We often hear the question, what are the top Asian countries for Blasian couple relationships. The simple fact is that Asian and Black dating is not very prevalent in any Asian country today. Blacks or Africans are simply not found in large numbers in any Asian country. The majority of Blacks who live in Asian countries will be either US Black military servicemen, African traders, Black American English teachers, African university students, or Black American corporate expats. The average Asian in Asia does not have much, if any exposure to Blacks, and hence does not spend much time thinking about Blacks or dating Blacks. However, Asian and Black dating does occur all over Asia – just in very small numbers. We personally know Black men who have dated or married Asian women they met in China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Philippines, Indonesia, East Timor, and Kazakstan. When Asians and Blacks have regular interactions, Blasian couples naturally start to form. Asian women in Asia have been dating and marrying US Black military servicemen for many years now, and increasingly with African Americans taking more expat assignments and teaching assignments in Asia, with Africans conducting regular trading in Asia, and with the internet making it very easy for Asians and Blacks to meet and regularly communicate in real time, Blasian couple relationships are starting to occur more often in Asia, albeit starting from very small numbers.

This post will list the top Asian countries for Blasian couple relationships – the places where Asians are more open to Blasian couple dating than other places in Asia, recognizing that many places in Asia are still not very open to Blasian couple relationships. Also, this post will apply mainly to Black men, Asian women (BMAW) couples, not Asian men, Black women (AMBW) couples. In the US, there are about 5 BMAW couples for every 1 AMBW couple, but in Asia, the ratio doubles to 10 BMAW couples for every one AMBW couple, so this post will primarily describe BMAW couples.

The following list is roughly in order of most likely to least likely for Blasian couple relationships in Asia, but your experiences may vary, so adjust the comments as necessary for your situation. Also this list is primarily for those looking for serious relationships and will not include some of the popular Asian party cities. If you are just looking for a fun time, then just head to Thailand and be safe, but this list is mainly geared toward people seeking serious long term relationships. Finally, for a data based view of this same question based on internet traffic from Asia to Asian / Black couple websites, see this link.

Top Asian Countries For Blasian Couple Relationships

1. Philippines

Top Cities to Consider – Cebu, Davao City

ronde-barber-claudia barber
Former NFL player, Ronde Barber, and his Filipina wife, Claudia Patron Barber. Married since 2001.

Filipinos are clearly the most open minded when it comes to Blasian relationships. It’s hard to beat the warm and welcoming Filipino ways and with their English fluency and high percentage of Christians, it’s easy for many Blacks to relate to Filipinos. While there are many genuine Filipinos, it is a poor country and there are always a number of scammers who are just looking to separate you from your money. Always keep your wits about you in the Philippines and avoid the women who are mainly looking for you to support them and their extended families.

2. Japan

Top Cities to Consider – Tokyo, Nagoya

A Japanese Softbank ad featuring Dante Carver (left) and Bobby Ologun (right), two popular black actors based in Japan. Both Dante and Bobby are married to Japanese women (not pictured) in Tokyo.
A Japanese Softbank ad featuring Dante Carver (left) and Bobby Ologun (right), two popular black actors based in Japan. Both Dante and Bobby are married to Japanese women (not pictured) in Tokyo.

A good number of younger and middle aged Japanese women are open to Blasian relationships, and many Black men report having great experiences in Tokyo and Nagoya. As with many countries, it really helps to learn as much as you can about the Japanese language and culture. Indeed language exchange is actually a great way to meet Japanese women. Sometimes due to their huge focus on saving face and avoiding conflict, Japanese women do not express their thoughts directly, which can lead to misunderstandings. Also beware of lonely bored married Japanese women who can waste your time, but fortunately most Japanese are very honest, so just ask if you are unsure. Finally, Japan is fairly expensive, so plan appropriately.

