There is a common misperception that Asians do not like Blacks when it comes to romantic relationships. This is far from true for many Asians and there are many successful Black and Asian relationships. Yes, some Asians with zero or limited real life experience with Black people will not date Black people often based on negative media portrayals they see and hear related to Black people. However the same is true with some White people, some Hispanic people, and even some Black people who will not date Black people. As more Asian people have really awesome relationships with Black people and as more successful Blacks re-write the old and tired negative stereotypes about Black people, Asians and Blacks are becoming the new power couples. Asian and Black couples are currently the 3rd fastest growing interracial couple combination in the US.

This list of Top 15 Best US Cities for Black and Asian Dating is especially designed with Blacks in mind and considers ten different statistics about Asian and Black dating, marriages, Blasians, and neighborhood patterns to arrive at this list. Some of the best US cities for White and Asian dating (maybe a future blog post) will overlap with this list, but many cities will not. Also while this list will apply to both BMAW and AMBW dating, with BMAW relationships outnumbering AMBW relationships by 7 to 1, the statistics will naturally be more descriptive about BMAW relationships. All of the statistics in this post are from the 2010 US census.

Note: This is one of our earliest articles on ABC. This article has now been updated with data through the 2015 census and much more specific census data around BMAW couples and AMBW couples.

Top 15 Best US Cities for Black and Asian Dating

15. Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario, CA Metro Area
Riverside is in the heart of the Inland Empire, 60 miles to the east of LA. Riverside metro is 9% Black and 6.5% Asian with nearly 2 times the concentration of Blasians as the average US city. Riverside is in the top 10 US cities by number of Blasians, and in the top 4 cities for percent of Asians in relationships with Blacks. Filipinos and Chinese are the largest Asian groups in Riverside.

14. Las Vegas-Paradise, NV Metro Area
las vegasIn the anything goes city of Las Vegas, Blacks and Asians have been marrying since the 1970s when the legendary Redd Foxx met both of his two Asian wives in Vegas. Blacks are 12% and Asians are 9.4% of Vegas and there are nearly 3 times the concentration of Blasians in Vegas as the average US city. Asians in Vegas date Blacks at one of the highest rates in the US. Filipinos are the largest Asian group in Las Vegas with over 5 times the concentration of Filipinos as the average US city. Vegas also has a sizeable Chinese population.

13. Washington-Arlington-Alexandria, DC-VA-MD-WV Metro Area
299628-002The DC metro area has 9.3% Asians and has the 5th largest Blasian population in the US. Washington DC is also the best place in the US in terms of having the highest number of both successful Blacks and successful Asians. DC has large groups of East Indians, Chinese, and Koreans.

12. Atlanta-Sandy Springs-Marietta, GA Metro Area
atlantaAtlanta is well known as a haven for successful Black men and women. It’s less well known that Asians are about 5% of Atlanta’s metro population and that Atlanta is number 6 in terms of Blasian population. The percentage of Atlanta’s Asians in relationships with Blacks is the highest in the country and Atlanta also scores high in Blasian couples relative to white and Asian couples. East Indians, Koreans, and Vietnamese are the largest Asian groups in Atlanta.

11. Vallejo-Fairfield, CA Metro Area
vallejoLocated in the northeastern section of the Bay area, Vallejo is the most diverse city in the US with 25% Asians, 23% Blacks, and 22% Hispanics. Second only to Honolulu, Vallejo has the second highest concentration of Blasians in the country at over 6 times the US average and is in the top 10 for having the most numbers of Blacks and Asians living in the same neighborhoods. Filipinos are the largest Asian group in Vallejo with Filipinos making up nearly 11% of Vallejo which is the second highest concentration of Filipinos anywhere in the US.

10. New York-Northern New Jersey-Long Island, NY-NJ-PA Metro Area
new yorkNew York has more Blasians than any other city in the US at nearly 30,000 Blasians, and more than twice as many as Los Angeles which is #2 for number of Blasians. New York, similar to DC, also ranks high for having large numbers of both successful Blacks and successful Asians. Metro New York is 10% Asian which is double the US average and Chinese and East Indians are the largest Asian groups there.

