Several Asian and Black couples who met online
Several Asian and Black couples who met online.

This is one of our most popular articles on this blog and we recently updated the article with fresh research and perspectives through 2018. One of the most frequent questions we receive at Asian Black Couples from Black men is, “Where can I meet Asian women?” In this article, we will break down the best Asian dating sites for Black men based on our research and why Asian dating sites make sense for many Black men.

We asked over 1,000 Black men and Asian women (BMAW) married couples and BMAW couples in relationships longer than one year, “How did you meet?” Here is what they told us:

(ABC Original Research 2018)

  • 33% Online Dating Sites
  • 13% Online Social Media
  • 13% Through Family and Friends
  • 13% Parties or Activities
  • 10% Through Work
  •  8%  Random in Public
  •  7%  Through College
  •  3%  Other

Two big observations here. A) Nearly half of all BMAW couples are meeting online, with 46% meeting online and 54% meeting in person. And B) Online dating is more than twice as popular than any other method of meeting for BMAW couples. Why is online meeting through the best Asian dating sites for Black men so popular for BMAW couples? Because Black men and Asian women do not tend to live and grow up in the same areas. In the US, the average neighborhood where Black people live only has 3% Asians living in that neighborhood. Even worst in the US, the average neighborhood where Asian people live only has about 1% Blacks living in that area. As shown below, there are only 10 counties in the US where the average neighborhood where Black people live has more than 10% Asians living there. If you live in one of these areas, as a Black man you have a much better chance of meeting Asian women in your day to day life locally, but otherwise Asian dating sites are your best choice!

Top US Places where Asians and Blacks Live in the same Neighborhood

Percent of Asians Living in the Average Black Neighborhood
Source: Brown University Sociology Department
RankUS CountyExposure Index %
1Honolulu County, HI     52.0
2Santa Clara County, CA (San Jose)     32.7
3San Francisco County, CA     28.1
3San Mateo County, CA (Daly City)     28.1
5Orange County, CA (Anaheim)     21.2
6King County, WA (Seattle)     20.1
7Sacramento County, CA     19.7
8Alameda County, CA (Oakland)     19.5
8Solano County, CA (Vallejo)     19.5
10San Diego County, CA     14.3
US Average       3.7


See our previous article, where we use this data along with some other interesting data to determine the Top 15 US Cities for Black Men, Asian Women Dating. No matter how they meet, the really beautiful thing though is that once Asians and Blacks do meet and interact, they find many similarities and they have wonderful loving relationships!

In a prior post, The Top Asian Dating Sites, we go into a lot of detail on many different Asian dating sites and how best to leverage them. It’s a long article, but it’s worth reading if you have not done so. In this post, we will assume you have read all the cautions from the prior post and we will go straight to our top 3 Asian dating site recommendations for Black men based on our research. In all 3 cases, we only recommend these sites when you are ready to be serious about finding a long term relationship or marriage. The Asian women on these best Asian dating sites for Black men are looking for long term serious relationships leading to marriage. If you are not ready for a serious relationship, these are not the best dating sites for you. If you only want a casual relationship, first realize that most Asian women do not date casually, so you will likely have a hard time trying to find Asian women to date you casually. For casual dating, you should try Tinder, Plenty of Fish, OKCupid, or some of the Facebook groups instead, which are all free and more oriented to casual relationships. These recommended dating sites are for Black men who are serious about finding love and we have seen many Black men find their wives on these sites. We also surveyed BMAW couples who met through online dating and these 3 dating sites were the top 3 dating sites used by far!

Top 3 Best Asian Dating Sites For Black Men

1. Filipino Cupid
Filipino Cupid promo
As men, on most dating sites, you are accustomed to sending out lots of messages to women you are interested in and then receiving maybe a handful of responses back from the women. That rule of thumb does not apply at Filipino Cupid. More than any other dating site that we know, lots of Black men have been very successful at Filipino Cupid and have found their wife or fiance there. All of the Black men that we know who have used Filipino Cupid have had tons of responses from Filipina women on the site – sometimes even too many responses, including responses from women you never contacted. You really have to be focused on your requirements and needs on Filipino Cupid because there are lots of beautiful Filipinas on this site and it’s easy to get distracted if you are not hyper-focused on finding the qualities you need in a woman. Filipina woman on this site are serious about finding a good man and they are not shy about reaching out to you first. True, there will be a few scamsters looking for money or a green card that you have to sort through, but the majority of the women are genuine, honest, real, and looking to find their soul mate.  Black men of all ages are successful here which is not always the case on other sites. Also don’t forget to look for Filipinas located in the US, Canada, or elsewhere in North America or Latin America, if you want to find someone closer than the Philippines. In our survey of BMAW couples who met through online dating sites, Filipino Cupid was the #1 site for creating BMAW couples. If you think you might be compatible with Filipina women, Filipino Cupid is a serious no brainer as the best Asian dating site for Black men, so just do it.

2. Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms is the granddaddy of Asian dating sites and has been around since 1974, starting first as a magazine and then converting to a website. They have been around for this long because their system really works, and many Black men have been successful with Cherry Blossoms. With Cherry Blossoms, you will find a wide variety of Asian women. The top places for the Cherry Blossoms women are China, Philippines, Korea, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Malaysia, but indeed you will find women from all over Asia here. The other nice thing about Cherry Blossoms is their pricing which typically is a little less expensive than the other sites, making it very affordable in most cases. Cherry Blossoms also has good immigration support based on their many years of experience if you need that service. Similar to Filipino Cupid, we have seen Black men of all ages do well at Cherry Blossoms. If you want to explore a wider variety of Asian women with a very reputable and proven best Asian dating site for Black men, Cherry Blossoms is your place to go.

3. Japan Cupid
Last, but not least, we are seeing a number of younger and middle aged (20s to 40s) Black men doing well at Japan Cupid, which is owned by the same company that owns Filipino Cupid. You will not be swarmed by women at Japan Cupid the way you will be at some other Asian dating sites, but there are many beautiful quality Japanese women looking for love there. Japan has many differences from the west, some would say oddities, in their social and dating scene, so it really helps to know as much about Japanese culture as possible if you use Japan Cupid. Despite Japan otherwise being a technology leader as a country, dating sites are still not as trusted in Japan as other places, which is part of why younger guys seem to do better there. Japan is not a poor country, so that really changes the whole dynamic on Japan Cupid where men really have to pursue the women. The good news is that many of the Japanese women there will have either spent some time in the US or Europe, and will speak very decent, if not fluent English. While the majority of the Japan Cupid women will be Japanese, you will also see some Chinese, Filipino, and Korean women there trying to get away from the intense competition on the Chinese and Filipino sites in particular. For younger to middle aged Black guys who like Japanese women and can deal with the differences in Japanese culture, Japan Cupid is one of the best Asian dating sites for Black men and it is the way to go!

So these are the top 3 best Asian dating sites for Black men today based on our many interactions and research with BMAW couples. What about other Asian dating sites or general dating sites. Well in our prior post on top Asian dating sites, we recommended 7 dating sites – these three, plus four other sites – and we still stand by all 7 of those recommended sites, but if we have to narrow it down to sites where we have seen Black men be most successful, the 3 sites mentioned above are the absolute best of the best. Frankly, outside of the previously recommended 7 Asian dating sites, it gets real sketchy real fast, and we are not comfortable recommending any other Asian dating sites at this time. There are sites that we previously recommended, that we no longer recommend due to the quality of these websites dropping over time. We are always listening to our reader’s feedback and we will let you know if we find other reputable Asian dating sites with large numbers of Black men being successful.

Regarding general dating sites, they are very much hit or miss from our research and none of them really come close to the best Asian dating sites for Black men. Yes, you hear of some Black men doing well on general dating sites, but by and large, we hear far more disappointing stories than encouraging stories about Black men and the general dating sites. From our most recent research, there is one exception though for general dating sites, and that is E-Harmony. The E-Harmony site did not rank as highly as the Asian dating sites mentioned above, but the E-Harmony matching formulas seem to do a good job of finding compatibility first. Once the initial base compatibility is established, it is easy to filter for Asian women or location from there and the women appear to be more receptive given that you were matched on compatibility already. At this point, E-Harmony is the only general dating app we would recommend for Black Men, Asian Women dating and this is a new recommendation since our last update. If you use E-Harmony, our one caution there is to turn off their automatic renewal feature or you will be automatically renewed and billed at the end of your term indefinitely. They sorta hide the button to turn off automatic renewals, so just Google it if you do not find the button easily.

Our research also shows some Black men being successful finding Asian women with smart phone apps and social media sites, but we do not see one app or one social media group standing out at this time. The advantage of social media sites is that they are free, but the downside is that the free sites are full of people who are not who they appear to be and people who are mainly just looking to waste your time and money. The small amount of money you would spend on any of the recommended sites really produces a significant improvement in the quality and sincerity of the women, so that makes it an easy decision to us.  It all comes down to just finding the right person in the right place at the right time.

Other Articles to Review

We previously published posts on Where To Meet Asian Women and Six Steps For Black Men To Date Asian Women which gives our top ideas on places, activities, and the mindset for meeting and dating Asian women. We also published an article on The Top Crowdsourced Global Cities for Asian and Black Dating, to help identify global cities for Asian and Black dating. Finally, once you are in a successful Asian and Black couple relationship, we invite you to join our exclusive ABC FB group which only admits people in current Asian and Black couple relationships – Asian Black Couples Only (ABCO). This is a very special and unique group and one of the top supportive and loving communities for Asian and Black couples.

