Welcome to the second quarterly update of the top Asian and Black couple websites for 2016, second quarter – see all of the previous Asian and Black website rankings here. In the second quarter of 2016, we continue to see the number of Asian and Black couple websites exploding – see the ABC full list of Asian and Black couple related websites here. In this set of rankings, all of our #1 websites from the 6 categories we track kept their #1 rankings, but there were other changes in the top 10 rankings by category.

As a reminder, for ranking purposes, we sort Asian and Black couple websites into 6 categories:

  • Online Groups
  • Meet Up Groups
  • YouTube Channels
  • Instagram Sites
  • Facebook Pages
  • Blogs

In order to be eligible for these rankings, the website has to be either primarily or partially devoted to Asian and Black couples or relationships – either BMAW or AMBW. The website can discuss other topics such as lifestyle, fashion, general race relations, etc., but there needs to be a part of the site that focuses on Asian and Black relationships. In this quarter’s rankings in the website category, we are also including websites which focus on the Black experience in Asian countries or the Asian experience in African countries. These websites are a great resource for many Black and Asian couples and naturally cover Black and Asian relationships as well.

As always, we exclude any websites or groups that have a heavy sex related theme, and we also exclude websites which have not had meaningful activity in the last 12 months, even if they used to be really popular before the most recent 12 months. Websites come and go all the time. Obviously, if we missed any websites that you believe belong in these rankings, please bring them to our attention for review.

In the rankings below, websites that primarily focus on AMBW couples will be shown in this green color. Websites that focus on BMAW couples or general Blasian couple topics will be shown in the standard black color. However keep in mind that AMBW oriented websites will occasionally cover BMAW topics and likewise, many BMAW oriented websites will occasionally cover AMBW topics. Also for the quarterly update, websites moving up or down in the rankings are noted and websites that stayed the same in the ranking are not noted. Now let’s get to the rankings!

Top 10 Asian and Black Couple Websites – Online Groups

Black Women Asian Men United - To support, encourage, & promote interaction between Asian Men & Black Women. - Google Chrome 12152015 11013 PM
Black Women Asian Men United, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Online Group

Ranked by Number of Members as of 6/17/16

1. Black Women, Asian Men United
8,788 members,   Lead Admin: Vouthynar Sovann

2. Black and Asian Couples
8,685 members,   Lead Admin: Miles Palmer

3. Black Men Seeking Asian Women and Asian Women Seeking Black Men (new to list)
2,824 members,   Lead Admin: Elkavale Shanisman Superwan

4. You and Me… We Could Make Blasians (down 1 spot)
2,096 members

5 – tie. Black Women Asian Men – The Initiation (down 1 spot)
1,587 members,   Lead Admin: Vee Sovauhn

5 – tie. Asian Man and Black Woman,The Evolutions of Euphoria ♥♥♥ (new to list)
1,587 members,   Lead Admin: Hadivyah Burgess El

7. Blindian Network: Multi Ethnic Group (down 2 spots)
1,404 members

8. Black and Yellow Sexies in South Korea (down 2 spots)
915 members,   Lead Admin: Jeremy Rondell

9. Asian Man and Black Woman, The Evolution’s of Euphoria Group 2 (new to list)
885 members,   Lead Admin: Hadivyah Burgess El

10. AMBW (down 3 spots)
831 members,   Lead Admin: Toni Davette Brannon-Ward

For online Asian and Black couple groups, Black Woman Asian Men United, continues to lead the pack, but the Facebook group, Black and Asian Couples, added over 660 members since last quarter to finish a close 2nd in this category this quarter. We also added three new groups in this category. The BMAW Facebook group, Black Men Seeking Asian Women and Asian Women Seeking Black Men, enters the list at the #3 spot. The AMBW Facebook group, Asian Man and Black Woman – The Evolutions of Euphoria ♥♥♥, comes in tied at #5, and it’s sister group, Asian Man and Black Woman- The Evolution’s of Euphoria Group 2, debuts on the list at #9. With the addition of these new groups, it now takes at least 831 group members to make this list.