9. San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA Metro Area
San JoseThe high tech San Jose metro area has the smallest percentage of Blacks of any city on this list with only 3.3% Blacks, however the Blacks that live there are surrounded by Asians everyday as San Jose has one of the highest concentration of Asians in the US at 32% Asian. San Jose metro is also commonly viewed as being one of the most accepting cities in the US for interracial relationships. Chinese, Vietnamese, and East Indians are the largest Asian groups there, but at 32% Asians, every major Asian group is found at much higher concentration levels in San Jose than the US averages.

8. Stockton, CA Metro Area
StocktonStockton, located 50 miles south of Sacramento, has 9% Blacks and 15% Asians along with one of the highest concentration of Blasians in the country at nearly 3 times the national average. Stockton also ranks high in Blacks and Asians living in the same neighborhoods. Filipinos and Cambodians are the largest Asian groups found here with Stockton having the fourth highest concentration of Filipinos in the US.

7. Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Pompano Beach, FL Metro Area
MiamiWhile Miami does not have as many Asians as other cities on this list with Asians only representing 2.3% of the Miami metro population, the Asians in Miami have produced the 3rd largest population of Blasians in the country. Miami is also the top city for number of Blasian kids compared to Whasian kids. East Indians and Chinese are the largest Asian populations there, and Miami has the largest percentage (7%) of Asians who previously lived in the Caribbean and hence are more accustomed to Blacks.

6. Los Angeles-Long Beach-Santa Ana, CA Metro Area
los angelesLos Angeles metro has about 8% Black and 15% Asian and is generally viewed as one of the most accepting places for interracial dating. LA has the second highest number of Blasians in the country at 14,000 Blasians accounting for 28% of California’s 50,000 Blasians. Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, and Vietnamese are the largest Asian groups found in Los Angeles.

5. Honolulu, HI Metro Area
honoluluWhile Honolulu only has 3.5% Blacks, with 53% Asians it has more Asians than any other large city in the US. Honolulu also has the highest concentration of Blasians in the country at 6.5 times the national average. Japanese and Filipinos are the largest Asian groups here and Honolulu is the number 1 place to find both Japanese and Filipinos in the US.

4. Sacramento–Arden-Arcade–Roseville, CA Metro Area
sacramentoWith one of the country’s Black and Asian power couples leading the city as mayor, Kevin Johnson and his Korean wife, Michelle Rhee, Sacramento is one of the best places in the country for Black and Asian couples. Sacramento, California’s state capital, has 9% Blacks, 13% Asians, and nearly 3 times the concentrations of Blasians as the US average. Filipinos, Chinese, and Hmong are the largest Asian groups in Sacramento.

3. Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue, WA Metro Area
seattleSeattle has been known as one of the top places for Blacks dating interracially for a long time. With 7% Blacks, and 12% Asians, Seattle has the 7th largest population of Blasians in the US. Also Seattle Blacks are relatively more likely to live near Asians than most cities in the US. Chinese and Filipinos are the largest Asian groups in Seattle along with sizeable Vietnamese, East Indian, and Korean populations.

2. San Diego-Carlsbad-San Marcos, CA Metro Area
sandiegoSan Diego is well known as one of the most laid back and accepting cities in the US. San Diego metro has 6% Blacks, 11% Asians, and the 8th largest population of Blasians in the country. While San Diego also has a large number of White and Asian couples, the percent of San Diego Asians in Blasian relationships is one of the highest in the country. Filipinos are the largest Asian group in San Diego along with sizable Chinese and Vietnamese populations.

1. San Francisco-Oakland-Fremont, CA Metro Area
san-franciscoThe very progressive San Francisco / Oakland metro area is the number one place for Blacks to date Asians. With 10% Blacks and 24% Asians, the metro area has the fourth largest population of Blasians, as well as one of the largest concentration of Blasians at nearly 3 times the US average. Chinese and Filipinos are the largest Asian groups in the San Fran / Oakland metro area, with all of the major Asian groups being found here in much larger concentrations than the US averages.

Top 15 Metros For Black and Asian Dating 2015

Please give us your thoughts on these cities for Black and Asian dating in the comments. Also to participate in a crowdsourced view of the top cities for Blacks and Asians to date, click on the link. Also, feel free to share your comments below.



  1. Seattle may have high interracial marriage rates and blacks live in proximity to Asians, but because the mainstream culture is not very “urban” and is rather Euro-centric, most Asians don’t aspire to date or marry blacks. Also, the socio-economic status difference between the two races in this city can be a hinderance to anything beyond dating for fun. Personally I have not seem that many Blasian couples here and our daughter is often stared at weirdly by whites and Asians alike.

