We are very pleased to bring you the ABC analysis of the top 15 US cities for BMAW dating. For new readers, BMAW is short for Black Men, Asian Women couples. As is our usual style, we will bring you lots of facts and data to support this analysis. For those who just want the overall summary, hop to the end of the article.

Also this article is an update to one of our original articles on ABC, Top 15 US Cities for Black and Asian Dating, and has some important differences from our original article:

  • This updated article will use census data through 2015 whereas the original article only used census data from 2010. The 2015 census data indicates that Asian and Black relationships have grown even faster since 2010 than they grew from 2000 to 2010.
  • This article will incorporate nationwide married Asian and Black census data that was crunched by ABC specifically for this article. To our knowledge, no other group has ever crunched married Blasian couple census data in this level of detail.
  • This updated article will also break out the top places for BMAW couples and AMBW couples (in a separate article) whereas the original article only addressed Asian and Black couples in general. There is a big difference in the list of top cities for BMAW and AMBW couples.
  • Finally, this article will use crowdsourced data from people familiar with Asian and Black couples in different cities around the world.

As a result, some of the places that made the original list do not make this updated list, and we add some new places to the list as well. We also now list the places at a county level which makes it a little more specific than the huge metro (MSA) areas we used before.

Before we hop into the data, let’s talk about two caveats first:

  • There are no ideal places for Asian and Black dating. Pretty much every way you cut the data, Asian and Black couple statistics make up less than 1% of the comparable US statistics. This will change in time given the growth of Blasian couples, but for now, we are mainly looking at the places where the various Asian and Black couple statistics are more concentrated than other places. Being in the top 15 on this list does not mean that all the Asian women in these places will be receptive to dating Black guys. Instead, it just means that compared to other places in the US, these are the places most likely to foster positive BMAW relationships.
  • For BMAW relationships, Black guys should remember that our data is very consistent, Asian women tend to be very serious about their dating and tend not to date casually very much. When Asian women date and marry Black men, the statistics are clear that they tend to focus on character, ability to provide, family values, and higher education. If you are not serious about love, life, and family, few Asian women are likely to be attracted to you. At ABC, we like to say that “Love Trumps Race”, because we have found that Blasian couple relationships almost always occur due to love, not race. In fact, one of the fastest ways for a Black guy, or any guy for that matter, to run off an Asian lady is to focus on her race, instead of focusing on her as a person. See our article What Do Asian Women Think About Black Men or any of our other numerous articles here to learn more about Asian and Black Couple relationships.

Data and Methodology

Our regular ABC readers know that we tap the US Census records and slice and dice that data in ways that few others have ever done when it comes to Asian and Black couples. Below are the 7 statistics and sources that we analyze to determine the top 15 US cities for BMAW dating. Also as we normally do, we include both Asian and Pacific Islander in our expanded definition of Asian people in all of our calculations.

  • A) Number of Married BMAW Couples
    • Here we examine US Census PUMS data for all BMAW married couples across all US counties. Larger sized counties like some of the west count counties have a slight advantage on this statistic. Only 14% of all US counties have any married BMAW couples, and just 31 US counties have 500 or more married BMAW couples. We restrict the rest of our analysis to only these 31 counties with at least 500 married BMAW couples.
  • B) Concentration of Married BMAW Couples
    • This US Census PUMS statistic looks at married BMAW households as a percentage of total households in the county. This tells us how concentrated BMAW households are in every county.
  • C) Percent of Asian Women Married To Black Men
    • This statistic also derived from US Census data, examines the percentage of Asian women age 20 or older in the county married to Black men. This gives us a sense of the openness of Asian women to Black men in every county.
  • D) Concentration of Blasians to Total Population
    • This US Census data statistic examines the percentage of Blasian people of all ages to the total population in the county. Blasian couples have Blasian kids, so this statistic tells us how many other Blasians these Blasian kids might be able to relate to or have as role models in each county.
  • E) Concentration of Multiracials to Total Population
    • Another US Census derived data statistic that examines the percentage of multi-racial people of all ages to the total population in the county. While not specifically related to just Asian and Black couples, this statistic gives us a sense of how open each place is to interracial relationships in general.
  • F) Exposure Index of Blacks to Asians In Residential Neighborhoods
    • This data supplied by the Brown University Sociology Department looks at the racial makeup of neighborhoods in each of the counties and tells us the degree to which Asians and Blacks live in the same neighborhoods. Regular day to day interaction between Asians and Blacks is one of the keys to forming Blasian couples and the exposure index gives us a sense of how easy or hard it is for Asians and Blacks to have these kinds of daily interactions.
  • G) Crowdsourced View of the Best Cities For Asian and Black Dating
    • This crowdsourced ranking from Ranker.com tells us how people familiar with Blasian dating around the world perceive cities for dating between Asians and Blacks. There is a wisdom to the opinions of crowds that often numerical data can not capture.