Top 10 Asian and Black Couple Websites – Meet Up Groups

Asian Men and Black Women Connections - NYC, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Meet Up group
Asian Men and Black Women Connections – NYC, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Meet Up group

Ranked by Number of Members as of 6/17/16

1. Asian Men and Black Women Connections – NYC
880 members,   Location: New York, NY

2. Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion (AMBWP) – World Wide
692 members,   Location: Washington DC

3. Black 2 Asian Meet Up (up 2 spots)
359 members,   Location: Mountain View, CA

4. Blasian Connections LA
352 members,   Location: Los Angeles, CA

5. Asian Men and Black Women Persuasion (AMBWP) – Chicago (up 1 spot)
343 members,   Location: Chicago, IL

6. Black Women and Asian Men Dating (up 1 spot)
333 members,   Location: Washington DC

7. Philly Asian Men / Black Woman Rock (AMBW)! (up 1 spot)
227 members,   Location: Philadelphia, PA

8. Washington Asian Men and Black Woman Meetup (new to list)
129 members,   Location: Washington DC

9. Asian Men and Black Woman in DFW
120 members,   Location: Dallas, TX

10. Red Bridge Society – Gwinnett AMBW/BLASIAN
103 members, Location: Duluth, GA

All of the meetup groups continue to be only AMBW oriented groups – see our article on why AMBW groups dominate online here. The NYC meet up group, Asian Men and Black Woman Connections, continues to lead the pack at 880 members, up 90 members since last quarter. The Mountain View, CA meet up group, Black 2 Asian Meet Up, moved up two spots to the #3 spot, and a DC group, Washington Asian Men and Black Women Meetup was added to the list in the #8 spot. This puts 3 Washington DC AMBW groups in the top 10 in this category.


Top 10 Asian and Black Couple Websites – YouTubers

 The LaVigne Life, the #1 Asian and Black Couple YouTube Channel

The LaVigne Life, the #1 Asian and Black Couple YouTube Channel

Ranked by Number of Views as of 6/17/16

1. The LaVigne Life
72.5 million views; 339,722 subs,   Creators: Jerry LaVigne, Afro Creole, and Dee Hutchinson, Filipino, Chinese, and White

2. Lily Petals World
9.3 million views; 44,800 subs,   Creators: Lily J. Lee, Korean, and James Woods, Kenyan

3. MazeLee
5.7 million views; 56,917 subs,   Creators: Alena Maze, African American, and Joe Lee, Korean American

4. Loser Laowai in China
3.8 million views; 7,758 subs,   Creators: Randy Flagg, African American, and Jenny, Chinese

5. GS350JPN
3.0 million views; 5,550 subs,   Creator: Ralph Duncans Jr. who advises Black men on dating Japanese women and is married to a Japanese lady.

6. Vmarie401: All About Beauty
2.2 million views; 26,625 subs,  Creators: Vmarie, Jamaican American, and Tyler, Korean American

7. Primrose Panglea (up 2 spots)
1.3 million views; 7,130 subs,  Creators: Primrose, Zimbabwean British, and Jaspreet, Indian British

8. J Hearts J
1.2 million views; 21,250 subs,  Creators: Jenny, African American, and Jae, Korean

9. TimaLovesLemons (down 2 spots)
1.1 million views; 15,390 subs,  Creators: Tima, African American, and Kevin, Chinese American

10. Lovely Mimi
923K views; 13,160 subs;  Creators: Lovely Mimi, Vietnamese American, and Remy, African American

In the YouTube category, there was not a lot of movement this quarter, but a few channels had nice view and subscriber gains. Lily Petals World stayed in the #2 spot, but added an impressive 1.9 million views and 11,000 subscribers since last quarter. MazeLee in the #3 spot also saw big gains with an additional 2.3 million views and 23,000 subscribers. Finally, the AMBW couple Primrose Panglea, jumped up 2 spots to #7 after nearly doubling views and tripling subscribers with 600,000 new views and 5,000 new subs since last quarter.


Top 10 Asian and Black Couple Websites – Instagramers

Lovely Mimi, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Instagramer
Lovely Mimi, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Instagramer

Ranked by Number of Followers as of 6/17/16

1. Lovely Mimi

2. Vmarie401 (up 1 spot)

3. blasian.couples (down 1 spot)

4. ladyiix

5. as.maze – MazeLee

6. domhyo (up 2 spots)

7. asian_black_love (down 1 spot)

8. timaloveslemons (up 1 spot)

9. Styves Exantus (down 2 spots)

10. jheartsjae (new to list)

Lovely Mimi, Vietnamese, continues to dominate the Instagam category with 833,000 followers, up 132,000 followers since last quarter. Her quarterly increase in Instagram followers is more than the total followers of all of the other top 10 Instagrammers combined which is impressive. Vmarie more than doubled her followers to 25,000 which propelled her to the #2 spot on the list. Also jheartsjae joins the list at #10 with over 3,000 followers. The number of different Asian and Black Instagram accounts we track declined to 67 as 15 previously tracked accounts either shut down or went private. Drop us a line if you know of any Asian and Black Instagram pages which we should keep an eye on.