    • BoddhisatvaK,

      Thanks for the additional insight on Seattle. I lived in Seattle for a few years as well and your comments mostly match my experience there as well. When I lived there, most all of the Blasian couples I knew or saw there lived south of Seattle in the stretch from Renton to Federal Way which I think still counts in the Seattle metropolitan statistical area (MSA). The Seattle MSA has the 7th largest population of Blasians in the US with a little over 5,000 Blasians there, and according to census records, about half of the Seattle MSA Blasians are 17 or younger, so Blasian couples must be hiding somewhere there.

      Only one place in your comments that I may differ with you slightly. I think your statement that most Asians don’t aspire to date or marry Blacks applies to most cities in America, not just Seattle. In my experience, Asians come mainly in two varieties around this question – a) Asians who are open to dating Blacks, but not going out of their way to do so OR b) Asians who are not really open to dating Blacks and will avoid doing so in pretty much all circumstances. Granted there is a 3rd variety of Asians who grew up in either highly urbanized or majority Black places and these Asians are open to dating Blacks and will seek out Blacks to date, but I think this is only 10% or less of all “dating age” Asians from my experience at least. Mainly I see the first two types of Asians – open to dating Blacks vs. not open to dating Blacks. From my time in Seattle, I would say that Asians there were pretty open to dating Blacks for the most part – maybe not as open as Asians I met in Southern California, but a lot more open than Asians I met in Texas. It’s possible also that somewhat in line with your comments, my higher economic bracket gave me a skewed view of people’s willingness to date Blacks.

      Anyway, thanks for the insightful comment and thanks for visiting the ABC blog.

      • Hello.
        That makes sense. I live on the eastside and occassionally go to Seattle City proper. I am aware more Blasian couples may exist in the “South End”. They may seem invisible because I suspect the Asians in these couples are probably more Southeast Asian than East Asian and some of the Blasian children may not have apparent Asian features or look “Hispanic” instead of “obviously Blasian”. I pointed out the socioeconomic gap because as a Seattle local it is quite obvious, but I didn’t want to apply the same observations to the whole US. Most of the interracial relationships are black/white and Asian/white. It’s funny to have grown up with girls that were so into “black culture” but most of them ended up with Asians or whites. I’m happy to have defied some of the cultural expectations on me…I like how your theories don’t fall into stereotypes and are easy to relate to. I look forward to more of your well-written and informative pieces!

    • Let them stare! They’re obviously pissed because your daughter is beautiful and is raised by awesome parents – which would be you and your significant other.

      Why not start a group or blog directed towards Blasian couples and giving tips on how black and Asians can meet? You would be a great help!

      • I don’t think that blacks and Asians not meeting is a problem; indeed they do and they do a lot. The game changer would be to make that initial move to catalyze a relationship. My personal belief is that in order to increase the ratio of Blasian couples, some myths have to be dispelled in the minds of these individuals. I believe that requires an individual to be more open-minded and a critical thinker than the general population at this moment is. This is important because we are bombarded with exaggerated and outright false images in the media every day, and it takes an independent mind and a brave spirit to fight these images. Another factor to consider is how much a person allows their family to interfere with his or her personal choices. Often, the individuals ending up in Blasian unions are the types who dare to defy familial pressure to date within their race. All in all it seems like those who will never date interracially, never will; and those who may consider it, there is hope if they feel their decision can be supported. How to assist in supportint these individuals/ couples is a question I ask myself. Beyond doing so individually, is there a way to do this on a larger scale. Blogs like this and Lily Lee’s youtube channel may already be paving the way; perhaps more formal effort is needed, as in training and education around the issues of stereotyping and cross-cultural interpersonal communications in schools and other community outlets. But perhaps the bare fact that Blasian children are growing into adults who will occupy all arenas of society (and I personally hope that many of them will be in publicly respectable or high-profile fields such as government, law, higher education, and media) will help to popularize and normalize Blasian relationships. It is my hope that Blasian individuals in prominent positions speak out about their mixed heritage so that this process can be expedited.