3. Malaysia

Top Cities to Consider – Penang, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu

Malaysian different ethnic groups
Malaysians of different ethnic groups

Malaysia consists of Malays, Chinese Malaysians, and Indian Malaysians. While they are all nice people, for potential Blasian relationships, you will want to focus mainly on Chinese Malaysians. Chinese Malaysians are in many ways a “lite” version of mainland Chinese and are essentially a more relaxed version of Chinese. They still observe the Chinese way, but by growing up in an area with cultural diversity, they are much more tolerant of multicultural relationships. In east Malaysia (Kuching and Kota Kinabalu) on the island of Borneo which is closer to the Philippines, you will also meet some mixed Chinese Malaysian / Filipinos who are typically even more open to multicultural relationships.

4. China

Top Cities to Consider – Shenzhen, Shanghai

Mark Obama Ndesandjo, the half brother of President Obama lives with his Chinese wife, Xue Hua Liu (aka Chloe) in Shenzhen, China. They have been married since 2008.
Mark Obama Ndesandjo, the half brother of President Obama lives with his Chinese wife, Xue Hua Liu (aka Chloe) in Shenzhen, China. They have been married since 2008.

China is a huge country with lots of different cities, but two of the most cosmopolitan and global cities in China are Shenzhen and Shanghai. This creates pros and cons for these two cities. On the positive side, both cities have more diversity than most Chinese cities so Blacks are a more common sight and less of a curiosity in these cities. On the negative side, you are also more likely to meet money and status conscious women in both of these cities along with a fair number of scammers in Shanghai in particular who are mainly looking to separate you from your money. Women above the age of about 28 are considered past their dating prime, so you can find some really beautiful 30+ year old Chinese women who may not have as many dating options as you might think in China. If you meet and click with one of the many genuine women in either city, you can find much happiness, but it may take some navigating.

5. Oceania

Top Countries to Consider – Fiji, Samoa, Guam

A young Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, with his African Canadian father, Rocky Johnson, and his Samoan mother, Ata Maivia Johnson.
A young Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, with his African Canadian father, Rocky Johnson, and his Samoan mother, Ata Maivia Johnson.

The Pacific island countries of Oceania are technically not Asia and are instead part of the broader Asia Pacific classification, however Black and Pacific couple relationships are typically considered Blasian couple relationships as well. Many of the Pacific islands have relatively small populations which limits the opportunities there, but once you break away from the tourist crowds and start to get to know the local people on the islands, they often have the same warm spirit with very strong family ties similar to what you find in the Philippines. Many Pacific island people are very proud of their cultures and traditions, and island families are very close, so if you are dating a Pacific island lady, you have to come correct, or you could find yourself facing the wrath of her extended island family who likely will not take kindly to nonsense from newcomers or outsiders. Also life in the islands is often much simpler than in the US which should also be considered if you find a long term relationship in the Pacific.

6. Other Countries

Glenda Han is a well-known Singaporean entrepreneur and Worker’s Party Council Member. Her husband, Matheu Kieswetter, is a South African symphony conductor and musician who relocated to Singapore. They have been married since 2013.
Glenda Han is a well known Singaporean entrepreneur and Worker’s Party Council Member. Her husband, Matheu Kieswetter, is a South African symphony conductor and musician who relocated to Singapore. They have been married since 2013.

Top Cities to Consider – Singapore, Hong Kong, Taipei

These last three places are lumped together since they are not as likely to have Asians interested in Blasian couple relationships as the other places on this list. All three cities are among the most globalized cities in all of Asia and have many multinational corporations with diverse employee bases. While the Black populations in these cities are not large, most Asians in these cities will have seen or interacted with Blacks or Africans either in their company or in the city in general. Unlike other parts of Asia, Blacks are far less likely to be stared at as an uncommon sight in these cities, however that does not necessarily mean that the Singaporeans, Hong Kongers, or Taiwanese seek to date Blacks in these cities. Indeed, in these three cities, Asian women who are willing to date non-Asians will primarily seek to date rich white guys.