Top 10 Asian and Black Couple Websites – Facebook Pages

The Love Life Of An Asian Guy, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Facebook Page
The Love Life Of An Asian Guy, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Facebook Page

Ranked By Number of Likes as of 6/17/16

1. The Love Life of an Asian Guy
121,825 likes;   Creator: Ranier Maningding

2. Dom and Hyo
17,970 likes;   Creator: Dominic “Dom” Dinkins

3. AMBW for Life
16,690 likes;   Creator: Rhea Alexander

4. AMBW Channel
10,310 likes;    Creator: Pamela J. Weakly

5. Vmarie401
7,560 likes;    Creator: Vmarie

6. Black and Asian Couple, Lily and James’s love story. 흑인남편과 사는 릴리이야기
5,480 likes;   Creator: Lily J. Lee

7. Asian Men And Black Women Persuasion
2,970 likes;   Creator: Joselann / AMBW Persuasion

8. MazeLee (up 2 spots)
1,990 likes;    Creators: Alena Maze and Joe Lee

9. Asian Black Couples
1,715 likes;    Creator: Mark Techman

10. Black Passenger
1,580 likes;   Creator: Stefhen fd Bryan

This category only considers Facebook pages, not Facebook groups which are included in the online groups category above. Ranier Maningding, Filipino, the creator of Love Live of an Asian Guy (LLAG), continues to be the king of this category. LLAG, currently with over 121,000 likes, added an impressive 48,000 likes in the last quarter. The top seven Asian and Black Facebook pages all stayed in their same relative positions since last quarter, and MazeLee jumped up 2 spots to the #8 spot on the list.


Top 10 Asian and Black Couple Websites – Blogs

Western Girl Eastern Boy2
Western Girl Eastern Boy, the #1 Asian and Black Couple Blog

Ranked by Average Global Website Ranking (from Alexa and Similarweb)

1. Western Girl Eastern Boy
Average Global Ranking: 474,000

2. Dom and Hyo
Average Global Ranking: 669,000

3. The Love Life Of An Asian Guy (up 3 spots)
Average Global Ranking: 1,251,000

4. Asian Woman Black Man
Average Global Ranking: 1,401,000

5. Asian Black Couples (down 2 spots)
Average Global Ranking: 1,479,000

6. Asian Black Couples Tumblr (down 1 spot)
Average Global Ranking: 1,773,000

7. Black in Korea (new to list)
Average Global Ranking: 2,061,000

8. Loco In Yokohama (new to list)
Average Global Ranking: 2,502,000

9. Africans In China (new to list)
Average Global Ranking: 2,668,000

10. The Chinafrica Project (new to list)
Average Global Ranking: 2,944,000

With over 1 billion websites globally right now, any global ranking less than 10 million is actually pretty good, and a global ranking in the top 1 million sites is really excellent. Many of the websites that cover Asian and Black relationships in one way or another also cover the Black experience in Asia, or the Asian experience in Africa, so starting with this ranking we are expanding our website coverage to include websites that cover the Black experience in Asia or the Asian experience in Africa, as well as websites that more strictly cover Asian and Black couple relationships.

Jennifer Gabriel continues to produce the #1 Asian and Black relationship blog right now called Western Girl Eastern Boy (WGEB) and it’s ranked in the top 500,000 websites globally which is superb. WGEB has shifted their focus somewhat to the Black experience in Korea which is also very helpful for Asian and Black couples. Dom & Hyo maintains the #2 spot also ranking in the top 1 million sites worldwide.  The newly updated Love Life Of An Asian Guy site jumps back to the #3 spot, while the ABC websites (yours truly) lost a little ground in the last quarter. We are also pleased to add some great websites to the top 10 listing. At #7, the really well done site, Black in Korea covers the Black experience in Korea. At #8, Loco in Yokohama covers the Black experience in Japan. The #9 site, Africans In China, covers the African experience in China, and the #10 site, The Chinafrica Project, covers the Chinese experience in Africa. All four of the new sites have global website rankings in the top 3 million sites.


Kudos to all of the websites on all of the rankings above. If you know of any websites that should be on these lists, please drop us a line so we can update the listings over time. Educating the world about Asian and Black couples and creating safe spaces for Blasian couples to have intelligent and meaningful dialogue is a labor of love for many. However this collective work is making a difference, and helping to eliminate old and tired stereotypes for both Asians and Blacks. We hear more and more positive reviews of Asian and Black couples from people of all races which is very encouraging.

Best wishes to everyone!



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