It’s fair to say that Terrence Howard likes Asian women. Frankly, we are not mad at him. Two of his three wives were Asian and he dated another Asian lady on and off for about 12 years. Terrence has also been vocal that he believes the Black media has been unduly critical of his choice to marry Asian women. If Terrence wants to be with Asian women, that’s his prerogative and it should not necessarily be viewed as him having a negative attitude towards Black women or any other women. It’s his choice.

While Terrence has seen plenty of drama in his personal life, in a very similar parallel to the character Lucious Lyon, that he plays on the Fox mega-hit series, Empire, Terrence is also an undeniably talented actor. When he is in his acting zone, he is one of the best in the industry at his craft. When you hear the news of his personal drama, you are reminded of stories of other Hollywood greats who are or were brilliant on the big screen, but living tumultuous personal lives. The difference today is that in our instant internet world, everyone knows about your personal struggles often as soon as they happen, whereas in times past, the public often did not know of the brilliant actor’s personal ups and downs for quite some time. Instantaneous news is the new normal, both for good and for bad.

Terrence appears to have some repetitive struggles in his life, just as many of us do. Let’s take a look at some of the key events in Howard’s life, particularly as they relate to his relationship with Asian women. All of this information comes from public sources, just compiled in a timeline to help us better see the patterns.

March 11, 1969: Terrence Dashon Howard is born in Chicago to Tyrone Howard and Anita Jeanine Williams. Both his mother and father are bi-racial African American and European American, so Terrence is multi-generational biracial African American and European American. Terrence is raised in Cleveland, Ohio. His father was physically abusive, and after his father spent time in prison for manslaughter over an argument about cutting in line, his father and mother divorced.

1985: At the age of 16, Terrence divorces himself from his parents and goes on welfare.

1987: Terrence moves to New York city to pursue an acting career. He attends Pratt Institute studying engineering, but does not complete his degree.

Terrence Howard and his first wife, Lori McCommas.

1989: At the age of 20, he marries his first wife, Lori McCommas, White Jewish American. Lori was his college sweetheart and they decided to marry after finding out that she was pregnant with their first child. They would have 3 children in total, 2 girls and 1 boy. Terrence also begins his acting career about this time with small acting roles, including an appearance on The Cosby Show.

1992: Terrence lands his first movie role in the TV movie, The Jacksons: The American Dream, playing the role of Jackie Jackson.

1995: He lands his first big movie role in the movie, Mr. Holland’s Opus. He also appears in the urban classic movie Dead Presidents during this year.

1999: After receiving critical acclaim for his appearance in movies such as, The Best Man, some start to call Terrence, the next Denzel.

Terrence Howard and May Seng Yang

~2001: May Seng Yang, Chinese American, reports that she met Terrence around this time in a random meeting in a pizzeria in Philadelphia. May reports that Terrence was separated from Lori at the time. According to May, her relationship with Terrence was on and off for 11 to 12 years. This would mean his relationship with May overlapped with both his first and second marriage.

2003: After 14 years of marriage and allegations of domestic abuse and cheating, Terrence and Lori divorce.

Terrence Howard and his first wife, Lori McCommas in 2005 after they remarried.
Terrence Howard and his first wife, Lori McCommas in 2005 after they remarried.

2005: Terrence and Lori reconcile and re-marry. Career-wise, Terrence appears in two of his best movies, Crash, and Hustle and Flow around this time. He is nominated for best actor awards at both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes for his role in Hustle and Flow.

2007: Terrence and Lori divorce for a second and final time.

2008: Terrence co-stars in the movie, Iron Man, as Col. James “Rhodey” Rhodes. He is the highest paid actor in the film reportedly raking in $3.5 million, which was more than Robert Downey Jr. made for playing the lead Iron Man role.

Terrence Howard and Michelle Ghent
Terrence Howard and his 2nd wife, Michelle Ghent, at the Cannes Film Festival.

2010: In January 2010, Terrence secretly marries Michelle Ghent, Filipino/White, a commercial production employee. They make their first big public appearance as a married couple at the Cannes Film Festival in May. Iron Man 2 is released in 2010, but Terrence is replaced by Don Cheadle after reportedly only being offered $1M instead of his contractually expected $8M, and after allegations of Terrence being difficult to work with on set. Terrence also suggests that Robert Downey Jr. took the money originally slated for him, pushing Howard out of the movie despite Terrence assisting Robert with landing the role in the original Iron Man film.

2011: In February 2011, Michelle files for divorce after a tumultuous relationship including allegations of domestic abuse from both sides. The couple did not have kids together. They would endure a bitter and nasty divorce which is finalized in May 2013, and a spousal support dispute which is finalized in August 2015.