Blasian couple dating in these cities mainly occurs when the Black guy is likely an executive or engineering expat with one of the multinational companies located in these cities. He also likely doesn’t spend a lot of time focused on race. The Asian lady is likely either a work related, career driven, independent type OR a female friend of a work colleague who is also likely career driven and either sheltered or independent. The lady is also likely in her 30s or 40s and viewed as past her dating prime by Asian standards. In both cases, these women are not necessarily looking for a relationship, but the man’s stable financial situation, and the quality of his professional character will likely win the lady over with time. Our writers lived in Singapore for a few years and have visited Hong Kong and Taipei many times, and the Blasian couples we know in these cities all fit this profile. Again, these three cities are not the first place you would look for Asians interested in Blasian couple relationships in Asia. Singapore and Hong Kong in particular are very expensive, but all three cities are fun places to live and visit in Asia, even if Blasian couple relationships might be hard to find there.

Tips to Optimize Your Trip To Asia

So to be clear, just showing up in one of these places as a Black man does not mean that Asian women will be jumping all over you, not even in the very friendly Philippines. However, in all of Asia, these are the places where you are most likely to find Asian women open to Blasian couple relationships today. Are you guaranteed to find a Blasian couple relationship in all of the places on this list – obviously no – if you are difficult to deal with and you are not willing to invest time in a multicultural relationship in the US, you likely won’t find a relationship in Asia either.  Can you find Blasian couple relationships in Asian countries that are not on this list like Korea, Vietnam, or India – sure, you can, but you will be swimming against a very heavy negative current in most places not on this list. With some of the countries that are not on the list like Korea, you are actually typically much better off finding Korea Americans who are far more likely to date Blacks once they are outside of Korea. This list, like most other information on this blog, is merely a starting point to hopefully get you pointed in the right direction, but as with most things, your individual results will vary with your actions.

Here are a few additional tips to help you maximize your use of this list if you decide to visit any of these places:

  • Build a pipeline of potential dates to meet before you arrive in Asia. There are plenty of social media and reputable Asian dating sites where you can meet potential dates or tour guides a couple of months before your trip. Use these sites to find potential dates and have several free video calls (with tools like Skype or WeChat) with them before you travel. Ideally, you will have regularly spoken to any potential dates for 2 to 3 months before you travel to their country. This way when you arrive in Asia, you will have a schedule of dates already set up.
  • If you are planning on meeting several different people during your trip, it’s often best to just disclose that to the people you agree to meet with online so everyone is clear when you arrive in Asia. The more friendly locals you know when you are on the ground in Asia, the better, so no need to create a bunch of hurt feelings when you are there. Many Asian women take their dating much more seriously than American women and things can escalate in their minds faster than they are escalating in your mind.
  • Reach out to your friends who either live in your destination city in Asia or have family who live there. It can help considerably to have locals who can guide you and translate for you while you are there, make introductions, or even possibly get you out of a jam if things go sideways. A personal introduction from a mutual friend can go a long way with many Asians.
  • Keep in mind that there are lots of Asian women who will waste your time. Do what you can to sort them out before you land in Asia, so that you can maximize your time with the ladies with the most long term potential.
  • It always helps to learn a little bit of the language before you arrive in Asia. Even just showing that you attempted to learn the language by speaking imperfectly in the new language will win you a ton of respect and help from the locals, as opposed to the person who just shows up and expects everyone to speak English. I have had friends ask locals for help in English and not get any response from the locals, and when I ask for help using even a poor version of the local language, I’ve had locals respond to me in English. So showing the locals a little respect by knowing even a few local phrases can go a long way.
  • Consider traveling with a friend if possible. Having a wingman can come in handy sometimes, and can make the whole trip more enjoyable.
  • There are organized dating tours that you can consider as well for some of these countries – but they have their pros and cons. On the positive side, they often organize everything for you including a couple of mixers to meet local women and setting you up with dates with local women along with translation services if needed. On the downside, some believe that the services are expensive, but it’s the whole convenience versus expense dilemma. Do it yourself and save money or pay a little extra and have everything set up for you. If you decide to go this route, we recommend you use the team at A Foreign Affair. They are the number one foreign introduction service and they are real pros with deep trust and experience in Asia.