Rankings By Statistic

In this section, we will look at the county rankings for each statistic.

Number of Married BMAW Couples By US County

Number of Married BMAW Couples By US County
Source: US Census Data Crunched by AsianBlackCouples.com
RankUS County# Married BMAW Couples
1Los Angeles County, CA     4,840
2Queens-NYC, NY     2,180
3San Diego County, CA     2,120
4Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)     1,800
5Alameda County, CA (Oakland)     1,720
6Honolulu County, HI     1,560
7Broward County, FL (Fort Lauderdale)     1,360
8Sacramento County, CA     1,280
9Prince George’s County, MD (Bowie)     1,140
10Pierce County, WA (Tacoma)     1,100
10Brooklyn-NYC, NY     1,100
12King County, WA (Seattle)     1,060
12Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix)     1,060
14San Bernardino County, CA        940
15Harris County, TX (Houston)        880
US County Average          24


ABC is proud to be the first group to publish the top 15 list of number of married BMAW couples by county in the US. This data sits uncompiled in the US census data and takes quite a bit of computational analysis to compile it, but we will spare you the details on this. LA has the most married BMAW couples by far, more than twice as much as Queens or San Diego, the number 2 and 3 places respectively. Part of this is due to the fact that LA county is the largest single county in the US, whereas other mega-cities like NYC are cut into several smaller counties. Las Vegas and Oakland round out the top 5 places for married BMAW couples. Two mild surprises on the list are #7, Fort Lauderdale, and #10 Tacoma, with Fort Lauderdale coming in ahead of Miami, which was previously on the list, and Tacoma coming in slightly ahead of Seattle. While the average US county only has 24 married BMAW couples, keep in mind that 86% of all US counties do not have any married BMAW couples. To offset this size bias, most of the other statistics are based on concentration or percentage to level the playing field between counties of different sizes. Also because we believe that the places on this list need to have a sizeable number of married BMAW couples, we restrict the rest of the statistics to only the 31 counties that have at least 500 married BMAW couples.

Concentration of Married BMAW Couples

Concentration of Married BMAW Couples By US County
Source: US Census Data Crunched by AsianBlackCouples.com
RankUS CountyMarried BMAW Couples per 100K Households
1Solano County, CA (Vallejo)          533
2Honolulu County, HI          503
3Bell County, TX (Killeen)          487
4Prince George’s County, MD (Bowie)          374
5Pierce County, WA (Tacoma)          365
6Alameda County, CA (Oakland)          312
7Queens-NYC, NY          279
8Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)          252
9Sacramento County, CA          246
10Contra Costa County, CA (Concord)          221
11San Mateo County, CA (Daly City)          209
12Broward County, FL (Fort Lauderdale)          204
13San Diego County, CA          196
14Montgomery County, MD (Rockville)          188
15Orange County, FL (Orlando)          175
US Average            65


Next, we look at the places with the highest concentration of married BMAW couples. One significant attribute of many of these places is that many – not all – are home to large military bases. Military experience is a significant factor for BMAW marriages with 42% of the Black men in BMAW marriages having military experience compared to only about 12% of Black men nationwide having military experience. A second significant attribute of several of these places is their prominent Filipino population, with Filipinas being the most frequent Asian marriage partner for Black men in the US at 37% of all US BMAW marriages. The number 1 place on this list, Solano County in northern California, situated between Oakland and Sacramento is home to Travis Air Force Base and Filipinos make up 12% of the population in Solano County. After Honolulu which counts 25% of their population as Filipino, Solano County has the 2nd highest concentration of Filipinos anywhere in the US.