Good luck to everyone!



  1. I just wish to thank you so much, on helping me understand alot of things on helping me to find an look for on asain wed site meeting a asain women so much good information now i can break down somethings so i will not waste so much time, choosing the wrong kind girl o.k. this are my initials G.B.B. a native of California.

  2. You mentioned Facebook groups. Are these talked about in your other articles? Interested in both serious and casual but have never known about Facebook groups for this topic.

    • The largest and generally the best Facebook groups can be found in this Top 10 Asian and Black Couple Websites post. Despite these being probably the best of the FB groups for Asian and Black couples, these free FB groups still attract many people who are not who they appear to be, people who are not really serious about Asian Black Couple relationships, scammers, and catfishers who either just want to waste your time or separate you from your money, so use a good degree of caution with people you meet in these free FB groups. Like much of life, once you charge money for an item or service, it tends to separate the serious people from the not so serious people and we definitely see that difference with FB groups and the paid dating sites recommended in this post. Paying a small amount like $10 to $20 a month (depending on where you live) to be able to interact with people who are serious about Asian and Black relationships is a small price to pay in our book, but everyone obviously has to make the right call for their own situation.

      Good luck and thanks for visiting ABC!

    • Ahmed,

      Thanks for your comment. We have a couple of thoughts:

      – First, as we say in the article and elsewhere on ABC, these sites work best when you are looking for a serious long term relationship. If you are looking for a casual relationship, these sites will not help you, as most all of these women are looking for serious long term relationships possibly leading to marriage. Check out our articles on Six Steps To Approaching Asian Women and What Do Asian Women Think About Black Men for more insight into whether you really are interested in pursuing Asian women or not.

      – Second, if you are seriously looking for a long term relationship, and you still can not find a suitable partner on the recommended dating sites, no other dating sites are recommended – these are the best of the best. The other two options would be 1) taking a temporary assignment in Asia for a couple of years OR 2) relocating to a city in a Western country with a high concentration of Asians like any of the major cities in California, or Toronto or Vancouver in Canada, or Birmingham in the UK. Check out our articles Where to Meet Asian Women, Top Worldwide Cities For Asian and Black Dating, and Asian Countries Most Receptive To Blasian Couples.

      Third, if none of these things work, consider that it’s possible that you are not meant to date Asian women. We always say that Love Trumps Race which means that you should find love first and worry about race secondarily. It also means that if you find an Asian women to date, but you do not find love with that Asian women, we do not advocate that either. If you earnestly tried and for whatever reason it just isn’t working, maybe it just isn’t meant to be and you should find love with someone else.

      Wish you all the best, and thanks for visiting ABC!

    • Frederic,

      Korea is a very interesting place and we enjoy our time in Korea very much. We have many friends in Korea and we have had many conversations with them about dating in Korea. Our view, based on both our visits and our conversations is that most foreigner dating in Korea is difficult, but dating between Blacks and Koreans is particularly difficult. The reasons for this are many and complex, but essentially Korea with a foreigner population of less than 2%, is a very homogeneous, tight knitted, and highly conforming society. Koreans are also typically very direct and blunt with each other and have zero qualms publicly calling out any behavior that doesn’t fit their societal norms. For a Korean lady to go against her parent’s wishes and her society’s norms and face the ongoing public criticism of her choices is a very, very difficult thing to do and many just won’t do it. In many parts of Korea, right or wrong, Korean women who date Black men are thought to be prostitutes in the worst case or sexually very easy in the best case. We have seen this happen first hand. It’s just a very difficult dating environment for Blacks in Korea.

      All of that said, Black and Korean dating does happen in Korea, and we take our hats off to all of the Black and Korean couples we know in Korea. They have found ways to make it work for them, despite the many challenges in Korea. Based on what we have seen, here are our tips for Black men looking to date in Korea:

      – First, you need to learn and become fluent in the Korean language and culture. This should not really be an option. If you are in Korea and want to date Korean women, you need to learn Korean language and culture. It will help you immensely in forming relationships there.
      – If you can do something other than be an English teacher in Korea, it will help you immensely. If a Korean lady is choosing between an executive at Samsung or an expat English teacher, Korean society is such that it is very difficult for her to choose to date an English teacher if she has other options
      – It will typically be easier for you to date Korean women who do not fit the Korean standard of beauty or who are considered past their dating prime in Korea. Korean women who are a little thicker who are regularly told by Korean guys that they need to lose weight tend to appreciate Black guys who think they are perfectly fine the way they are. Same thing applies to Korean women in their 30s and 40s who are told that they are too old or past their prime, despite being very beautiful women.
      – It’s also easier for you to date Korean women who are very self-determined to break from Korean dating tradition or Korean women who are already somewhat westernized. There will be many times when the lady will need to fight for her love with either family or friends, and/or simply not care what other Korean people think. Frankly this is something that we have only seen the most self-determined Korean women be able to do – to really step out and be their own person, which is not part of the Korean “collective” way of thinking typically.
      – It also helps if you date someone who is planning on living longer term in the west or anywhere outside of Korea. Once Korean women immigrate away from Korea, it tends to have a tremendous freeing effect on them and they are much more likely to date Black men at that point – something they may have never done in Korea with all the pressure to conform there. People who do not conform to Korean norms and standards like mixed race Blasian kids can be treated so badly in Korea, that most Korean people we know just readily accept that it’s better for you to move the kids to a multicultural society like the US, rather than wait or hope that Korea will become more tolerant of mixed race kids.
      – Frequent the places that Korean women who want to meet foreigners or Blacks frequent. In Seoul, the Itaewon neighborhood is the place where Korean ladies who want to meet foreigners will hang out. In Itaewon, there are many bars and clubs which cater to an international audience and Koreans who want to meet foreigners, so your chances of having a successful encounter there go up tremendously.
      – Don’t forget to consider dating non-Korean women while you are in Korea. Non-Korean women are not bound by all of the cultural and societal norms of Korea and are much more free to be their own people and date whoever they like without all the drama that Korean ladies will face in Korea.
      – Finally, there are dating sites like KoreanCupid, but honestly, we have never seen Black guys be successful there. Not saying it will never happen, but we know many Black guys who have used it and other Korean dating sites without success.

      Good Luck!

  3. The Cupid network has some great sites and having to pay increases your odds of success because you are invested in the site. I’ve also found great success in Thailand with free sites like Thaifriendly and DateinAsia.

    Your picture is the most important key, but also remember to fill out your profile in detail. For me, I’ve gotten a lot of success when I described key elements about my travels in Asia. This helps girls realize that I am serious about meeting them and plan to spend at least a few months in their country.

    I haven’t experienced any problems dating Asian women as a black man. Remember that everyone has a motive – meaning lots of white guys in Asia are targets for scammers and criminals. Read the book “Private Dancer” to see the true side of most relationships in Asia.

    Being black gives you an advantage because you aren’t the target of scammers and most women show genuine interest in you instead of your wallet!

  4. Thanks ABC for researching and sharing your data and reports on AWBM dating.l, which provide insights that help us interested in finding Asian wife.

    I wish you could research the issue of fake love/fake romance among Asian women. I mean, most people outside America, Canada, and some European countries, are desperate. They want to move to these countries for better opportunities. Moreover, only few Asian women want to marry a black man.

    Therefore, it is far too easy for an Asian woman to fake her love for an American black man so that he can bring her to America. And after she gets her legal documents, resettles, learns the American culture, then she leaves him. For example, the Netflix documentary “My Online Bride” provides clear evidence.

    One way I try to weed out some of the Asian women I have dated in South East Asia is that I tell them I will move to live and do business in Africa. And so if a woman is truly in love with a man, she will be willing to live where he lives. That’s the trend in history of romance. And soon, I discover that the primary desire to date me is to come to America.

    I wish ABC could look into this topic of fake romance for the sake to live in America.

    • JGL,
      Thanks for your note and the suggestion to write more on the topic of fake romance or scammers on Asian dating sites. We will add this to our list of topics to write about in more detail, but for now, here are the quick tips we have learned from our research to date:

      – Focus on Asian women on the dating sites who have accomplished something in life and who have reasonable jobs and reasonable income. While you can find true love with poorer Asian women as well, the likelihood of being scammed increases with poorer women at the same time.

      – Focus on Asian women who have lived or traveled in western countries. Women who have experienced western countries are much more realistic and not as starry-eyed about what to expect once they arrive in the US or other western countries. Women who have only lived in their country are more likely to have illusions of grandeur about western countries.

      – Focus on Asian women who are willing to fight for your relationship, as in go against the desires of their family and friends and defend your relationship with her closest family and friends. Asian women who can not defend their relationship with you to their family and friends tend to ultimately give in to the desires of their family and friends and will break your heart if you let them. Also know that in the long term, most all family and friends ultimately come around and accept the relationship in the long run, even if it takes years. You just have to treat her and her family with kindness and love at all times and have patience. You want someone who is emotionally invested in you and defending you to family and friends often deepens the emotional attachment.

      – Consider going fully open kimono in your relationship. This is a little drastic, but we have seen this work for many couples. Openly share all phone and social media passwords in BOTH DIRECTIONS – hers and yours. It’s hard to scheme about anything if you guys have that tight and trusted a connection. You can build and prove your trust in other ways as well, but this is the ultimate way. Decide if this makes sense in your relationship. Whether you do this or not, always look for ways to build and prove the mutual trust in your relationship over time.

      Thanks for visiting ABC!


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