    • Yeah, this is very true…I’m up in Seattle, and alot of the asian sistas outside the hood (and are from the suburbs that aren’t urban) ain’t dating black men, because their families acculturate them to either marry asian or white. And with most asian sisters from this group, work in all white settings, the chances are almost 90% they will kick it with white men exclusively, or actively hold off other suitors for a potential white man. You usually see more blasian relations in the hood, mixed-income suburbs like Kent, Renton or Federal Way or blue collar cities to the immediate north and south of Seattle in Everett or Tacoma…and not the other way around.

    • Houston would be in the top 30 on this list, but not the top 15. Houston is also the top ranked city in Texas for Asian and Black dating. While Houston is in the top 20 in the US for number of Blasians and percent of Asians in relationships with Blacks, Houston doesn’t do as well in other statistics such as Asians living near Blacks, concentration of Blasians, or Blasian relationships relative to Whasian relationships. The methodology looks at relative performance across 10 different statistics, so it comes down to other cities scoring better across a larger number of statistics compared to Houston. All the same, top 30 and best in Texas is respectable. Vietnamese, East Indian, and Chinese are the largest Asian groups found in Houston along with decent numbers of Filipinos and Pakistanis.

      Thanks for the question and thanks for visiting Asian Black Couples.

  2. I know there are a lot of Black men marrying Asian women a good friend of mine married an Asian women they have four beautiful children they live in Japan. I Japan more excepting of Blasian couple? Just curious.

    • Hi Debbie,

      Thanks for the question. This is covered in part in the prior post, Top Asian Countries for Blasian Couple Relationships. With the understanding that all foreigners (Blacks included) make up less than 1.5% of Japan’s population, on a comparative basis, Japan is one of the better Asian countries for Blacks and Blasian couples to live in as long as they can deal with the high cost of living in places like Tokyo, and the Japanese versus foreigner (all foreigners) bias that naturally occurs when Japanese are nearly 99% of the country’s population. Particularly in the larger Japanese cities, there seems to have always been a subset of Japanese women who are very open to dating and marrying Black men. Many Blasian couples who live in Japan report net, net positive experiences from living there despite the economic challenges. That said, as can happen in any Asian country, Blasian couples can and will encounter occasional race bias, ignorance, and stupidity, although the classic Japanese politeness often keeps these situations from escalating. All things considered, compared to some of their neighboring countries like South Korea, most Blacks and Blasian couples seem to report better overall experiences in Japan.

      Thanks for visiting Asian Black Couples.

  3. Just glad to see the conversation rolling. Here in Atlanta,GA we have local Meetup group called Red Bridge Society Afro Asian. It is quickly growing in local member and on social media. It’s just a down to earth group of active Afro-Asian individuals, couples, families that exchange culture and life experiences. Its a fun group to hang out. Definitely not a hookup group. We are in no competition to win the largest growing demographic. It just seems to be going in that direction. In the end, we all want the same things…to be respected for who we are as individuals.

  4. In all respect, I disagree with some of the California cities and there ranking numbers. I live in the Riverside area and I frequently travel to San Diego, San Francisco. In my opinion, all the California cities need to be moved to the bottom of the list. I haven’t taken a large poll or asked for public opinion, so I ‘ve based my interpretations on personal experiences and visual events. From what I’ve seen, whether physically present or online, most Asians [disregarding Pacific Islanders-Philippinas} still prefer that “white skin” human who is almost godlike in their eyes. If there are Asians that are truly open-minded and can give an African American the same chance as a Caucasian person, where are they located? Having been a on and off subscriber to OK cupid and POF, 9 out of 10 Asian women have personally written me and stated that they prefer the White man. So again I ask; where are the one’s who are open? What sites are they on? After travelling to all these cities in California, I would say that the #1 interracial setting is White Men and Mexican women. #2 Asian women and White Men. #3 ???EVERYTHING OTHER THEN Asian women and Black men. Moreover, when I actually see an Asian woman and an African American Man, its like seeing Niagara falls or something. In other words, after walking around towns, going to clubs, movie theaters, sporting events, Hotels, grocery shopping, clothes and electronics shopping, university campus tours, I may have seen less then 7% Asian/African American Male couples out of 100%. I’m not saying your data is wrong, I’m just saying that speaking from eye witness accounts, I haven’t seen many. I’m aware that I can’t see everything, but seriously, the percentage of Asian and Black is horribly discomforting.