Percent of Asian Women Married To Black Men

Percent of Asian Women Married To Black Men
Source: US Census Data Crunched by AsianBlackCouples.com
RankUS County% of Asian Women Married To Black Men
1Bell County, TX (Killeen)7.9%
2Prince George’s County, MD (Bowie)7.0%
3Broward County, FL (Fort Lauderdale)4.7%
4Palm Beach County, FL (West Palm Beach)4.6%
5Bexar County, TX (San Antonio)3.7%
6Pierce County, WA (Tacoma)3.5%
7Miami-Dade County, FL3.5%
8Orange County, FL (Orlando)2.8%
9Hillsborough, County, FL (Tampa)2.6%
10Bronx -NYC, NY2.5%
11Solano County, CA (Vallejo)2.4%
12Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)2.0%
13Maricopa County, AZ (Phoenix)1.6%
14San Bernardino County, CA1.5%
15Sacramento County, CA1.4%
US Average1.1%


On the list of counties with the highest percentage of Asian women married to Black guys, at least 3 different trends stand out. One is the counties containing military bases like Bell County (Killeen) with Fort Hood in Texas and Bexar County (San Antonio) with several military facilities including Lackland Air Force Base, also in Texas. A second is the places with highly educated, well paid Black men like Prince George’s County in Maryland, and Palm Beach County in Florida. The data is clear for BMAW couples that Asian women tend to marry up with highly educated and well paid Black men. The third trend here is all of the counties in Florida that make this list. Florida actually does not have that high a percentage of Asian people compared to other places in the US, however 42% of the Asian women in Florida in BMAW marriages are from the Caribbean where they and their families are much more comfortable interacting with Black men. This familiarity with Black men makes it much easier for Florida Asian women from the Caribbean to marry Black men at a higher percentage.

Concentration Of Blasians To Total Population

Concentration of Blasians to Total Population
Source: US Census Data Crunched by AsianBlackCouples.com
RankUS CountyBlasians per 100K Population
1Honolulu County, HI         507
2Solano County, CA (Vallejo)         502
3Queens-NYC, NY         434
4Broward County, FL (Fort Lauderdale)         328
5Pierce County, WA (Tacoma)         310
6Bell County, TX (Killeen)         297
7Sacramento County, CA         290
8Alameda County, CA (Oakland)         268
9Prince George’s County, MD (Bowie)         252
10Contra Costa County, CA (Concord)         228
11Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)         220
12Orange County, FL (Orlando)         213
13Brooklyn-NYC, NY         208
14San Diego County, CA         199
14San Francisco County, CA         199
US Average           79


This statistic looks at Blasians of all ages compared to the total population. About 45% of all Blasians are under the age of 18, so there is a fair degree of correlation between the concentration of Blasians and the concentration of married BMAW couples. The west coast (Honolulu, the Bay Area and Sacramento region, San Diego, Vegas, and Tacoma) and the east coast (NYC, Florida, and DC) are heavily represented on this list.

Concentration of Multiracials to Total Population

Concentration of Multiracials to Total Population
Source: US Census Data Crunched by AsianBlackCouples.com
RankUS CountyMultiracials per 100K Population
1Honolulu County, HI     17,782
2Pierce County, WA (Tacoma)       5,880
3Solano County, CA (Vallejo)       5,085
4Sacramento County, CA       4,487
5King County, WA (Seattle)       4,327
6Alameda County, CA (Oakland)       4,013
7Contra Costa County, CA (Concord)       3,918
8San Mateo County, CA (Daly City)       3,479
9Bell County, TX (Killeen)       3,436
10Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)       3,402
11San Francisco County, CA       3,327
12San Diego County, CA       3,182
13Santa Clara County, CA (San Jose)       3,013
14Montgomery County, MD (Rockville)       2,615
15Orange County, CA (Anaheim)       2,491
US Average       2,048


This statistic looks at all multiracials of all ages and all races, which includes all Blasians, compared to the total population. To be clear, we restrict this statistic to only places which have at least 500 married BMAW couples, so it gives us a sense of not only which places are likely more receptive to Blasian couples, but also which places are likely more receptive to interracial mixing of all types. Honolulu clearly claims the top spot for multiracials with over 17% of the population being multiracial of some variety. Tacoma, WA and Solano County, CA (Vallejo) between Sacramento and Oakland, are also above 5% multiracial, and more than twice the national average for multiracials. It’s also hard to miss that this list is dominated by west coast places, with 9 of the 15 places in California.

