Wayne Brady, African American comedian, singer, actor, and television personality recently opened up about his battle with depression. He credits his ex-wife Mandie Taketa, Japanese, with helping him fight through the issue. Wayne is mostly known for his work on television including Whose Line Is It Anyway?, The Wayne Brady Show, Don’t Forget the Lyrics, and Let’s Make A DealWayne has also appeared in numerous movies and voice overs.

Premiere Of Paramount's "Nacho Libre" - Arrivals
Wayne Brady and Mandie Taketa Brady in 2006

In 1996, after performing in several showcases across the country, Wayne was hired to work in a musical revue based in Oahu, Hawaii. It was there that he met Mandie Taketa, a dancer in the show. The two began dating and, after the revue closed, the couple moved to Los Angeles. Wayne and Mandie married in 1999, his second marriage. They gave birth to their daughter, Maile Masako Brady (pictured in the cover photo), in 2003. In 2006, the couple separated and their divorce was finalized in 2008. Despite the divorce, Mandie bought a home in Wayne’s neighborhood so that they could more easily co-parent their daughter. Wayne publicly commented, “We said we want to give Maile the closest experience to living in the same house. We have always lived in different homes. We just live super close now. The fact of the matter is I like Mandie … she was with me when no one else in the world was with me, except my mom. There was loyalty, there was trust, she is my baby mama.”

Mandie Taketa
Mandie Taketa

Mandie Adell Taketa was raised in Hawaii and is quite accomplished in her own right. In addition to being an actress and a dancer, she is also a yoga instructor, a physical therapist, and a bodybuilder. She placed in and won a few bodybuilding competitions in 2010. And if that wasn’t enough, she is also the owner of three different companies, Anything Everything Productions, a film production company that specializes in wedding films,  Adell Body Works, and This Lifetime.

The suicide of fellow comedian, Robin Williams, hit Wayne particularly hard, and Wayne said the worst was when he had a “complete breakdown” on his 42nd birthday in June of 2014. Despite being divorced, Mandie helped him pull it together and recover. Wayne says that they are still close friends. “It’s an understatement to say she’s my best friend in the world,” explains Brady. “I’ve got a woman who may not be my wife but I’ve got a woman at my back that says, ‘If you touch him, I will cut you.‘” 

See more at this Entertainment Tonight video.

Depression is very real and can affect anyone. We are very proud of Wayne for having the strength to openly talk about his depression, and we hope his testimony will help others going through similar battles. Having supportive people like Mandie in your life can be a true blessing and we wish Wayne, Mandie, and their family all the best! Also Wayne, please send us an invite when you and Mandie get re-married! We would love to see that!




  1. Yes it would be nice for you Wayne to remarry however perhaps close friends is better than a TIE through marriage……..if your heart hasn’t thought about marriage at this point in your life then Marriage is NOT the answer………You are doing GREAT. You ARE a wonderful person. I love your personality. You are to die for Handsome and such talent…….Take it all in Wayne. You ARE a special man and please BELIEVE it……………Irene

  2. They won’t be getting back together. As of May 2020, they’re quarantined together but her boyfriend is with them.


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