As I have mentioned in a few prior posts, I am considering adding more features to the Asian Black Couples website. I would love to hear from you regarding some of these potential new features. Your feedback will help me better plan and prioritize which features make sense and which features do not make sense. I have not determined precisely what features I will add or not add just yet, so your feedback will be very helpful.

Before we get to the survey at the end of this post, let me explain my initial thoughts on the type of features I am considering. Keep in mind that I am far from final on all of these features and they could all change considerably between now and whenever they roll out. Note also that for all of these features, the primary audience would be Asian and Black singles, couples, and Blasians, however this website will always be open to anyone of any race in any country around the world as long as they have a genuine interest in the topics we discuss here and they are respectful. At the same time, disrespect of any kind will not be tolerated by anyone, even if they are Asian or Black.

Blog Articles
The blog articles will continue regardless of whether new features are added to the site or not. I currently have about 10 different articles queued up for publication and there is no shortage of things to discuss on the blog.

High Quality Mature Discussion Group or Forum
The thinking here would be to have an interactive discussion group or forum primarily for discussion of various topics of interest to Asian and Black singles, couples, and Blasians. The forum would discuss whatever topics our members want to discuss (with just a few exceptions) and would likely cover things such as Asian culture, Black culture, day-to-day lifestyle items, raising Blasian kids, dating advice, strategies for meeting Asian or Black singles, and news affecting Blasian couples or Blasians. Pretty much all topics would be fair game except for overtly sexual topics and hateful or disrespectful topics. There would likely be sections for couples, as well as sections for singles, and while people could meet each other through the discussion, it would not necessarily be set up for dating.

Introductions To New Friends
The thinking for this feature is to have a section of the website devoted to people who are looking to make new Asian or Black friends. This could be a prelude to dating, but could also just be two people discussing life and becoming platonic friends, particularly since we will have members from all over the world. This feature would likely include text chat rooms, voice chat rooms, and video chatting rooms to help people communicate real-time and enable their friendly discussions. Either person in the chat room would be able to stop the chatting at any time and block other members if necessary. At the same time, if some people are getting complaints and being blocked, they would be kicked off the site after a short investigation.   These features would be aimed at people having fun and  enlightening conversations, not necessarily dating, but people could obviously end up dating over time.

Dating Service for Serious Long Term Daters
This feature would start to look like a regular dating service with a few differences. Both men and women would be screened and could only become members of the dating service after passing the screens. Also video chatting or video dating would be highly encouraged for people who do not live near one another. The ideal would be to restrict this dating service to high quality singles who are seriously looking for long term dating. Given the fact that we would have members from around the world, the ideal would also be to screen for people who could handle a long distance relationship and had the mobility to actually meet in person. This dating service could be a little controversial since everyone would not pass the quality screens, but frankly this is the only way I would do a dating service. I have no interest in setting up a dating service open to just anyone – there are plenty of other dating services out there that already do that, so no need to replicate it here. Restricting the dating service to only high quality singles who are really serious about finding a long term partner would produce great Asian and Black relationships. People who were not part of the dating service could still make new Asian and Black friends in the friends section.

Personal Matchmaking for Serious Dating or Marriage
There are some people, both men and women, who are very serious about finding a long term relationship or marriage partner and this service would be for them. This service would involve video chatting with a professional matchmaker and receiving hand selected introductions to potential matches from the matchmaker’s network of people both on and off the site.  This service would carry a fee, but can be very effective for people who are really serious.

I haven’t figured out the fees, if any, for these features just yet. For everything except for the personal matchmaking, as long as the advertising from the site covers the cost of the features, I would try to keep the features free for as long as possible. If the advertising can not support the cost of the new features, then I would consider a small fee to the members, but still try to be less expensive than traditional dating services if possible. In any event, there would very likely be an initial period where we would offer these services for free. However for the personal matchmaking services, there would likely be a charge for this service from day one.  Again, these are all preliminary thoughts on fees and until I decide which features will be offered, it’s too early to nail down the fees.

Again, I appreciate you taking a few minutes to give me some feedback in the survey below. If you supply your email on the survey, I will let you know when the new services roll out. Also your email will not be used for any other purpose – I hate spam mail and refuse to spam other people. I will probably leave this post up for a month or so to collect enough feedback.

Thanks for your help.



  1. Thanks for all of the great feedback on the survey. It is very much appreciated. The survey responses were very clear on 1) appreciation for the blog posts, 2) mixed feedback on the discussion group, and 3) not much interest in the introductions / dating site/ matchmaking features at this time. Based on this feedback, the blog posts will continue and I will consider adding an interactive discussion group once our membership and site traffic hits a sustainable critical mass. The introductions / dating site / matchmaking will go on the back burner and maybe we can revisit those in a year or so after the discussion group is going strong. I will now remove the survey, but leave the post up, so feel free to add additional comments to this post if you have additional feedback. Thanks again for the feedback and your interest in Asian Black Couples!


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