Exposure Index of Blacks to Asians in Neighborhoods

Exposure Index of Blacks To Asians In Neighborhoods
Source: Brown University Sociology Department
RankUS CountyExposure Index %
1Honolulu County, HI     52.0
2Santa Clara County, CA (San Jose)     32.7
3San Francisco County, CA     28.1
3San Mateo County, CA (Daly City)     28.1
5Orange County, CA (Anaheim)     21.2
6King County, WA (Seattle)     20.1
7Sacramento County, CA     19.7
8Alameda County, CA (Oakland)     19.5
8Solano County, CA (Vallejo)     19.5
10San Diego County, CA     14.3
US Average       3.7


On this statistic, Honolulu, Hawaii, with an exposure index of 52% means that Asians make up 52% of the average neighborhood where Blacks live in Honolulu. Similarly, for Santa Clara county in California, Asians make up about 33% of the average neighborhood where Blacks live in Santa Clara county. When Blacks and Asians live in the same neighborhood, it gives more opportunities for day to day interactions between the two groups, which is often the basis for sparking any relationship. Sadly, on average in the US, Asians and Blacks do not live in the same neighborhoods as indicated by the US average exposure index of 3.7%. Indeed, we only show the top 10 places on this stat since the exposure index falls fairly rapidly to single digits before you reach the top 15. Once again the west coast completely dominates this statistic.

Crowdsourced Ranking of Best Cities for Asian and Black Dating

Crowdsourced Ranking of Best Cities for Asian and Black Dating
Source: Ranker.com
RankUS CountyNet Positive Votes
1Los Angeles County, CA    28
2San Diego County, CA    21
3Queens-NYC, NY    19
3Brooklyn-NYC, NY    19
3Bronx-NYC, NY    19
6Sacramento County, CA    14
6Montgomery County, MD (Rockville)    14
6Prince George’s County, MD (Bowie)    14
9Honolulu County, HI    12
9King County, WA (Seattle)    12
9Pierce County, WA (Tacoma)    12
12Solano County, CA (Vallejo)    11
13Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)      7
14Santa Clara County, CA (San Jose)      6
14Riverside County, CA      6
14San Bernardino County, CA      6
US Average NA


While we love numbers, we also recognize that there is a wisdom to crowds that is often unexplainable, but very accurate. An example of this is from our original ranking of top cities for Asian and Black dating where Atlanta had good enough numbers to make the overall top 15, but all of the feedback we received on Atlanta, as well as the negative crowdsourced votes on Atlanta said that it was not as positive for Asian and Black dating as the numbers indicated. As of September 2016, the crowd is telling us that LA, San Diego, and New York are the best places for Asian and Black dating in the US.

Overall Ranking – Top 15 US Cities for BMAW Dating

Overall Ranking – Top 15 US Cities For BMAW Dating
Source: AsianBlackCouples.com
RankUS CountyOverall Score
1Honolulu County, HI    78.0
2Solano County, CA (Vallejo)    57.5
3Prince George’s County, MD (Bowie)    49.7
4Pierce County, WA (Tacoma)    48.5
5Bell County, TX (Killeen)    47.5
6Los Angeles County, CA    47.4
7Queens-NYC, NY    46.7
8Sacramento County, CA    42.7
9San Diego County, CA    42.0
10Alameda County, CA (Oakland)    37.7
11Clark County, NV (Las Vegas)    35.5
12Broward County, FL (Fort Lauderdale)    34.1
13King County, WA (Seattle)    32.0
14Bronx -NYC, NY    31.4
15Brooklyn-NYC, NY    30.6
US Average    10.0


Putting it all together and the top place for BMAW dating in the entire US is Honolulu, which is not entirely surprising given that Honolulu is America’s slice of Asia where Asians make up 50% of the population. Is Hawaii perfect – no. Hawaii is expensive, there is a bit of islander vs. non-islander thinking there, it’s 5 hours away from the closest US city, and there are only 3% Blacks there. But on the plus side, the weather is perfect in Hawaii year-round, the people are very diverse, and interracial mixing happens everywhere. Also for long distance dating, Hawaii is a lot closer to any US city than long distance dating in Asia. The authors of ABC like Honolulu and have been there many times. We understand why it is number one on this list, but we admit it is not for everyone.

The number 2 spot on the list and the top place in the continental US for BMAW dating is Solano County, CA (Vallejo), which is situated between Sacramento and Oakland. The reality is that this whole region of Northern California is the mecca of BMAW dating today with Sacramento county coming in at number 8 overall, Alameda county (Oakland) coming in at number 10 overall, and Contra Costa county (Concord) just south of Solano county finishing just outside the top 15 list. Filipinos, Chinese, Hmong, Pacific Islanders, and other Asians are plentiful in this region and many of them are very open to dating Blacks. See our article on Asian and Black Married Couples in California for more details.