2012: In May 2012, Terrence and May Seng Yang allegedly have an altercation outside his home, while a different girlfriend watches. This pretty much ends Terrence’s relationship with May, but she reports that she would still have periodic contact with Terrence after this.

Terrence Howard and Mira Pak
Terrence Howard and his 3rd wife, Mira Pak.

2013: In October 2013, Terrence marries Mira Cristine Pak, Korean Canadian, in Vancouver in another “secret” marriage after less than one month of dating. It is reported that Terrence first approaches Mira in a restaurant in LA where she is having lunch with her old boss. Mira says that Terrence approaches the table and tells her old boss, “I don’t know if she’s your wife or girlfriend, but she’s absolutely stunning.” Mira replies, “That’s very bold of you.” and Terrence says, “Well, only a tiger can approach a tiger.” Three weeks later, they were married. It’s also a good year career-wise for Terrence and he appears in Lee Daniels’ The Butler, The Best Man Holiday, and Dead Man Down.

2014: Court documents show that Terrence and Mira separate in August 2014 for unknown reasons. Terrence also appears in St. Vincent along with Bill Murray.

Terrence Howard and his 3rd wife, Mira Pak, at the Emmy's in September 2015.
Terrence Howard and his ex-wife, Mira Pak, at the Emmy’s in September 2015.

2015: In January 2015, Terrence appears in arguably one of his best roles ever as Lucious Lyon in the Fox mega hit television series, Empire. Court documents show that Terrence and Mira divorce in July 2015 only 2 months after Mira gives birth to Terrence’s fourth child. Despite the court documents, Terrence and Mira appear to have reconciled and continue to make public appearances together with Terrence referring to her as “wifee” in social media. The second season of Empire begins airing in September 2015.

So what do we make of these patterns?

  • If the multiple allegations of domestic abuse are true, it would not necessarily be surprising given Howard’s childhood where he saw domestic abuse first hand. Age and maturity have a way of mellowing out a man, particularly when he has a surging career and a newborn that he adores as is the case with Terrence now at age 46. This is not an excuse for domestic abuse if it occurred, and Terrence needs to responsibly deal with it and make it right if the allegations are true. Real men don’t get into these kind of altercations, but life has a way of mellowing out men and making them come to their senses with time. Plus remember there are always two sides to every allegation.
  • Terrence appears to like attractive women, including attractive Asian women, and he appears to develop strong chemistry with women in a short period. This can always be a double edged sword with both positive and negative possibilities. However, again with maturity and a clear head about what’s important in your future, men tend to evaluate situations more rationally and with more due diligence as they age. Also while we did not mention it in the timeline, all the data points to Terrence having very positive relationships with his children and doing right by them. He certainly adores his new son with Mira and we expect he will be a great father to this child.
  • Terrence appears to like to try to do things as privately or secretly as possible despite being a huge celebrity. While we understand this natural desire to be private, it is one of the trade-offs you make in exchange for the tremendous fame of being a successful actor. Our thinking is – Terrence, do you, and live your life, the good and the bad. If the Kardashians can make mega-bank off of showing the reality of their life with zero talent, think about the bank that a bonafide star like Terrence could make by having a well managed publicity and social media strategy around his life. Call us Terrence – we can help you out in that area. Hollywood will feed off of whatever drama he has and frankly open more opportunities for him, not fewer opportunities – it’s the nature of Hollywood.

Bottom line is Terrence a great actor – one of the best – who has struggled with some repetitive patterns in his personal life, the same as many of us, and certainly many successful actors before him. We believe that Terrence will continue to do many great things in the movie business, and that he has not necessarily taken full advantage of the power of his stardom. With regards to his personal life, we predict that he will repeat his pattern of trying to fully reconcile with Mira and we simply ask that he send us an invite to the wedding when they get married again 🙂 They look great together as a family with their baby son. [2018 Update: As we predicted, Terrence reconciled with Mira, welcomed a second child together in 2016, and on Christmas of 2018, Terrence announced his 2nd engagement to Mira with a 7-carat stunning engagement ring! We are still waiting on our invite to their second wedding 🙂 ]

Like a fine wine coming into it’s prime with maturity, Terrence has the opportunity to apply the wisdom of all of his personal struggles to date, along with Mira, and live the model Asian and Black couple life that others will aspire to in the future. As we have said before, the ultimate question is love, and the ultimate answer is love!

We wish Terrence, Mira, and his entire family all the best for the future! We also wish Michelle and May all the happiness the world has to offer – they can contact us any time and we will conduct a confidential matchmaking process for them to find the perfect Black man for them who they can enjoy their life with in complete happiness. At the end of the day, we all just want to be happy!



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