    • M,
      Thank you for your very thoughtful comments. We actually agree with many of your thoughts, but sometimes your perspective, or how you look at the data, is just as important as the data itself. My best analogy to illustrate this point is to imagine 3 blindfolded people in the room with an elephant with each of the 3 people touching a different area of the elephant. The data, the elephant in this case, is the same elephant for all 3 people, but the unique perspective of each person can easily lead all 3 people to a different conclusion, even though they are all interacting with the same elephant. Much of what you say is true, you don’t see that many Asian and Black couples together even in progressive places like California, Asian girls who date interracially overwhelmingly date White guys over Black guys, and in fact, many Asian women are not open to dating Black men at all period. We agree with all of these statements and the data supports all of these statements, however from our perspective, none of these things mean that Black guys can’t find great Asian women for relationships. Sure it may be more difficult, but we know so many great Asian Black couples who are absolutely fabulous together that we know that it is entirely possible for Black guys to find great Asian women who will love them with every fiber of their beings. So our thought is that even though the data may seem daunting, don’t be discouraged and stay optimistic. If it is meant to be, it will be. Keep in mind that also that when we talk to Asian women married to or in serious relationships with Black men, almost all of the Asian woman say that they chose their husband or boyfriend because of love, his character, and how he treated her and those that she cares about. You see very few Asian women selecting a guy simply because he is Black. So this means, that your character and your behaviors matter more than your race regardless of what the data says. Indeed we believe that 50% of Asian women just simply will not give Black men the time of day, 5% to 10% openly prefer Black men, but 40% to 45% of Asian women don’t care about race and will simply just choose a great guy regardless of race. In our experience, these 40% to 45% are the Asian women for Black guys to focus on, where your character will matter more than your race. Is it 100%, no, but as Black people in general how often have we faced greater odds and more obstacles than others, yet still have prevailed despite the obstacles.

      So how do you find these Asian women? Here are our thoughts:
      1. Go to the source – travel to Asia
      Many Black men will be totally surprised at how many women in Asia are very open to dating them. Filipinas, Japanese, Malaysian, Thai, Indonesian, and many others are all very open to dating Black men and it really just comes down to finding the right person for you.

      2. Use the Asian dating sites or eharmony
      The US dating sites are crap, especially the free ones like POF or OKC. For Black guys, the American sites are particularly bad and plenty of US dating site research confirms this. The only US dating site we recommend is eharmony, where they do the matching for you based on their chemistry tests. The people on eharmony tend to be more serious about dating and the eharmony matching ensures that you nearly always get a very compatible match. If you only want to meet Asian women, they allow you to make that selection and you will only meet Asian women who eharmony believes you are compatible with which is a great place to start. Aside from that, we also recommend several Asian sites which we detail here:

      3. Find activities and places where Asians hang out in your city or other cities
      We wrote a blog article on activities and places to meet Asian women which you can find here:

      Thanks for visiting ABC!

  5. I totally agree with M’s statements / observations……I’m a 61 year old musician, and have lived in the Bay Area for all of those 61 years. I grew up in Berkeley, Ca., which is most certainly a diversified town culturally. As of late, I’d have to say that 90-95% of the Asian women that I see are with white guys, other than dating within their race… PERIOD! I have great respect for statistical proof, but I’m out here in it, and I’m witnessing this. Now,when I see a black man with an Asian woman, it really stands out to me, and given where I grew up, it really shouldn’t! I thought there was an underlying problem, so I asked a platonic woman friend of mine ( she’s Asian ), if there was something I was missing. She told me that a few of her Asian GF’s had black BF’s……my friend will date black men, but guess what?!, her ex-husband is WHITE!!! Being a musician that’s performed in Korea, Japan, I can certainly vouch that black men will have NO trouble meeting / dating/ marrying Asian women that were born and live in those countries, and others in the Asian region. By the way, you don’t have to be a musician to have the aforementioned chances! I find it disheartening to know that the dating websites mentioned earlier, contain ladies that are mainly interested in white men, however, that’s basically what the websites are for, to put you in touch with someone that you PREFER to meet / be with. Having said that, I will check out your suggested websites, but will certainly have a clear ,upfront understanding that a black man is what she ( an Asian woman ) is seeking in my initial e-mail, so’s not to waste each other’s time.