A couple of other quick observations about the overall top 15 list. The top place for BMAW dating in the DC, AKA DMV area? The highly educated and affluent PG county. Only about 5% Asians here, but Asian women frequently pick highly educated, affluent Black guys for marriage.

The top place for BMAW dating in the Northwest? Tacoma and the southern section of King county, WA (Seattle). Actually the whole stretch from Renton, to Kent, to Federal Way, to Tacoma has a decent concentration of BMAWs along with the progressive Northwest way of thinking.

Bell County (Killeen) tops the places in Texas or anywhere outside of either the west coast or east coast, but Fort Hood likely distorts the stats in this region, and indeed 81% of the married BMAWs in this area involve military vets. San Antonio, Houston, and Chicago do not make the top 15, but make the second wave of places outside of the east or west coasts.

Southern California is well represented by Los Angeles and San Diego in the top 15. Also San Bernardino, Riverside, and Orange County are in the second wave of places. In California, the Sacramento to Oakland corridor might be the mecca of BMAW dating, but BMAW dating is also very plentiful in Los Angeles and San Diego. The authors of ABC are predominantly based in SoCal and we admit that we see more and more BMAW dating here on a daily basis.

Queens, Bronx, and Brooklyn are the top places for BMAW in the NYC area. This area also has many Asians from the Caribbean, similar to Broward county, FL (Fort Lauderdale). See our article on Asian and Black Married Couples in New York for more information on NYC.

Las Vegas also makes the top 15 list for BMAW dating which is interesting. Vegas is popular with military vets and over 60% of the BMAW marriages here involve military vets. Also Filipinos and Pacific Islander wives make up about 60% of the BMAW marriages in Vegas, followed by wives from Japan, Korea, and Vietnam, other countries with former or current US military exposure.


We are fully aware that we are currently at the leading edge of Asian and Black dating in the US, which makes pulling together a list like the Top 15 US Cities for BMAW Dating a difficult task. About 86% of all US counties have zero married BMAW couples as of 2015, but the data is pretty clear – there are definite concentrations of BMAW couples around the country which our list identifies.

A second question we are struck by is whether the areas that have decent concentrations of BMAW couples today will remain the top places for BMAWs over time. We think the answer is mixed since we believe that as BMAWs, Blasians, and other multiracial people become more prevalent in certain places, those places over time become more open and accepting of these relationships and cross-cultural barriers start to break down. Witness what has happened in parts of the Caribbean where Asian and Black mixing has been occurring for many generations now and is not such an oddity or challenge for either side when it happens today. At the same time, we are conscious that 67% or two-thirds of all BMAW marriages in the US include an Asian wife who was not born in the US, so there are many Black men who are either marrying recent Asian immigrants to the US, or are meeting Asian women outside the US and bringing them back to the US. This means that Black men do not need to be located in one of these top ranked places for BMAWs in order to find Asian wives, and they can instead either visit Asia on their own, or use the top Asian dating sites, to find great potential wives. So the reality is that if enough guys essentially start “importing” their wives, we can indeed see new top places for BMAW dating showing up on this list in the future.

We wish everyone all the best and many blessings!



  1. I live in Los angles California I have never seen an afbm couple in 41 years of living there so maybe you should go their and count then yourself

    • Tom,

      Thanks for your comment based on your 41 years of living in LA. We also lived in LA at one time for about 5 years and we still visit LA often and our experience is that we know and have met many BMAW couples in the LA area. Many of the BMAW celebrity couples featured on our website and many of the non-celebrity BMAW couples shown on the ABC facebook page are from the LA area. LA is a big place and both your experience and our experience are very possible given that BMAW couples are less than 1% of the households in LA. If you notice even in the data in this article, while LA is #1 in the US in terms of number of BMAW couples in the LA metro area, when it comes to concentration of BMAWs in the LA area, LA doesn’t even rank in the top 15 – largely because LA is such a widespread area and indeed LA county is the single largest county in the US. When you are dealing with populations that are less than 1% of an area, yes, you can live there for years and never see people from that subsegment of the population. On the other hand, since we are very attuned to noticing BMAW couples when we see them and the simple fact that we are networked in the BMAW community in LA, we see BMAW couples all the time when we are in LA. Both perspectives are valid.

      The latest census data also tells us that the top places to find BMAW couples in the LA area are Lakewood, Cerritos, Artesia, Hawaiian Gardens, Carson City, Marina del Rey, Westchester, Culver City, Central/West Adams, and Baldwin Hills. Thanks for visiting ABC!


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