Even though Blasian couples in Asia are small in number today, they are starting to increase as more Blacks visit Asia in various capacities. Also the internet and travel prices have made it much easier for Blacks and Asians to meet online and arrange Asian visits after some time. These trends will only increase with time, and similar to what is happening with Asian and Black relationships in the US, the perceived walls will start to come down as there are more and more interactions in Asia between Blacks and Asians. Asian cities and countries which already have multi-cultural populations and / or already have a more global orientation are leading the way in Blasian couple relationships. These types of cities tend to be the best places to start in Asia. Obviously if you are visiting Asia for relationship purposes, you should use the internet, communication tools, and your network to optimize your visits to Asia. While Blasian couples in Asia are starting to grow from very small numbers, Blasian couples are already the 3rd fastest growing interracial couple mix in America – see this prior post on What’s Driving The Growth of Blasian Couples for more details on Blasian couple growth in the US. It will take time to see big numbers in Asia, but Blasian couple relationships in Asia are much more possible today than many people think.

Everyone will have their own unique experiences when it comes to dealing with Blasian couple relationships in Asia, and as always, we welcome you sharing your experiences in the comments. Also, feel free to share your comments below.

Good luck to everyone!



    • Sara, The couple in the first picture are Ronde Barber and his Filipino wife, Claudia Patron Barber. They are not actors. Ronde is a former professional football player and he is currently a television sports commentator. Claudia is a former marketing and event planner. They have been married since 2001 and have 2 kids together.

      The picture for Japan, the second picture, does show actors for a Japanese ad as the caption describes, however the two Black guys in that picture, Dante Carver and Bobby Ologun, both are married to Japanese women and live full time in Japan.

      Thanks for your question and thanks for visiting Asian Black Couples.

  1. How is it that Cebu or Davao are the top places to consider in the Philippines, and not also places like Manila or Bacolod?

  2. Not China. I mean there is love everywhere, but due to their customs its its much better for like Egyptian black or someone light skinned to go. I had a few.

    • AMBW couples are super rare in Asia.The numbers we have seen estimate that maybe 0.1% of all Asian men in Asia will marry a Black woman. As such, it is really tough to recommend any Asian countries for Black women to date in. Our numbers show that Black women have the most success with Asians born in the US or the Caribbean. In Asia Pacific, it looks like Black women have the most success in the Pacific Islands where about 0.4% of Pacific Island men will marry Black women. Otherwise in Asia, East Indian men marry Black women at 0.15% which is the highest in Asia. Most other Asian countries marry Black women between 0% to 0.1% of the time, so while it can and does happen, it’s just super rare.

      We know some AMBW couples in Asia, but they face many challenges. The first challenge is the approach that many Asian men will have towards Black women in Asia. Just keeping it real here, and you can see many Black women in Asia Youtuber videos who will confirm this point, but many Asian men in Asia, because they have so little exposure to Black women, they believe everything they see about Black women in rap videos. These Asian men believe that Black women are easy sexually, based on what they see in the videos, and hence they will commonly approach Black women very aggressively for sex based on this misconception, being very physical and very forward with Black women typically. I have seen this with my own eyes in Asia, and these are guys who are not nearly as forward with their own Asian women because they know that approach will not be tolerated by Asian women, but they think they can get away with it with Black women based on them believing the rap videos are a true depiction of Black women. These men are not trying to build a relationship, but are trying to fulfill their rap video vixen fantasies. As a result, the Black women we know in Asia had to go very slow and take a long time to develop their relationships to make sure that the men expressing interest in them were genuine. There are many other cultural challenges also where the role of the man and the woman in Asian society are much different than in the US or other western countries and several of the Black women we know married to Asian men in Asia have told us that they wish they better understood how different the expectations for women are in Asia before jumping into their relationships.

      Our thoughts overall for Black women interested in Asian men, are first look for Asian men born in either the US, the Caribbean, or the Pacific Islands. If you really want to try to build a relationship in Asia, be careful of men’s true intentions, try to learn as much about the role of women in their society as possible, look for Asian men with some experience living in western countries, go slow and be careful, and look for love first, not just an Asian man.

      Thanks for visiting ABC and good luck!

    • If black men don’t find black women attractive, why would another culture. Men are competitive and want to ” take” what other men value. Black men don’t value black women so there is little urge for others to pursue them


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