    • MH,
      Thank you for your comments. So we went back to the data and indeed the data does confirm a few points that you and M, the previous commenter made. First we looked at all Asian women who married interracial from our census data. We know that 36% of all US Asian women marry outside their race, but we wanted to see who they were choosing to marry. Of the Asian women who married interracial, 77% married White guys, 12% married Hispanic guys, and 11% married Black guys. So Asian women were 7 times more likely to marry a White guy than a Black guy. Now to be clear, as long as these Asian women are finding love, we are happy for them and we really don’t care that they choose White guys 7 times more than they choose Black guys. Some people get hung up on this, but we don’t. As we regularly say, Love Trumps Race, and we truly believe that and hope that everyone finds love first.

      Next, we wanted to see which cities Asian women were choosing Black men for marriage greater than the national average of 11%. Confirming what both our recent commenters are saying, several east coast cities are higher than 11% – in Miami, Asian women who marry interracially chose Black men 39% and in NY city, the same number is 20% – we will publish a more complete list in an upcoming ABC article. At the same time, many west coast cities are under the national average of 11%. Metro San Fran/the Bay area comes in at 9%, LA is 7%, and Riverside comes in at the national average of 11%. The west coast city with the highest percent of Asian women marrying Black men is Vallejo at 18%, but most west coast cities are below the national average of 11%. This confirms what several of our readers are saying – again we will publish a more complete list in an upcoming article.

      Next we noticed that many of the east coast cites where Asian women marry Black men well above the national average, do not have many Asians. Miami for instance only has 2% Asian. On the flip side, many of the west coast cities where Asian women choose Black men below the national average, have lots of Asians. So we filtered the list for cities that have a higher percentage of Asians than the national average and also have a higher percentage of Asian women choosing Black men for marriage. This narrows things down quite a bit and only 6 cities make this cut – Vallejo, CA; New York metro; Washington DC; Trenton, NJ: Las Vegas, NV; and Atlantic City, NJ.

      Finally, we look at how often Asian women who marry interracial choose Black spouses compared to the percent of Blacks in that particular city. If a city is 50% Black, and Asian women who marry interracial choose Black spouses 25% of the time, sure that looks good compared to the national average of 11%, but in reality, Black spouses are being chosen at a rate well below their representation in that particular city. When we add this filter, we end up with only 3 cities which have higher than average Asian populations, higher than average Black men being chosen for marriage by Asian women, and the percent of Black men being chosen for marriage by Asian women being higher than the percent of Blacks in that particular city – Vallejo, CA; New York metro; and Las Vegas, NV. This list is probably closer to what our recent commenters are looking for.

      All the same, our readers just have to keep in mind that there are no cities where Black men are chosen for marriage by Asian women more than White men, so again, we just urge everyone to focus on love first. We love all these numbers, but don’t let the numbers get in the way of you finding love. Sure there are obstacles to overcome as a Black man in finding love, but what else is new as a Black man in America. We encourage everyone to focus on the goal more than the obstacle. Thanks for visiting ABC!

  6. I’m a black male who has been with over 120 asian females.(not bragging, just showing my experience on the topic) You can use statistics to show whatever you want. Most women naturally gravitate to those with more money(whether it be perceived or factual), and those who are naturally around them (neighborhood, schools, jobs, etc, etc). Not only that but there are more caucasian males in american and naturally you will get more of the AF/WM coupling just by pure numbers. most of the time they reside in the same neighborhoods and go to the same college, and economically are in the same standing.

    But once realized(whether consciously or subconsciously) we are in the same demographic (same job, college, graduate school, etc), I have not felt “held back” by my skin. For almost 95% of the asian girls’ ive been with I was the first black male they dated.
    Personally for me approaching asian girls has always been much easier than approaching white female, hispanics or even black girls. I’m what most people would call an “oreo” so a turn off for alot of black girls and some white girls looking for “thugs”, but very welcome by the well to do asian female demographic.

    Asian families are still very traditional and women are expected to “marry” up economically, I’ve been introduced to “racist asian parents” who welcomed me with open arms once they realized my financial security. In the end, don’t live your life by statistics…exercise, eat healthy, work hard in school, work, and continue to improve yourself. I’ve been hit on by plenty of asian girls in AF/WM relationships…so take it with a grain of salt.

    My experiences range from America, Thailand, Japan, Philippines. FYI none of my experiences come from online dating.


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