, and the 2004 dance battle hit movie, You Got Served which grossed over $150 million worldwide. A Weekend With The Family stars Marques Houston, who is known for Sister, Sister (1994), and You Got Served (2004), and Karreuche Tran, who began her entertainment career as a celebrity stylist and is the ex-girlfriend of music star, Chris Brown. Marques and Karreuche are dating in the movie, and while Karreuche is a mix of Vietnamese and African American in real life, her movie character is a mix of Korean and African American. The movie also features a second Blasian couple. Dorien Wilson, African American, who is known for The Parkers (1999) and You Got Served (2004), and Suzanne Whang, Korean, who has appeared in several television series and hosted the HGTV show, House Hunters. Dorien and Suzanne are married in the movie and are the parents of Karreuche’s character. After the trailer below, we will begin our review of the movie including SPOILERS, so do not advance past the trailer if you do not want to see the spoilers!


First, let’s see how others have rated A Weekend With the Family:

  • = 5.7 out of 10.0
  • RottenTomatoes Audience = 2.7 out of 5.0
  • RottenTomatoes Liked It% = 44% out of 100%
  • Fandango = 4.0 out of 5.0

Our ABC rating for A Weekend With The Family is 5.0 out of 10.0.

Overall, we applaud Chris Stokes and the actors involved in this movie for bringing a feature length movie to theaters that includes two Blasian couples. For those who have reviewed the ABC Listing of Asian and Black Couple movies, it’s clear that movies featuring Asian and Black couples do not come around all that often. At the same time, while we enjoyed some of the cheap laughs from the stereotypical cultural differences, we also thought the movie never really advanced past the stereotypes.

Here are the key highlights and lowlights of A Weekend With The Family as we saw it:

  • If you go into the movie expecting this to be a comedy movie, that will probably help you enjoy the movie more. Do not expect any meaningful insight into Blasian couples at all.
  • Many have called this movie the Black or Blasian version of Meet The Parents. The difference is the quality of the comedy. Marques and Karreuche in the lead roles had several flat moments where their comedic timing was just off and their inexperience as comedic actors really showed. Stronger comedy actors in both of these roles probably would have helped this movie immensely.

  • Clifton Powell and Wendy Raquel Robinson, who play the parents of Marques’ character, really steal the movie and they bring the comedy heat throughout the movie. They totally stole all of the scenes they were in, but by the end of the movie, even their comedy, which was heavily based on stereotypes, was growing tiring.
  • Suzanne Whang did a good job as the Korean wife with what she had to work with in the script. Unfortunately, the writers wrote her character as fairly simple with ample amounts of Asian stereotypical humor. Very little about her character was Korean, so don’t expect her character to match real life Korean behaviors and customs. Her strongest point in the movie is when she reminds her husband that their parents did not support their relationship and he was doing the same thing to his daughter’s relationship.
  • With Dorien Wilson, we have seen him deliver much stronger comedy performances on The Parkers for instance, but his best scenes in this movie are when he is playing opposite Clifton Powell where he seems more natural. His uptight, self-righteous, self-centered character came off as a little forced at times.

  • Chantel Jeffries, who plays the sister of Karreuche’s character is multiracial but is not Asian and Black, and she delivers a fine performance in a minor role. She is paired with Black Thomas, who plays the brother of Marques’ character and gives a very enthusiastic performance in a small role.


This is one movie that we are glad we waited until it came out on Netflix. With the price of theater movie tickets running about $12 to $18 per person, we would have felt disappointed if we saw this at the theater. The movie has its moments and it’s nice to see a movie with two Blasian couples, but instead of going beyond the stereotypes, this movie had a huge reliance on stereotypes which grew old by the end of the movie. This shortcoming coupled with inexperienced comedy actors (Marques and Karreuche) in the lead roles of what is billed as a comedy movie leads us to a solid 5.0 out of 10.0 rating. Definitely, catch it on Netflix.


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