We have found one thing that is true about almost every Asian and Black couple we have met – Love Trumps Race! That is why we love to hear great love stories from Blasian couples and we invite you to share your Asian and Black love story with us. The beauty of the internet is that while there may only be a small handful of Asian and Black couples in the area where you live, on asianblackcouples.com, we collect the love stories of many different Asian and Black couples in one place where everyone can see large numbers of Blasian couples from all over the world. Asian and Black couples are a small minority in the world today, but on asianblackcouples.com, Blasian couples are the clear majority on this site and it’s great!

ABC Dating Success
Asian and Black couples who met each other through online dating.

Here on asianblackcouples.com you can see pictures of Blasian couples from all over the world, hear their stories of how they met and fell in love, and hear their advice for single Blacks and single Asians who might be interested in finding their Asian or Black partner for a long-term Blasian couple relationship. Many have read about all the celebrity Asian and Black couples, Lily and James, Randy and Jenny, Tara and Yohei, Wayne and MandieJames and Grace, and many others. We would love to hear from you and add your Asian and Black love story to the list!

bmaw collage
A few Asian and Black couples who are in the public eye.

We hear from many Asians and Blacks all the time who are either currently in a Blasian couple relationship or considering a Blasian couple relationship, how much it means to them to see and hear the experiences of other Blasian couples. Your story can be just just what another couple needs to hear to keep them going and moving forward in a positive way and we would love to help you tell your story if you are interested.

So here is how you can share your Asian and Black love story with us. We now have two ways for you to share with us: A) Share your photos only with us or B) Share your photos and a short story with us.

For option A to only share your photos with us, please send us the following and attach one of two good quality pictures of the two of you as a couple. We will then share your photos with a very short description on either our ABC Facebook page or our ABC Tumblr page. Send this information in email to asianblackcouples@gmail.com with the subject title: Our Pictures.

  1. First names for both you and your partner.
  2. Ethnicity for both you and your partner.
  3. Dating since _____ and (if married) married since _____. [Fill in the blanks with your dates]
  4. Attach one or two good quality pictures of the two of you together. [No sunglasses if possible and no far away pictures where we can barely see the people in the picture]

For option B to share your photos and your story with us, basically send us the same information as option A, but with the 3 additional questions shown below and maybe one or two more photos. Based on what you share with us, we will write a short article on you as a couple and publish this article here on Asian Black Couples, our main blog site. Send this information in email to asianblackcouples@gmail.com with the subject title: Our Story.

  1. First names for both you and your partner.
  2. Ethnicity for both you and your partner.
  3. Dating since _____ and (if married) married since _____. [Fill in the blanks with your dates]
  4. Attach two or three good quality pictures of the two of you together. [No sunglasses if possible and no far away pictures where we can barely see the people in the picture]
  5. How did you meet and fall in love? [Tell us as much or as little as you like]
  6. How did you deal with gaining acceptance from the parents? [For both his parents and her parents]
  7. What advice or words of wisdom would you have for single Blacks and Asians who are considering Blasian relationships?

That’s it – very easy!

If there is other information about your relationship that is unique or different that you would like to share, just include it in your note. Also, we are open to sharing your business name and contact information as well if you like. We have a global readership with about 60% of our views coming from the US and about 20% of our views coming from Asia with the rest of the views coming from Europe, Latin countries, and Africa. While I’m sure we will be able to publish 99% of the stories and pictures you send to us, we reserve the right to edit or not publish anything that is inappropriate or not really related to Asian and Black couples – there’s always the 1%.

Also we know that some of you are still single and while we have a few posts here on where to meet Asians and top dating sites, we hope that you will find inspiration and helpful knowledge from the Asian and Black love stories that are shared here. As we mention in other articles, it really just comes down to regular shared interaction between Asians and Blacks. Love will always trump race in the end.

BMAW wedding topper
A Black and Asian wedding cake topper.

Blasian couples is a beautiful trend that is not going away any time soon. Sometimes people just need to see Blasian couples and hear the experiences and advice from other Asian and Black couples. Your story could be just what another person or couple needs to hear to help them with the next step of their journey. We hope to hear from you!




  1. Hi BlackPassenger64,

    Thank you for your comment. We welcome stories from all Asian and Black couples which includes Asian and African couples, Asian and Jamaican couples, Asian and Caribbean couples, Asian and African American couples, Asian and African Canadian couples, Asian and African Latino couples, and Asian and African European couples.

    Thank you for visiting Asian Black Couples!

  2. I can say the relationship I have with a beautiful Asian girl. We have one of the best love affair you could ever fine. It’s going on four years since we been together. She’s knows she’s the queen of my life and she let’s me know I’m her long awaited King that’s she been looking for.. I leave you this. Brother’s find yourself an good asian women. I promise you. You can’t go wrong.. You treat her right and don’t cheat ..I promised you she be there for you thru thick and thin. Love that woman that’s all she’s looking for ( LOVE ,) and respect.

    • Gene – well said. Thanks for the voice of experience. We agree that love is so essential in a Blasian Couple relationship and that nothing can beat the love shared in a Blasian couple relationship. Thank you for visiting Asian Black Couples and let us know if you would ever like to share more of your story!

  3. Though I’m not ” traditionally ” Blindian/Blasian, I am descended from an AMBW union..a Black South Carolinian great grandmother and a Indian great-grandfather was from Bangalore. Though I never knew him. My great grands spoke lovingly of him. Sadly, I learned about the Indian side of my family was an adult when my late grandfather told me and the rest of his grandkids about him. Not only did he tell us about him,but he surprised us and said that we were going to meet some more of his folks in Washington DC/Maryland/Virginia. As he told us about this family reunion, all of our minds was wondering ” Do they know about their Black kin?” and the Guess-Whose-Coming-To-Dinner mentality.

    Anyways..we got to these place. The next day, we met them at a hotel, traveled around the city received,gifts that came from India and had dinner. We got acquainted with the other side of my family and had fun. Though I never knew how my late great grandfather lost contact with his family other and why, it was still great to have met them. That was in 1986. It’s been years since we dealt with them but one of my relative on my great grandmother side..plan on having a reunion in 2017 in ,the ATL and plan on inviting our remaining Indian side of they family there.

    As I just mentioned, I never knew my great grandfather( He died when my grandfather was a baby) and he lost contact with them. Maybe because they lost number, maybe they didn’t realize him because ..maybe there was some racial tension there..idk,but thankfully, my great grandparents didn’t let anything stop them from being together and they married during a time where AMBW’s ..or any mixed reunions for that matter..wasn’t so popular but they weren’t going to let society break up their marriage.

    I enjoyed the ’86 reunion and if all goes right, I’m hoping that that the 2017 will be even better.


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